The gynecologist is forbidden to say these three things — change the doctor if you hear this


There are no universal criteria for good and bad doctors (of course, except for cases of blatant incompetence) — it’s good if there is “chemistry”, trust and mutual understanding between the patient and the gynecologist, but, unfortunately, few people are guaranteed such happiness.

But there are signs that give out a doctor whose treatment can be a problem for a woman. First of all, from an ethical point of view, because the style of communication in such a delicate area as gynecology is very important. And the doctor’s incorrect, rude, and simply transgressing comments and attitudes put the patient in a risky situation of making the wrong choice.

We interviewed 10 gynecologists and identified the three most dangerous phrases that can be heard at an appointment. Each of them suggests: if a doctor said this to a woman, it is better to look for another specialist.

1. “It’s time to give birth already” (or “It’s too late to give birth, of course”)

Reproductive plans are a personal matter for each individual woman. Of course, if you trust the doctor or (sometimes this!) You have friendly relations, you can discuss the issue of procreation in the categories of “it’s time — it’s not time”. But when it comes to the relationship between a doctor and a patient, only the unambiguously expressed desire of the patient to plan a pregnancy can give the doctor the opportunity to approach this topic from the position of recommendations. Exclusively medical, based on anamnesis, reliable data on the state of health and ovarian reserve, etc. In all other cases, no one needs “good advice” about “the clock is ticking”, run away from such a doctor until he does something else said.

2. “Here you will establish an intimate life, everything will pass”

Any comment about your personal life — «too much», «too little», «everything is wrong», «the wrong man» — is unacceptable from the lips of a gynecologist. There is absolutely no scientific evidence on the optimal number of partners or practices; it is also completely incorrect to assume that certain characters or actions in your intimate sphere have led or may lead to malaise, infertility, and so on. The doctor again sticks his nose in other people’s business, that’s all. Not to mention that sex, or lack of it, does not cure anything by itself.

3. “Such a skirt is short, of course, the appendages are cold. And also a tattoo!”

The comments of any doctor, not only a gynecologist, about the appearance, beauty habits and condition of the patient’s body are absolutely beyond. Of course, it is good to come to the reception in clean clothes without extraneous odors, but this is where the wishes end. Consultations about fashion, stretch marks and piercings are not included in the competence of a gynecologist at all. And “cold appendages” is a gynecological horror story of the Soviet era, which evidence-based medicine has long dispelled.


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