When Cara Delevingne first appeared in public with black wide eyebrows, everyone vied with each other to ridicule «this horror», «unnaturally wide thickets» and «anti-femininity». So what? Now we do microblading, paint eyebrows and interhair space, go for eyebrow tattooing, and owners of naturally thin eyebrows envy those who were lucky enough to be born with thick and wide eyebrow growth lines. Plucking to the thread? Yes you laugh!

Colorful hair

Christina Aguilera was teased with a parrot, Pink said goodbye to bright pink strands like an urban crazy, and in life only freaks wore bright blue, red or green hair. In less than 10 years, coloring in all the colors of the rainbow has become completely customary and on the street no one turns around at an adult woman with unicorn hair. And if he turns around, then with the thought “I want that too.”

gray hair

10 years ago it was impossible to imagine that a woman under 60 would not paint over her gray hair. The image of Miranda Priestley was chic, but even in it the gray hair became, as it were, emphasizing the negative character of the character in general. The most fashionable advice was to “bring it to blond” without taking into account the natural shade of the hair or toning gray strands in copper, red, wheat … The main thing is that no one guesses. Gray roots caused a sacred thrill of horror, and many brands released special sprays to mask gray hair if you suddenly went crazy and forgot to sign up for coloring on time. So what? Now, even on the red carpet, stars with half or completely gray hair defile, the streets are full of women of all ages with gray hair, and special gray hair coloring has appeared in the salons, because it is fashionable.

smokey eyes

Now this is a classic make-up, but do you remember how it all began? Kate Moss, heroin chic, gothic — the haze around the eyes was almost a symbol of protest, a rebellion against fashion trends and a challenge to anyone who preferred classic brown, peach, lavender and marsh green shadows applied in a light layer. Meanwhile, if you look at the shows of recent years, then not a single brand has ignored smokey, and as an evening or holiday make-up, this is almost the most popular option!

coffin nails

How we laughed when we saw in December 2015 a photo from Instagram (The social network was recognized as extremist and banned on the territory of the Russian Federation) Kylie Jenner … Yes, that’s the news. And what? A year later, coffins graced the red carpet, well, in the sense of the stars began to massively choose this particular nail design. And in the summer of this year, this form of nails was named by top stylists in the top ten most relevant! Well, who would have thought.

Shadows for the entire eyelid

What are you, a clown? How can it come to mind to apply shadows not only on the movable eyelid, but also on the area under the eyebrow? And bright ones too? Terrible horror! Everyone went crazy on the catwalks! However, it is precisely the bright shadows applied to the entire surface of the eyelid that remain on the hit list of fashionable makeup for more than a year. And no one is shocked by this.

Hair bands

Kolkhoz? Hello from the 90s? Forget like a bad dream? And here it is not. Headbands were, are and, obviously, will be, at least in thin and elegant, at least in voluminous, at least — no kidding — in leopard design. For at least the next 3-4 years, this trend will be super relevant, and if you haven’t got a fashion accessory yet, rummaging through the bins at home, maybe your mother hasn’t thrown away your school jewelry yet.

yellow blond

Blonde can be either platinum or ash, we thought in the early 2000s. When models with obviously yellowish hair appeared on the catwalks, we giggled and called them Scarecrows, straw hats, pasta factory … And the trend took root. And now it’s called wheat blonde, honey blonde, lemon blonde or sunny blonde. And, apparently, it’s time to reconcile.

Red dyed hair

In the 2010s, the trend for naturalness ruled the ball. Makeup without makeup, contouring without contouring, nude, nude, nude. And it was considered “correct” to dye your hair in your own shade or as close as possible to your own. Suddenly, without announcement, the fiery red tone became a supertrend. The stars massively changed their color to copper, photographs with fiery strands sparkling in the sun collected millions of likes, and all this fashion for naturalness disappeared somewhere imperceptibly. Black roots and white ends, colored strands, a combination of three or four shades — all this is cool, fashionable, and not at all strange. Now.

Headbands and hair bands

Do you remember how we reacted to the appearance of these accessories? Not? We remind you: Pocahontas hairstyle, hee hee. Who would have told us then that for many years bandages and ribbons would remain in fashion, adjusted only for shades and thickness. However, you can’t argue against reality: in 2021, it’s trendy again, and all the leading brands have introduced them into their assortment — ribbons and headbands. And something tells us: this is for a long time.

Photo: Getty Images, Jessie Dee Dabrowski/Unsplash, social media


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