Time — and beauty: three tricks to improve the skin


Perfect skin without flaws and imperfections? Is it possible to? It seems that only the women in the pictures have this, but experts believe that there are three tricks on how to make the skin better, and they are available to everyone without exception.

Care according to needs

Some women think that a day + night cream and facial wash is enough to organize their daily skin care, but this is far from the case. If the skin’s needs for hydration, nourishment and protection are not met, it will never be perfect, in addition, it is necessary to take into account the existing problems that exist at every age. In youth — acne and acne, and after 30 — wrinkles and ptosis. Therefore, it is so important to carry out additional care in addition to standard care.

What does the skin need to get better? In addition to competent cleansing, which involves both the use of suitable foams or gels, and scrubs, as well as peels, she needs high-quality hydration. Such products should be used by everyone, regardless of skin type, because they are designed to retain moisture inside, maintaining the elasticity and radiance of the epidermis, preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Skin protection must be carried out in accordance with environmental conditions. In summer, it is necessary to protect the epidermis from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, and in winter — from frost and cold.

Nutrition from within

Healthy nutrition for the beauty and health of the skin is what everyone who wants to improve their skin should adhere to. To obtain perfect facial skin, it must be nourished not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Beauticians advise to diversify the diet as much as possible with fresh fruits, berries and vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds. Of particular benefit to the epidermis are foods rich in vitamin C, which increases the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels and activates cell renewal. These include bell peppers, onions, all kinds of citrus fruits, cherries, kiwi, rose hips. Tocopherol, which is present in nuts, vegetable oils, olives, and spinach, helps protect the skin from sun exposure.

Smoothness and elasticity of the skin will add products with vitamin A, the main source of which is the liver, as well as oily sea fish and orange fruits. Protein is responsible for skin tone, the main source of which is meat, fish and legumes, but phytoestrogens, which are present in flax and sesame seeds, are responsible for turgor.

Maintaining water balance

Maintaining water balance

The beauty and health of the skin largely depends on maintaining a competent drinking regimen. Our body is 80% water, and when it is not enough, our skin is one of the first to react to it. That is why it is so important to drink enough fluids, especially during the hot season. Ideally, you should always have a bottle of plain clean water with you and sip on it from time to time. If you suffer from dryness and peeling, often feel tightness, turn on the “heavy artillery” in the form of a moisturizing facial serum and normalize your drinking regimen, consuming fruit drinks and compotes, herbal tea, still mineral water more often.

Green tea and coconut water have a very beneficial effect on the skin, as well as lemon water, which is easy to prepare on your own by adding a couple of lemon slices to a glass of water. By adhering to these rules, you can make your skin better, increase its attractiveness and solve many problems.


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