Trouser suits for overweight women (86 photos): evening, business, casual


A pantsuit is a universal wardrobe item that a modern business woman cannot do without. Choosing a stylish set is always a difficult task, because it must not only correspond to fashion trends and fit into the overall style, but also fit perfectly on the figure.

An elegant lady of miniature build has no problems choosing clothes — there are a lot of models for slim women. But for plus-size owners in this regard, it is much more difficult, since trouser suits for overweight women are not presented in such a wide range.

Advantages of trouser suits

Today, more and more girls prefer costumes, and there is a logical explanation for this.

Firstly, a well-chosen suit emphasizes attractive female forms and reliably hides flaws. But the dress, especially fitted, on the contrary, draws attention to the imperfections of the physique, for example, too full hips or a protruding tummy.

Secondly, a classic trouser set is a more acceptable option for office work than a dress. Many organizations have a strict dress code, according to which employees must dress modestly, inconspicuously, and a pantsuit is perfect for this.

Thirdly, the costume allows girls to experiment and create a variety of sets, because trousers can be worn with a tunic, blouse, jumper, and a jacket with a pencil skirt or dress.

By the way, a business suit can easily be turned into an elegant toilet. It is enough to do three things: take off your blouse and put on a jacket right on your naked body, complete the look with catchy, bright accessories — stylish jewelry, an original-shaped clutch with a gold chain, and, finally, change your boring pumps for exquisite shoes with breathtaking stilettos.

That’s all, immediately after work, you can recover to a party or a restaurant, and it is not necessary to call home to change clothes.

Choosing a pantsuit according to the type of figure

Sometimes, the search for a suitable trouser pair becomes a real torment for a woman. It is not easy to find a perfectly fitting set for a non-standard figure. Often a girl, finding a suit that suits her style and color scheme, refuses it if the trousers or jacket do not fit well.

If you can’t buy an item in a store, you can use the service of individual tailoring. A professionally tailored suit will become a favorite wardrobe item, blouses, shirts and tops are matched to it in such a way that they can be changed often, adding variety to the image.

Even if you’ve gained weight, don’t get discouraged and focus solely on shapeless oversizes, dark, gloomy colors, indistinct patterns, and low heels.

A stylish trouser suit will be a worthy addition to the image and turn you into a lady with refined taste.

Focus on the features of the figure (we will consider the features of each below), and then you will not have problems choosing a trouser set in a business style.

Suit for pear figure

Men find this body type attractive and seductive. A characteristic feature of the physique is full hips, while the waist, shoulders and chest are much smaller.

Stylists recommend that girls take a closer look at the combined ensembles: a light semi-adjacent jacket and dark, slightly flared trousers of a simple cut.

If the dress code does not allow the use of such things, you can choose sets in which both things are made from different textures, but in the same color scheme. As for the color, then focus on your external color type.

It is important to divert attention from the lush hips and emphasize the elegance of the upper part of the silhouette. This can be done with a beautiful finish on the collar, lapels and sides of the jacket. An obligatory element is shoulder pads, as they will balance the figure and visually expand the shoulder girdle.

The jacket should not be too long. The optimal length for yourself can be determined as follows: put your palm on your waist.

It is desirable that the lapels on the jacket are as wide as possible and attract the eye with their size and shape. However, their purpose is not limited to this, they must also divert attention from the magnificent bottom.

Stylish arrows, stitched or ironed, will add grace and harmony to the massive silhouette.

Trousers with a stitched belt and a slightly low waistline. Pants on a yoke will also fit well, but the width of the belt should not exceed 5 centimeters. Models of trouser suits with high-waisted pants are not the best option.

For a rectangle shape (letter H)

If a lady has this type of figure, then we can say that she is lucky. Despite some disproportionate physique (vaguely defined or absent waist), weight is gained more slowly and is deposited evenly in the lower and upper parts of the body. The legs are the last to recover. It is these features that you need to pay attention to when choosing a kit.

Since straight lines are a characteristic feature of the figure, the style of the set should also be straight, this is the main rule that must be followed. The ideal option is a one-color suit made of moire fabric, with fashionable design elements, a straight shoulder line, textured stitching that adds vertical lines to the silhouette.

Classic trouser suits for women with an H-shaped figure must include an elongated jacket.

This model will help hide flat buttocks and the absence of a waist. The silhouette can be semi-adjacent, but not fitted, that is, not too tight and be a little loose in the hips, waist and chest. The length of the jacket is at your discretion, based on the parameters of growth, the purpose of the suit, the shape of the pockets.

It is better to completely refuse shoulder pads or, if necessary, emphasize the line of the shoulders, use very thin, almost imperceptible ones.

Both double-breasted and single-breasted jackets are suitable for women. If the chest and shoulders are not too massive and look neat, the shape of the lapels can be any. Designer delights will give the costume sophistication and chic.

Jackets with a fastener to the throat, without a collar or with a stand-up collar also look good on a rectangular figure.

As for pockets, they can be overhead, framed or with flaps and located just below the waist. Neat pockets at chest level are acceptable.

An example is a men’s business suit, in which the jacket is equipped with leaf pockets and one additional one in the chest area on the left side.

Trousers — freely falling to the bottom or straight, tight and comfortable sitting on the hips. Low landing is not allowed. It not only contradicts the rules of the dress code, but also emphasizes the extra pounds at the waist.

Slightly tapered trousers will look great, emphasizing slender legs. At the same time, they should not be too tight on the figure, and the belt should not pinch the stomach.

The arrow is appropriate both on straight and tapered trousers. But a complex cut and decorative elements should be avoided. Wide loops on trousers, small pockets are allowed.

The color of the costume can be anything, but stylists still recommend taking into account your color type of appearance.

For an apple figure (oval)

For a woman with a figure resembling an apple, when choosing a suit, you need to focus on preventing an increase in volume in the shoulders and chest. That is why it is better to immediately abandon wide lapels and voluminous collars.

The cut of the jacket may be slightly fitted or straight, but not too loose. This will make the suit baggy and not add elegance to the look. You should not look for tight-fitting models either, since even with a slight fullness, the waist becomes inconspicuous.

The length of the product depends on the roundness of the abdomen and height. The best option is to the hip line or slightly lower.

Shoulder pads are required only if the shoulders are sloping and round, the size of which is selected based on the slope of the shoulders. If the shoulder line is clear and straight, then it is advisable to refuse shoulder pads.

The ideal cutout for an apple-shaped jacket is deep, almost to the beginning of the chest, in order to focus on the most advantageous part of the body.

Ladies with this type of figure are also perfect for Chanel-style jackets with a clasp to the very top without a collar or a small neat stand.

The pockets on the jacket can be in the form of a narrow leaflet, framed or with flaps located just below the waist.

Now let’s talk about what kind of trousers the owner of an apple figure should look for. First of all, they should be simple, tapered, preferably without pockets and sit tight on the hips. The fit of the pants can be slightly low, which will help to avoid constriction at the waist, or high (but not too high).

The color scheme is predominantly dark, as light shades will add volume to an already massive figure.

It is better to refuse prints, but if plain suits seem too boring to you, then choose a vertical, barely noticeable stripe — a win-win option.

It is better to choose matte, one-colored fabrics, rather than textured ones. A set with decorative stitching along the sides and along straight lines, made in a single color scheme, will look great on you, and the shoes should be the same color as the suit, but a tone darker.

Inverted Triangle (V Shape)

Distinctive features of such a figure are slender legs, relatively narrow hips, flat buttocks, no waist, lush shoulders, large bust. Extra pounds are located on the stomach and upper body.

When choosing a suit, give preference to sets consisting of an elongated jacket with a straight or slightly fitted cut.

The style of the jacket should be as simple as possible so as not to draw attention to the massive top and balance the proportions of the silhouette. In addition, business style obliges us to dress strictly and concisely, in accordance with the dress code.

Since your shoulders are already wide enough, you should not emphasize them even more with the help of shoulder pads. It is better to refuse this detail.

Elements such as a triangular neckline to the waist, small lapels, a fastener in the form of one button will add harmony and elegance to the silhouette. Pockets should be neat (framed, with a leaf) so as not to focus on problem areas. Their location can be vertical, horizontal, and also at an angle.

The skirts of the jacket should reach the line of the hips or slightly cover them — by 5, maximum 10 centimeters.

Stylists recommend fashionistas to adopt actual dark shades and discreet expensive materials. A good option is a suit made of companion fabrics. For example, the jacket is made of a smooth monophonic texture, and the trousers are made of fabric in a discreet cage, shelf, dot, herringbone. Spectacular fabric of the trousers will divert attention from the full upper body. Another fabric can be trimmed with pockets, jacket lapels.

If we talk about trousers, then straight and narrowed with a good high fit will look great on slender legs. With a low fit, the stomach will hang, which will not add aesthetics to the image.

Interesting elements on trousers are welcome, as they, above all, will draw attention to slender legs. In addition, you can wear such stylish and elegant trousers with things intended for going out — a bright tunic, an asymmetrical cut blouse, an openwork cardigan.

Hourglass (figure eight)

Such a figure is characterized by the same proportions of the bust and hips and a clearly defined waist. Weight is deposited evenly in the upper and lower parts of the body. A woman will need a suit that maximally emphasizes smooth and feminine curves and seductive roundness of forms.

  • For trousers, a classic mid-rise is ideal, which will remove the sharp contrast between the upper and lower parts of the silhouette (understated will create additional load on the hips).
  • A cut that follows the smooth lines of your silhouette.
  • Slightly tapered or straight leg.
  • Recently, trousers have become popular, having decorative pockets in front and behind, similar to those made on denim pants.

The jacket has the following requirements. First of all, it should not be too tight, as the lack of free space will fill you up even more. A fitted jacket will look good on a figure-eight.

If correction of the shoulder girdle is required, the thinnest shoulder pads can be used, in other cases it is better to refuse them, as they add angularity to the figure.

As for the design of the neck, preference should be given to a shawl or rounded lapels.

You should not choose a jacket that is too long, it is better if it is above the hip line. You can emphasize the spectacular model with the help of the design with a rounded bottom line of the product along the board.

Suit fabric should not be too stiff. Suitable dense smooth knitwear, soft wool with the addition of cashmere, mixed textures.

Stylists recommend that women whose figure resembles an hourglass choose not too strict suits. They are more relaxed options with decorative details, such as trim along the flaps, lapels, patch pockets in contrasting fabric fabric, frivolous ruffles that add femininity and glamorous chic to the image.

Fashionable colors and prints

Classic suits designed for work in the office are made in restrained colors. However, this does not mean that a woman is obliged to choose exclusively black sets. Fortunately, eminent designers offer the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity exquisite sets that do not contradict the strict rules of the dress code, but also do not create a feeling of gloom.

Fashionable dark shades of business style include blue, which today is called the “new black”, mustard, charcoal gray, chocolate, grass green, plum, burgundy.

But, do not discount black. A casual suit can be played up very effectively and interestingly, removing even the slightest hint of banality and gloom.

Beige, red-brown, gray with a lilac tint, as well as metallic suits, do not lose their relevance.

For the spring-summer season, actual pastel shades: mint, cream, lemon, pale blue, pale pink. The undoubted leader is a white summer trouser suit. The snow-white set looks extraordinarily impressive, luxurious and blends perfectly with a tanned skin tone. The fact that white is fat is nothing more than a myth.

If the style is chosen correctly, taking into account all the recommendations mentioned above, then it will look great on a full woman.

Decorated with exquisite decor elements — lace, peplum, flounces, ruffles, hand embroidery, appliqué — these costumes will look amazing at any celebration — wedding, anniversary, graduation and other festive events.

Evening suits, as a rule, are made of fabrics of bright, saturated colors (coral, orange, yellow). They can be either plain or printed. Completeness is not a reason to refuse drawings, but you need to remember that a large ornament can fill you up. Choose neat floral patterns, small polka dots, discreet checks and stripes, stylish geometry.

suit fabric

Shiny fabrics, such as satin, do not look good on full girls, as they reflect light, which means they visually add volume. If the suit is made of light shiny fabric, then this is the most serious mistake that a woman whose size is larger than 48 can make.

You need to pay attention to soft comfortable knitwear, jersey and other matte textures. A great option is denim. It suits absolutely everyone. Luxurious velvet suits are also very suitable for curvaceous girls.

Don’t forget to check the quality of the lining. In branded suits, it is located not only on the jacket, but also on the front half of the trousers below the knee. This technique protects the fabric from stretching in the knee area and deformation. Spots remain on silk fabric, so give preference to viscose.

Summer models are sewn from cotton, linen, silk, chiffon. As a rule, manufacturers add artificial fibers to the composition of fabrics, which extend the life of products.

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