Women’s knitted trousers (43 photos): for home, sports or flared


Among women, there are many fans of knitwear. This stretchy and heifer-friendly fabric is loved by athletes, curvy women and lovers of comfort in everyday life. Women’s knitted trousers can be strict, which allows them to be introduced into a business wardrobe, and informal — sports, casual.

Women can choose from insulated trousers for harsh weather conditions and flowy cuffed breeches for hot summers.

Fashionable styles of knitted pants

The theme of knitwear is inexhaustible. There is a pair of trousers for every style of clothing. It can be voluminous and tight-fitting models, colorful and plain pants. Knitwear has no age restrictions. But you need to follow the fit and the specifics of the cut.

For some women it is important to emphasize the ankles, for others it is important to hide the volume on the hips. For each type of figure there are knitted trousers that will fit perfectly.


Cotton-based stretch jersey is the most sought-after fabric in the sports environment. Fitness pants are often made from cotton jersey. It perfectly passes air, absorbs moisture, does not cause allergies.

Sweatpants are also suitable for an everyday look. It can be straight models with an elastic band instead of a belt, cropped joggers with a melange effect and tight tights. Knitted pants with stripes are a classic of the genre. Such models have a frankly sporty design, but they appear in a variety of ways. Today you can find bold combinations of business and sportswear, where knitted trousers play a dominant role.

On an elastic band

Usually, an elastic band instead of a belt is offered on home or sweatpants. But today’s fashion does not require women to sacrifice if the figure is not in order or there is a small tummy. Pants with an elastic band will fit exactly and will not hinder movement.

With an elastic band, both casual and sports trousers, as well as evening and business trousers are offered. It is important that the design and style of the product correspond to the declared style. Women’s fashion brands offer glossy effect knit trousers for festive occasions and matte loose-fit trousers for the office. What is remarkable is that elastic trousers are good on women with curves and women of fashion with an asthenic physique.


For cold and windy weather, knitted pants with insulation are suitable. This can be a fleece — comfortable and warming. Trousers with fleece will help out on a walk and even at home if the room temperature is below normal.

Leggings with fleece look stylish. They can be worn in winter, and others will not guess that tight-fitting pants are supplemented with insulation.

Even overweight women do not deny themselves the pleasure of trying on leggings and leggings with fleece. Such a product will not add extra pounds, which is especially important in winter, when clothes are already bulky and heavy.

For home

Home knitwear is replete with pajama-style suits and sporty design trousers. For home, women choose checkered or melange pants with cuffs above the ankle or to the bone. Cotton jersey is indispensable at home, when you want to feel relaxed, but look dignified.

Young fashionistas are ready to spend time at home even in tight-fitting models, but mature women prefer loose pants. All the same models with elastic, pants with lapels, cropped products with pockets and a drawstring instead of a belt are available to ladies.


If there is not enough fleece in the pants, really warm products made of thick knitwear will help out. Today there are even knitted trousers that are not very practical, but look amazing. Fashionistas will be able to put on trousers with Norwegian patterns and textured patterns. These pants are perfect for slim women.

If the figure is far from perfect, then fit trousers with a straight cut with an elastic band around the edge or an adjustable drawstring. In warm trousers, you don’t need to worry about tight tights — you simply won’t need them, which means that your movements will remain free.


Women have a different relationship with the flared style. Some are sure that this is the hit of the season, others consider it outdated. One does not contradict the other, because knitted flared trousers meet the retro trends that are on the list of fashion trends.

Unfortunately, flared trousers are not suitable for everyone, so you should pay attention to the proportions.

A hip flare will help fashionistas with massive hips and buttocks. For tall girls, a knee flare is recommended. If you complement the trousers with shoes with heels, you get an elegant look.


Not the best time for the Zouaves and Afghanis. The fashion for these pants has slowed down a bit, but for sports and yoga, comfortable harem pants are perfect. You can create an interesting look using colorful afghanis and ethnic style clothes.

For everyday summer outings, such an ensemble is appropriate, but you should not get carried away with the Afghani if ​​the figure is stocky — wide pants will only increase the volume at the bottom.


Girls willingly put on pants with cuffs around the edge. The length of the product may vary, as well as the purpose of the trousers. There are sports models and spectacular joggers for every day. Some fashionistas wear cropped pants with cuffs under high-heeled sandals to draw attention to graceful ankles.

The beauty of the model is that it does not restrict movements, hides excess volume on the hips and at the same time makes the figure visually light and feminine.

Cuffs can be decorative or functional. In the first case, we are talking about contrasting elements that attract the eye. In the second — cuffs are designed to protect from wind and cold.


Slim-fit trousers have a lot of admirers among women, and even curvaceous ladies willingly put on leggings. If you complement the image with flowing tunics and maxi cardigans, then the flaws of the figure will not be evident.

Tight-fitting jersey is able to tighten the hips and buttocks. This is in the hands of those women who suffer from cellulite and extra pounds, but want to wear stylish things of an adjacent silhouette. Of course, tight knitted trousers will not hide excessive fullness, but they are suitable for slight modeling of the figure.

Models with an oversized fit and a shortened length have firmly entered the office wardrobe. Today, plain trousers of a practical palette coexist with business jackets and blazers, office shirts and blouses, Chanel-style cardigans.

What to wear with knitted trousers

Knitwear is in harmony with fur, leather, costume fabrics and textured knitwear. Fashionistas often wear sweaty jersey trousers with denim shirts, bright neoprene jackets, shapeless or asymmetrical knit sweaters.

Smooth jersey harmonizes with textured, but the abundance of knitwear in one look can make the ensemble blurry and inexpressive.

Slim-fitting trousers look good with voluminous Lalo-type cardigans, oversized sweaters, chiffon tunics and blouses. Polka dot blouse with high neck and puff sleeves can be paired with high-waisted skinny trousers.

How to wear casual pants like joggers or cuffs:

  • long sleeves in horizontal stripes or plain sweaters with a lowered shoulder;
  • a shirt with elements cut along the seam, which is worn tucked in at the front;
  • sports hoodies or sweatshirts;
  • fitness sweaters with a wide armhole and boat neck;
  • bandeau tops in the color of the trousers.

Turtlenecks, fitted shirts with cropped jackets, long cardigans with asymmetrical shelves can complement straight maxi trousers. Under bloomers and Afghani, it is worth choosing a tight-fitting top — a top, a sports T-shirt, a T-shirt with an inscription.

Shoes and accessories

It is difficult to name a universal shoe pair for knitted trousers. If this is a sporty look, then the best shoes are sneakers and sneakers. Sneakers are suitable for tight pants, converse with bright lacing will fit for short trousers.

Otherwise, shoes are selected for a business image. Heels are recommended for 7/8 leggings. The trend is nude shoe pairs that stretch the legs and look concise. Shoes with a pointed toe or a rounded nose will fit perfectly into the wardrobe of a business lady.

For retro flared trousers, you should choose a shoe pair on a platform or with a square heel. In the off-season, ankle boots and boots will refresh the look. The presence of a narrow shaft means wearing tight-fitting trousers. Youth outfit will benefit from red timberlands.

For leggings, capacious shoulder bags are like. A sporty look will benefit from a tote bag and backpack. In the office bow there is a place for a tote or a bag with short handles and a rigid base. The autumn look will benefit from a beanie hat and a snood. A checkered neckerchief or scarf is suitable for plain trousers made of thick knitwear. For Afghani style trousers, it is recommended to choose flat shoes. The presence of bracelets and wicker jewelry will emphasize the ethnic component of a fashionable bow.

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