Women’s slacks (37 photos): what kind of model, what to wear


Fashionistas often experiment with wardrobe, but in the arsenal of every woman there are basic things that do not go out of fashion and help out in those cases when you need to look your best. The must-have list includes women’s slacks. These are pants with a loose fit, but a very elegant design. Slacks combine comfort and elegance, minimalism and beauty. They are perfect for everyday looks, as well as casual office bows.

Slack pants: the benefits

Loose fit eliminates limited movement. Women who are tired of leggings and skinny trousers will consider slacks to be happiness. At the same time, the product does not look as informal as joggers or chinos. Classic slacks are quite capable of becoming part of a strict bow, making the female figure attractive and elegant.

The advantage of the product is its versatility. Slacks emphasize the fragility of a slender figure and hide flaws in the presence of excess weight.

The model looks good on young girls and age fashionistas, ladies with lush hips and inexpressive buttocks. Slacks with pleats under the belt are able to balance the apple figure. Models with a high waist will tighten the stomach.

The advantage of slacks is that they are good in any wardrobe. With a well-chosen neighborhood, they will be in place even in an evening look. But more often slacks appear in office, casual and youth street bows.

Who suits

There are no women on whom slacks would look bad. Firstly, there are so many styles of trousers that there is an optimal option for each figure. Secondly, slacks are good in ensembles of various stylistic directions, which means that they can be worn by fans of the classics, retro and casual.

Free-cut pants will help slender girls become lighter, graceful and feminine. But it is important to choose the right color of trousers and companion clothing.

For full

If you have extra pounds in the upper part, slacks with a wide belt and pleats will help. Such a model will make the waist line expressive and hide problem areas. Jodhpurs have a similar property, but with girls with massive buttocks and hips, such a product can play a cruel joke, visually adding volume to the lower part of the figure. But slacks have a more elegant cut and smooth out errors well.

For full fit elongated trousers with arrows. The presence of a clear vertical element saddles the figure visually thinner and taller. Legs will appear slimmer, longer, sleeker. It is worth refraining from pockets, which immediately make the hips more massive. But the owners of a thin figure, such models will fit.

For mature women

Slacks are considered trendy, and as soon as this label is hung on clothes, older ladies immediately shy away from it. And this is a big mistake. Stylish slacks sit wonderfully on women of mature age.

If fashionistas are afraid of looking gaudy or ridiculous, don’t choose denim pants and wear them rolled up. Classic high-rise slacks are what a mature woman needs.

Fashionable styles of trousers

Customers can choose between calf-length slacks and flowy trousers, more boyfriend-like trousers, and conservative office slacks. Mid-rise trousers with tucks under the belt and side pockets are considered universal.

The presence of lapels is desirable, but not required. If they are, then the model has a strictly informal design. If they are not available, trousers can be worn to interviews, meeting the groom’s parents, and other events that require a discreet, but not too strict dress code.

Classic slacks

The classics have no competitors. She is eternal and unchanging. So, classic slacks have not changed much in the last 75 years. True, initially they were absent in the women’s wardrobe, but these are already trifles. The main thing is that the model still has the same cut, medium or high fit, the presence of arrows. Side pockets are possible, but in the presence of magnificent forms, a smooth model without details is chosen.

In an office bow, slacks with a straight or slightly narrowed cut will be extraordinarily good. They are worn with classic clothes, complemented by bright accessories.


Fashion for short pants has reached slacks. Cropped models look surprisingly cute. Moreover, women put on tucked up pants not only for a walk, but also in the office. This option is possible if the slacks are designed in a business style and have a length of 7/8. Shorter trousers are suitable exclusively for everyday wardrobe.

Color palette

Fashionistas can try on practical and bright trousers, trousers with prints and translucent lined slacks. Turquoise, red, coral and dazzling yellow trousers are available for women. The trend is khaki clothes, white, gray and silver things.


When it comes to business wardrobe, black color immediately comes to mind. These trousers will always be appropriate, but fashionistas are increasingly abandoning black in favor of brighter and more practical colors. Black has a slimming effect, but vertical black and white stripes look even better. And there are many such models.


For a business wardrobe, blue slacks are also suitable. Designers prefer dark shades of blue. They look noble, strict, elegant. Slacks with arrows will help out not only in the office, but also in business negotiations. They are recommended to be supplemented with pumps with heels and a fitted blouse.

For everyday outfit, there are also suitable pants in shades of blue. Fashionistas like denim trousers. These are trousers with lapels, perhaps with scuffs and certainly without arrows. The model may have pleats along the waistline, which make the cut at the top of the trousers a little looser.


Light beige shades are favored by many designers. Nude trousers are versatile and can be combined with things of classic and casual style. Laconic slacks in beige tones will be good in a summer wardrobe. They look elegant even in informal performance.

Women appreciate nude trousers for their ease of combination and all-age character. Pants in beige tones are good for young and mature women of fashion.


Pastel shades are on trend, but stylists single out powdery colors that stem from nude ones, but have more variations. These are golden-pink tones, and peach, and lilac-cream. Fashion experts are sure that in the coming seasons, powdery shades will only gain popularity. For summer, peach-colored pants or salmon-yellow variations will be a real find.

What to wear

Even well-chosen pants will look inexpressive if you find the wrong neighborhood. What to wear with slacks to be stylish, bright and original?

Slacks go well with sportswear, casual, militaristic style. You can complement the bow with feminine lace or rough leather. But first you need to decide on the style of the ensemble.

In a business image, fitted blouses or shirts of a male style are good. Loose blouses look good with high-rise trousers. T-shirts, loose sweatshirts like fitness T-shirts are recommended for everyday outing. They are worn tucked in at the front. An image in a sporty style will refresh a hoodie, bomber or olympic jacket.

Women wear slacks:

We select shoes and accessories

Stylists are sure that clothes are just a background, and it is the inconspicuous little things that create the right impression, which include shoes and accessories. Pumps with heels or wedges, ballet flats with a pointed toe, which are good on tall girls, sandals with a T-shaped clasp, will be able to complement the office ensemble. Everyday look will benefit from slip-ons, moccasins, tractor-soled sandals.

Along with slacks, they wear shoulder bags like postman bags or compact saddle models. In an office look, you can not do without an elegant bag, tote or envelope bag. A classic of the genre is a bag with a reptile texture on short handles.

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