What Princess Diana ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, how she fed her children


Diana’s relationship with food was not the smoothest: at some point, she admitted that she suffered from bulimia. She was one of the first who dared to speak about it publicly. After the divorce from Prince Charles, food was normalized, not the last person in this was the royal chef Darren McGrady, who cooked for Diana and her children for 11 years, and before that he worked in the royal palace. He said that the princess’s diet became healthy and balanced, and working with her was one of the most enjoyable periods in his life.

What foods did Diana not eat?

The princess devoted a lot of time to nutrition and training. She was loyal to McGrady and often said that he only needed to make sure that the food was not too fatty, and she would deal with carbohydrates herself — in the gym.

There were only a few restrictions that she tried to strictly adhere to: she completely refused red meat — beef and pork, occasionally allowing herself only lamb meat (and then when people like Clint Eastwood came to visit her) and chicken.

In addition, seafood was completely absent from her diet. It is not known whether this restriction was due to Diana’s personal preferences or was fixed after life in the palace, because seafood is one of the foods forbidden by the queen that all members of the royal family cannot eat.

By the way, for Diana McGrady often prepared low-calorie versions of the same products that were served to all guests. One of the famous cases occurred at the princess’s dinner with Oprah Winfrey. Then the waiters served tomato mousse, one of McGrady’s specialties. Oprah asked how Diana manages to keep herself in great shape, because she eats such high-calorie meals. The princess replied that she just eats small portions and regularly trains in the gym. Despite the fact that this was indeed the case, Diana did not tell the main thing: a special tomato mousse was prepared for her, in which there was practically no fat. Oprah Winfrey was served a full-calorie version of the dish.


Princess Diana and other stars known for their scandalous statements

Princess Diana spoke with BBC journalist Martin Bashir in 1995, which provoked a huge scandal. She stated that there were originally three people in her marriage to Charles, alluding to his longtime mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles. The Princess of Wales has been open about her depression, bulimia, anxiety and despair — topics that were taboo by default for members of the royal family.

By the way, Diana herself did not know how to cook. Darren McGrady called her the worst cook he’s ever known. He cooked for her five days a week, and left ready meals in containers on the weekends. He supplied each of them with a label and instructions — how many minutes to heat food in the microwave.

What did Diana eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

In an interview with the Saturday Evening Post in 1989, Diana said that her usual breakfast was muesli, toast and grapefruit.

Another favorite breakfast of the princess is egg suzette. It’s a baked potato with spinach and an egg on top, topped with a tiny dollop of hollandaise sauce.

For lunch, Diana often chose peppers stuffed with rice, mozzarella, parmesan and mushrooms. Complementing the dish with tomato-pepper sauce. In addition, there were often other vegetables on her table — both fresh and prepared in various ways. Diana, who preferred mainly vegetarian dishes, also did not refuse fish.

In 1981, Diana was approached by the leadership of a nursing home located in Johannesburg, South Africa. They said that they were writing a cookbook and asked to share one of their favorite recipes.

Diana’s answer became known only in January 2020, and for many it turned out to be surprising: one of the princess’s favorite dishes was “Ukrainian beetroot soup,” simply speaking, borscht. For its preparation, the following ingredients were needed: beets, onions, chicken broth, sour cream, milk, pepper and salt. A recipe that is different from the classic, but apparently adapted to the preferences of Princess Diana. It was cooked in light chicken broth, the little meat she still allowed herself.

Diana did not refuse desserts — she was, McGrady assures, a terrible sweet tooth. To all other sweets, she preferred bread pudding, which, however, she ate only when the children William and Harry were at home. For herself alone, she never asked him to cook, and she ate a tiny portion.

How did Princess Diana feed her children?

Princess Diana’s eating habits had no effect on what and how her children ate. For them, McGrady cooked completely ordinary food, including what is traditionally considered not the most healthy: nuggets, pizza, french fries and chips. However, Diana still paid attention to the fact that the boys’ diet was healthy, but did not insist on any strict restrictions. Occasionally, she even took them to McDonald’s, giving them a pleasure that many children raised in the royal family were deprived of.

In addition, the children adored the traditional dishes that are prepared in British families: shepherd’s pie — essentially a potato casserole with meat, as well as banana flan.


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