20 beauty hacks to look amazing every day


Every woman wants to look amazing at any given time. Beauty life hacks for beautiful skin, shiny hair and strong nails help in this. Get armed!

1. When it’s dark around

If you woke up early in the morning, and uninvited shadows lay under your eyes, solve the problem with green tea. Pour boiling water over a couple of bags and let the tea cool. Put the bags cooled in the refrigerator under the eyes. 10-15 minutes of relaxation and you are like a fresh cucumber!

2. If a pimple appears

2. If a pimple appears

An ambulance for a sudden pimple can be almond oil. Apply it at night on the neoplasm, and in the morning the inflammation will decrease and soon the pimple will go away. And this oil perfectly removes even the most persistent makeup and saves dehydrated lips from dryness and flaking.

3. When the arcs are apart

Makeup artists assure that beautiful eyebrows are perhaps the main focus on the face. If the hairs stick out in different directions, you can tame them with ordinary Vaseline. Apply it with an eyebrow brush and comb the hairs in the desired direction. Long-lasting hold all day guaranteed!

4. For hair shine

Beautiful hair is the best decoration of a woman. To keep them shiny even after repeated dyeing, pamper them with coconut oil before each wash. Apply it 30 minutes before washing, and then simply rinse with warm water and shampoo. Curls will become soft and shiny, and even conditioner is not needed!

5. If the night without sleep

Sleepless nights do not add beauty to a woman, it is not for nothing that cosmetologists have introduced the concept of “beauty sleep”. A few hours of sleep will revitalize the skin better than the most professional makeup. But if insomnia or business did not allow you to fall asleep, refresh your eyes in the morning with a white liner. Apply it to the inner surface of the lower eyelid, put a dot at the outer corner of the eyes and bring the lower border of the eyebrows. Now carefully blend and evaluate your reflection in the mirror!

6. To make the fragrance last longer

6. To make the fragrance last longer

Do you want to keep the fragrance of perfume as long as possible? Apply perfume immediately after showering, when the skin is still damp. You can first apply a little Vaseline to the pulse points, and your favorite perfume on top. You will be surprised at the infinity of playing notes!

7. For light waves

If you love curly long hair, but don’t have time for a long styling, do it easier! Part your hair in two, spritz with heat protectant and braid into two loose braids. Now walk through them with a straightener and after 5 minutes light waves are ready.

8. If there is water around

Nothing spoils the mood like morning swelling under the eyes. In the meantime, you can quickly get rid of them. And there is no need to buy hemorrhoid cream! Just put metal spoons in the freezer for 5 minutes, and then massage the eyelids with their convex side. Move as gently as possible and the swelling will go away!

9. Top down

To flawlessly apply foundation, move strictly from top to bottom. At the same time, be sure to start the tone under the chin line, carefully shading. If this is not done, the mask effect is guaranteed!

10. Soft as a feather

10. Soft as a feather

If your lips have begun to peel off, a delicious peeling made from coconut oil and sugar will help to remove dry patches. Apply it on the lips, make a light massage with a new toothbrush, rinse off the product and nourish the lips with a healing balm. They will become soft and smooth.

11. To clean, clean

Nothing spoils the skin like the habit of not removing makeup before bed. If this happens to you, place wet wipes on your bedside table to remove make-up. So you can erase everything superfluous even while lying in bed. But this life hack can only be used for very “lazy” days. Clean the skin thoroughly with water and a mild detergent.

12. For the beauty of nails

If you did not have time to sign up for the master manicure, you can hide the regrown part of the nail that is not covered with gel polish, using glitter nail polish, drawing a smile line, or sticking bouillons or rhinestones for nails. Very simple and amazingly beautiful!

13. Clear lines

For those who have not yet learned how to draw beautiful graphic arrows on the eyelids, you can “fill your hand” using this life hack. Erase all excess lines with a cotton swab, previously dipped in petroleum jelly. Even waterproof eyeliner will come off easily!

14. On the wave of fatigue

14. On the wave of fatigue

If you washed your hair, but you do not have the time or desire to dry it with a hair dryer, wait for the hair to dry by 50%, then make a loose low bun. Once the hair is dry, you will get beautiful light waves. Just separate the strands with your hands and sprinkle with varnish.

15. Darker than black

Can’t master the art of eyeliner with a pencil? Take advantage of this hack! When painting eyelashes, bring the mascara brush as deep as possible to the base of the hairs so that the inside of the upper eyelid is painted over. This will create the illusion of naturally thick lashes. At the same time, no one will guess about your little trick!

16. For bright cheeks

Choose the right formula and the blush will always lie down perfectly! If you have large enlarged pores, buy blush powder. For those with dry and sensitive skin, creams are more suitable. And if the skin is oily and makeup does not hold well on it, a gel blush guarantees a healthy glow. They also last the longest.

17. Brilliant solution

Tired of daily contouring or has this trend passed you by? You can make your face more expressive, give it freshness and beauty, with the help of a highlighter. Simply apply the reflective formula along the top of the cheekbones, under the lower brow line and in the center of the lips.

18. Tender Care

18. Tender Care

Cutting the cuticle can be a painful procedure. If you want your cuticles to be tender and soft and look well-groomed, just apply cosmetic oil to them every day, then gently massage them. Push back your cuticles once a week with an orange stick and you won’t have to trim them!

19. Bright accent

Use a layer of white polish instead of a base coat, and your manicure will have a deeper or brighter, more saturated shade.

20. Glue the pieces together

When you grow nails of the same length for a long time, it is very disappointing if a crack suddenly forms on one of them. You can glue it with ordinary nail polish and a thin weightless texture — for example, a leaf from a tea bag. Cut out the “patch” with scissors, cover the crack with nail polish, put the “patch” on top and apply another layer of varnish on top.

Expert comment

Esha Saxena, beauty expert

How much time do you spend in front of the mirror to look amazing? While taking care of your skin, nails, hair and makeup is very important, there are other things that affect your beauty. Would you like to look attractive without additional beauty tools? Then start with lifestyle changes!

To get started, establish a good sleep, review your diet, start exercising.

While you sleep, your body regenerates itself so that when you wake up you feel refreshed and active. If you get enough sleep every night, you will have naturally glowing skin, a more expressive look and less circles under the eyes.

Another great way to look great is to eat right. Make sure your diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (flax seeds, natural oils, walnuts), and foods rich in vitamins. Also, drink plenty of clean water.

It has been scientifically proven that physical exercises benefit not only the body, but also affect mood, psycho-emotional background. Three hours of physical activity a week is what will strengthen your health and make your body beautiful and fit.


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