Burgundy prom dresses (43 photos): short or floor-length, puffy or tight-fitting models, with a slit, with an open back or in the Greek style


Wine shades in clothes have always been considered noble and elegant. Burgundy prom dresses are chosen by girls who dream of looking elegant and elegant at the same time. The color belongs to the universal and suits fashionistas of various color types of appearance. Light skin, it refreshes, swarthy emphasizes.

Good to know! The cold shade of burgundy is recommended for representatives of the «summer» and «winter» types. Warm variations will suit spring fashionistas. Red-brown shades will help out the girls of the autumn color type.

Assortment of evening and cocktail dresses in burgundy color

The range of evening and cocktail dresses in burgundy color is unusually wide. For graduation, women of fashion will be able to pick up puffy tulle dresses, light chiffon dresses, feminine and delicate lace dresses.

Stylists recommend that girls choose a dress according to their age. You should not buy an outfit that will turn a graduate into a pompous lady. Similar dresses will still have time to appear in the wardrobe of young charmers.

Important! Undoubted favorites among products for prom are cropped A-line dresses, empire style models, puffy bandeau dresses.

To the floor

For those girls who want to appear taller, slimmer and more elegant, floor-length fitted dresses are recommended. Flowing fabric, light gloss, laconic decor — all this helps to create the right mood. A sophisticated wine-colored floor-length dress will help out at the official presentation of the certificate.

Excessively long dresses are not very comfortable for dancing. But here the designers came up with a little trick — they complemented the outfit with a detachable skirt. This allows the graduate to feel comfortable on the dance floor and look decent on the official part of the prom.


Short outfits in the wardrobe of young girls are preferable, although you should not wear a mini for a holiday. Cocktail dresses with a layered skirt or tulip cut models look good. Fashionistas will also be able to pick up a-line dresses and retro A-line versions of a shortened length. It is not necessary to choose a monochromatic outfit.

A burgundy dress with floral patterns looks good, which gives elegance to the image of a graduate. The best solution for the holiday will be a dress with a fluffy tulle skirt and a guipure top. Marilyn Monroe-style outfits look good on young fashionistas.


All graduates dream of dressing up for prom. It is not surprising that the favorite choice of yesterday’s schoolgirls are puffy outfits. Princess style models look spectacular, but not very comfortable. Crinoline dresses are bulky and restrict movement.

Much more practical cropped outfits with puffy layered skirts in the style of Chicago. Such products are unusually beautiful, and it is also convenient to dance in them and even meet the dawn. The top of the product can expose the figure or hide it. Dresses with sleeves and a stand-up collar in combination with a fluffy knee-length skirt look elegant and do not reveal too much.


Regarding tight-fitting outfits, stylists have doubts. On the one hand, a dress that follows the contours of the body looks extremely seductive and looks good on young ladies. On the other hand, you should not wear an overly sexy dress for prom. It is advisable to stick to the golden mean.

If the dress fits the bottom, then the upper part should be free. So, a bat-cut knitted dress will be a good solution for a prom. A wide boat neck or a dropped shoulder will make the outfit more daring and provocative, and the loose cut of the upper part will not turn the image of a graduate into a vulgar and compromising one.

With open back

The body can be exposed in various ways. Girls are increasingly refusing low-cut dresses and choosing models with an open back. A teardrop neckline, a vertical slit or a strap-loop that completely exposes the back — all this is relevant for graduates.

Both thin girls and plump ones will be able to try on such outfits. The main thing is that the graduate should remember the impeccable posture, then the dress with an open back will look extraordinarily impressive.

As for the cut of the evening dress, the product can be fitted, elongated or shortened, with sleeves and a stand-up collar. If the dress exposes the back, then the rest of the body should be covered.

With a slit

Another interesting element of decorating an evening dress is a side slit. If a graduate wants to show off the beauty of her legs, but does not want to wear a cropped dress, then a fitted maxi dress with a high side slit will be the perfect solution for prom.

The side slit is in harmony with the boat neck and waterfall, long lace sleeves and stand-up collar. In one outfit, a slit on the back and a side slit can be connected. Both girls of model height and undersized graduates can afford a dress with a slit.

With long sleeves

It is known that emphasized wrists make the image more feminine and fragile. Dresses with long sleeves are becoming more and more popular. Variations on the theme of «bat» and dresses with puffed sleeves and wide cuffs are available for fashionistas.

Along with loose chiffon sleeves, fitted sleeves made of stretch lace look good. Openwork inserts add elegance to the image and emphasize the femininity of the silhouette.


Corset models appear less and less on the fashion catwalk, due to their inconvenience. Not every girl dares to walk for a long time in such a dress. But if the figure is not perfect, but you want to have a wasp waist and an impeccable silhouette, then a corset dress will come in handy.

Graduates will be able to try on products with bare shoulders and models with mesh inserts along the neckline. The corset looks good with a maxi length and a fluffy skirt. This style emphasizes the waist and makes the proportions perfect.

Greek style

Why does the Empire style never go out of fashion? This is a good solution for owners of various types of figures. Dresses in the Greek style make any silhouette elegant and graceful. They hide extra pounds, emphasize the chest line, visually improve the proportions.

The oversized fit is characterized by a slimming effect and lengthens the figure. Dresses in the Greek style can have a shortened length or drag along the floor. Off-the-shoulder products are popular, as are dresses with asymmetrical straps.

On one shoulder

One-shoulder outfits are characterized by a modeling property. Asymmetry diverts attention from the problem areas of the figure and adds originality to the image. Graduates will be able to try on dresses with one narrow sleeve made of lace or guipure, as well as products with wide shoulder straps.

Unlike bandeau cuts, one-shoulder pieces still provide proper support and are more comfortable while dancing.

What to wear

It remains to find out with what to wear a burgundy dress. Given the fact that the outfit is selected for a festive exit, all other elements must be impeccable. Gold, emerald, black, and nude colors are recognized as ideal companions for burgundy.

Beige variations are preferable to bright accents, as they allow you to focus on the dress. In addition, nude high-heeled shoes will visually lengthen the legs, and beige accessories will become a harmonious addition to the evening look.


What elements will complement the image of a graduate if she chose a burgundy dress as the basis of her outfit? Accessories can be discreet and catchy. If we are talking about a maxi dress, then it is better to choose a contrasting handbag. For a short puffy outfit, neutral accessories are suitable.

A miniature clutch made in mosaic technique, as well as a golden handbag on a metal chain, will be able to complement the evening look. You can choose a belt and a handbag with a glossy effect, but if there are rhinestones and sparkles in the decor of the dress, such accessories are abandoned in favor of matte products.


As for a pair of shoes, there is no better option than high-heeled shoes for an evening dress. Young fashionistas should pay attention to the following products:

  • stilettos — an elegant and stylish solution, but the heel height should not be too high, otherwise the graduate will be extremely uncomfortable during the event;
  • peep-toe sandals — lacquered shoe pairs are in trend, which make the image more elegant;
  • Wedge shoes is a practical solution for a prom that will allow a young fashionista to go to the dance floor without risk.

Image Completion

A pair of shoes and a handbag is not enough to complete an evening outfit. A fashionista will have to take care of jewelry, hair, makeup. Don’t wear too much jewelry to prom.

A gold bracelet or pendant is enough to set off an evening bow. Gems are in perfect harmony with the burgundy dress. So, jewelry with malachite, ruby, topaz, moonstone will be able to complement the image.


What makeup should you choose for prom? Lipstick to match the dress is allowed, but young women of fashion often choose nude shades. Emphasis on the eyes is preferred.

  • On blondes, mother-of-pearl shadows look good. Pink, plum or blueberry tones are suitable as a base.
  • In the presence of light brown and brown hair, mascara and shadows with a chocolate tint will help out.
  • Beige and gold eye makeup options are recommended for red-haired graduates.


To name a universal hairstyle for prom is problematic. It is determined by the style of the ensemble. If a girl chose an Empire style dress, then the best option would be a Greek-style hairstyle with twisted curls. For a short cocktail dress, simple options are recommended — a ponytail, a smooth or careless bun, braids like French, «basket», «fishtail».

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