Dresses for pregnant women (58 photos): wedding, evening or casual models


Future mothers are forced to update their wardrobe, based on the anatomical features of the changing body. But this does not mean that you need to give up beautiful and catchy outfits. It is important to choose only those models that are comfortable and do not cause discomfort.

Dresses for pregnant women are presented with warm and airy products, maxi models and short sundresses of a free cut. There is an outfit for every stage of pregnancy.

Wedding dresses for pregnant women

Most women going down the aisle in position prefer closed-style wedding dresses. Fashionistas will be able to try on pleated and pleated models, multi-layered dresses, floor-length and French length products.

It is not necessary to choose a snow-white outfit. Delicate pastel shades, golden and silver tones are in fashion. In no case do they dress up in corset dresses for long periods. They can be replaced by products in the Greek style, models with a bat sleeve.

Capes made of lace or a translucent veil will help to hide a rounded belly. They can be thrown over a straight or slightly fitted dress with straps or a bandeau style.

Some brides, on the contrary, are proud of their belly, and therefore try to emphasize curvaceous. This will help products made of elastic fabric, lace or silk models of a shortened style, overcoats. Women with a pregnancy of 5 months or more are suitable for products in which the back is longer than the front.


Traditionally, girls go down the aisle in elongated dresses. Is it worth it for a future mother to buy a floor-length dress? Of course, such an image will turn out to be feminine and beautiful, but in a long skirt, and even more so with a train, it is easy to get confused.

If the bride puts on a maxi dress and wears heels, then this will adversely affect her health. The optimal length for the wedding dress of the expectant mother is to the bone at the ankle. If the bride cannot refuse a falling and dragging train, then she will definitely pick up shoes at a low speed.

Empire style

Products in the Greek style always look feminine and are most suitable for expectant mothers. These are free models that focus on the chest line. An elastic band under the bust or a satin bow will decorate the image of the expectant mother. The high waist eliminates the load on the stomach and eliminates possible discomfort.

Empire style models are good for several reasons.:

  • fully correspond to the festive image;
  • give freedom of movement;
  • suitable for women of any age and at any stage of pregnancy;
  • emphasize the beauty of the bust, which in most pregnant women looks appetizing.


With puffy dresses, the situation is ambiguous. On the one hand, the model perfectly hides the growing belly. On the other hand, such an outfit can be uncomfortable and heavy.

Brides should choose thin flowing fabrics: lace, veil, organza. In this case, the outfit will not be heavy. Priority is given to models with a high waist and without a corset. Pleats, frills, layering allow you to add volume to the skirt.

Evening and cocktail

If the expectant mother often has to attend social events and evening events, then you should take care of a spectacular outfit for going out. Traditionally, cocktail dresses are represented by models with a short cut, evening dresses have a maxi length and are made of noble, often glossy and shimmering fabrics.

Festive wardrobe will be replenished with dresses with sleeves and a stand-up collar, models with an American armhole, clothes made of thin glossy fabric with pleats.

Bat sleeve

One-piece and wide sleeves help hide figure errors. «Bat» is adopted not only by expectant mothers, but also by overweight women. Typically, outfits of this style are made of thin tight-fitting knitwear. If we are talking about a festive dress, then the model can be sewn from knitwear with lurex.

Products «bat» made of translucent materials look good. The presence of lining fabric allows you to hide everything you need, and transparent and flowing sleeves add mystery, grace, and sophistication to the female image.


Open shoulders and décolleté always attract attention. It is better for women of fashion at a long pregnancy to abandon the bandeau style, but women can safely wear open dresses until the fifth month.

If this is a cocktail outfit, then the skirt can be layered and puffy. In the evening look, pleated and flowing fabrics are welcome. A lace bolero or a transparent cape with embroidery will be able to complement the ensemble.


Many women are delighted with mermaid cut dresses. A snow-white outfit is suitable for a wedding celebration, fabric products of a rich palette will help out at a social event. The mermaid style does not hide the growing belly, but makes the female figure extraordinarily graceful. Women of fashion in position should recommend models with a high waist and long sleeves.


It is no less interesting to choose an outfit for every day. Expectant mothers try to choose a dress that can be adjusted, which will allow them not to buy new clothes every month for a changing figure. Designers of clothes for pregnant and lactating women offer versatile models that will help out both in late pregnancy and during lactation.

Products with detachable elements, drawstrings, belts, cuffs are held in high esteem. In a casual wardrobe, items made of cotton or wool knitwear, viscose and linen are appropriate. Pure wool models are undesirable because they can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation.

hiding the belly

Some women try to hide the «interesting application» and strive to appear slim for as long as possible. This will help products with an asymmetric cut, high waistline, draperies and pleats. A balloon-style dress hides the belly well. This is an original outfit that tapers down and has an extended cut at the waist. A balloon is not suitable for all women, because with low stature it shortens the figure and makes it bulky.

Among other outfits that hide the belly:

With smell

The best way to hide your belly is to choose a wrap dress. These models look strictly, concisely and feminine. Designers offer a variety of products in business, casual, street style.

With the rise in popularity of pajama design in clothing, wrap-around outfits from glossy fabrics in a pastel palette have appeared. Such products resemble comfortable silk bathrobes. If you choose the right accessories for your pajama outfit, you will get a spectacular, stylish and original look.


Knitted dresses are distinguished by convenience and good compatibility with the basic elements of the wardrobe. They are stretchable, easy to fit to the body, and moreover, they are cozy and versatile in terms of design.

Cotton knitwear is perfect for summer. Half-woolen models will help out in the cold season. Designers do not exclude the appearance of such elements as folds, tucks, draperies. For a long time, women of fashion will be able to try on products with an American armhole, cut «bat», shortened models, more reminiscent of oversized sweaters.


With the onset of cold weather, you have to think about changing outfits to warmer ones. The best solution for a winter wardrobe will be knitted and knitted dresses. These models do not just keep warm, but are pleasant to the body, sit well on the figure.

Expectant mothers will be delighted with products with Norwegian patterns, inscriptions, naive ornaments, appliqués. Insulated things do not always have a maxi length. On the contrary, a warm dress rarely falls below the knee, which allows you to wear it with leggings, leggings, fleece tights.

It must be understood that street and office options will differ both in design and in cut.

In the first case, preference is given to shapeless, but cozy models. In the second, half-woolen dresses in a retro style, models with a high collar and a checkered pattern, and shirt-cut dresses are in priority.


The range of knitted dresses for expectant mothers rolls over. It is believed that soft knitwear best meets the requirements of comfort and pleasant to the touch. For winter, coarse knit models with decor in the form of pompons, wooden elements, jacquard patterns are recommended.

Moms-to-be can try on sweatshirt dresses with a hood and a kangaroo pocket. Such products will help out not only during pregnancy, but also after the birth of the baby. It is convenient to walk in them with a stroller, go shopping, visit polyclinics and children’s institutions with a child.

From tweed

If the expectant mother continues to go to work, then she cannot do without a tweed dress. Models made of woolen or semi-woolen fabric are unusually consistent with office and business style. Fashionistas will be able to try on balloon dresses, models with a peplum or detachable skirt and a shirt-cut collar. The checkered pattern is typical for tweed outfits.

The monochrome cage perfectly hides figure flaws and allows the expectant mother to keep her “interesting position” secret for a long time.

Women who are expecting a baby should try on models with either a high waist or a low rise. The best solution for a business wardrobe would be a piece of tweed or jersey just above the knee length and an inverted pleat under the bust.


Velor refers to velvety fabrics, pleasant to the body and looking extraordinarily noble. For the cold season, women will suit elongated models with falling sleeves and a boat neck. Outfits with drapery, wraparound and Empire style look good on a growing tummy.

Velor clothing is often aged in a dark color. Such outfits have a slimming effect and help a woman look elegant under any circumstances.


The image for the summer will benefit from light chintz outfits, linen and lace models, multi-layered perforated dresses. In the summer ensemble of the expectant mother, there is a place for an outfit with thin straps, boho dresses with a flared skirt and openwork inserts, sundresses in a Vichy check.

Thin denim shirt dresses never go out of fashion. Such things are universal and permanently fixed in the wardrobe. If a pregnant woman wears them loose, then after the birth of a child, it is enough for her to add a wide belt to look stylish and fit.


Lightweight chintz is pleasant to the body, does not hinder movement, is breathable and hygroscopic. All these qualities are necessary for a future mother. In addition, the outfit has a colorful coloring, is practical, retains its properties after repeated washings. Chintz dresses for expectant mothers are presented by models with a cut-off skirt and retro polka-dot patterns, a cage, with Provence flowers.

Fashionistas will find bright solutions in a marine style, checkered and striped dresses of modern design, as well as dresses with cut-off shoulders, a-line cut and frills.

from chiffon

Chiffon has not left the fashionable Olympus for several seasons in a row. For summer, expectant mothers will pick up dresses of French length from flowing chiffon. Some models resemble elongated tunics, others have a Greek cut, others look like hoodies with a shortened length and sleeves from the elbow or more.

Plain chiffon is suitable for a summer office bow. Color variations are appropriate in everyday wardrobe. Expectant mothers will be able to try on a black and white dress with small polka dots with a slit at the back and puffed sleeves.


Linen refers to natural and body-friendly fabrics. For summer, designers have prepared loose shirt dresses, peasant-style models, products with a belt under the bust and patch pockets.

The palette of linen dresses is not very varied, but women appreciate the fabric not for its brightness or variety of prints. The natural shade of unbleached linen looks practical and is combined with things in the nude palette. Expectant mothers are available balloon dresses, pajama-style products, elongated models in the boho style.

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