Is wearing a bra good or bad?


Who and when invented the bra?

Already the ancient Egyptians had linen bandages in their wardrobe, which were needed to fix the bust and excluded its mobility when walking. In ancient Greece, ribbons were used to mask oversized breasts. But only in 1889 the first bra was patented by Christina Hardt from Germany. Christina took two handkerchiefs and a ribbon and tied them together so that her breasts would not fall out of the low slit of the dress. Having tested the invention on herself, Christina patented it under the name «women’s sweatshirt with straps with reinforced cups for the chest.» A little later, a clasp appeared that regulated the girth under the chest, and bones that supported the shape of the bra. By the beginning of World War II, the light industry had already mastered many models of bras, but this garment remained a very niche product. The coup was the adoption of bras as a mandatory element of the uniform for female soldiers. And since then, literally everyone has started wearing bras.

So what did the French scientist discover?

Jean-Denis Rouyone said: women should give up bras. According to the professor, wearing or not wearing a bra does not affect the condition of breast tissues in any way, does not prevent or accelerate bust sagging, and «in fact, it is a matter of a woman’s personal choice and her ideas about aesthetics.»

However, the study has been heavily criticized. Firstly, intentionally or accidentally, but Professor Ruyon examined the condition of the tissues of 300 women, among them there was not one with large or very large breasts (in modern standards — a cup of an E bra or more). Secondly, during the study, the underwear industry has developed significantly, and if in the 80s women had to choose from 2-3 bra models, today there are thousands of options. And thirdly, the methodology of the study is not very clear, since the scientist divided women into groups who wore a bra and those who did not wear it, but the wearing time was not taken into account in the group of those who wore it. 2 hours a day or 24 hours — agree, the difference is significant.

However, this does not mean that the French scientist is absolutely wrong or that his research is a waste of time. Jean-Denis Rouyon managed to convincingly prove the main thing: a bra is not necessary. And if you like the shape of the chest and the feeling of freedom, you should not wear a bodice for health reasons. Breasts of small size do not need artificial support, moreover: bras have a number of “side effects” with the wrong choice of underwear.

What bras can not be bought?

Too tight. When the bra strongly squeezes the chest, blood flow and lymph flow are disturbed. American doctors have been saying for many years that when wearing tight bras, the risk of getting breast cancer increases by 21 times. But, in fairness, they do not provide adequate and convincing evidence for this statement, operating with arguments in the style of «Everyone who has breast cancer has ever worn bras.» So if the first part of the argument is quite reasonable, it’s still not worth panicking that after wearing a bra you increased the risk of cancer. However, the armpits are the location of the lymph nodes. And if the bra squeezes them, lymph stagnation occurs, which provokes the accumulation of waste products of cells. When not moving, they release toxins that lead to allergies, hypertension, and even inflammatory diseases.

With inserts made of synthetic materials, especially silicone and polyurethane: they create a greenhouse effect, which is generally unhealthy for the breast.

Strapless: These models help redistribute weight to the underarm area and create unwanted pressure on the area where the lymph nodes are located.

Inappropriate shape. The bra should support the breasts in a natural position, and not lift up, reduce to the center of the sternum or press.

An improperly fitted bra can cause numbness in the hands or a decrease in their sensitivity. If the straps that cut into the body have squeezed the soft tissues and blood vessels, then the nerve fibers can also suffer. The result is manifested at the end of the nerve chain — on the hands and fingers. So if you wear a bra all the time, and by the evening your fingers are numb, it makes sense to think about whether you are wearing a successful model.

How many hours a day can you wear a bra?

Of course, there is no strict restriction, but mammologists recommend limiting yourself to 8 hours and without fail taking off your underwear at night.

How often should you check your breasts?

At the age of 50 years, in the absence of complaints and an oncological history (cases of breast cancer among the closest relatives in the female line), it is enough to do an ultrasound scan once a year. Many doctors recommend mammography after the age of 40, but this procedure is quite painful, the breast is subjected to strong compression, which in itself is traumatic. Therefore, it is better to start with an ultrasound, but in case of an ambiguous result or on the recommendation of the attending physician, go for a mammogram.

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