You lie on your side facing each other. That is, not quite a face: your face is at the level of his groin. Bonus: in this position, you can easily reach your partner’s buttocks with your hand — and even, if he doesn’t mind, caress him from the “back door” side.

2. Downhill

The man stands half a step away from the wall, and then leans against it, placing his feet shoulder-width apart. You are positioned between his legs. It can move back and forth slightly to set the right pace and rhythm. You can then bend, then straighten your knees to be at different heights and diversify his sensations.

3. Top

He lies on his back, spreading his legs. Sit between his thighs and get to work. After a couple of minutes, without stopping your lesson, sit down on the left side of his thigh. After some time, straddle his chest. Then move so that you are at the right hip.

While you are moving like this, the sensations that he experiences are changing. After making a full circle, you can turn 180 degrees and continue in pose 69.

He is for you:

4. Winner

The man lies on his back, you kneel over his face. The plus is that you can adjust the angle and force of the impact, and he can easily reach your chest and buttocks.

5. Doggy Style Cunnilingus:

You are on all fours, arching your back, and a partner is selected from behind to caress you with his tongue.

6. B-but, horse!

In a normal cunnilingus position, use a tie or silk scarf over the back of your partner’s head. By holding both ends of the reins, you can pull his head closer to you at times when you want to increase the pressure.

7. On the edge

Lie on your back across the bed, bringing your pelvis closer to its edge. He kneels on the floor between your legs, which you can hold in the air, or you can put on his shoulders.

Mutual affection:

8. 69 standing

The most extreme position for oral sex of all time. He sits on the edge of the bed, then lies on his back, feet still touching the floor. You settle on top of him like you would in normal 69. He slowly begins to sit up while you wrap your arms around his hips and wrap your legs around his neck.

Now he should wrap his arms around your waist and gently stand up, holding you tightly. It will be nice if he turns around to face the bed: then if you fall, then on the soft one. In general, it’s better to first check how long a guy can hold you in his arms.

9. Almost 69

You lie on your back, he stands above you on all fours — head to your innermost places, feet — to the head. While he works his tongue, you caress him with your hands.

10. 69 on the couch

He lies across the sofa: his head and back are on the seat, his legs are thrown over the back. You sit on top of him backwards (so that his face is between your thighs). For balance, keep your hands on the back of the sofa. Then everything is as in the usual position 69.


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