Red jacket (70 photos): knitted, fleece, knitted, woolen


Red clothes always attract attention, bring notes of audacity and expressiveness to the image of a woman. However, for all its attractiveness, red requires careful handling, otherwise, instead of a stylish bow, you can get something unintelligible and even ridiculous.

The red jacket is the current trend of recent seasons. With what to wear this bright thing and who will it suit?

The hidden magic of red

According to psychologists, red belongs to active and aggressive colors and can cause anxiety and irritation. For this reason, stylists use it quite carefully when compiling sets and recommend that girls who have no experience with red use it only as catchy accents and combine it with calm shades. The combination of red and white is considered stylistically flawless.

However, many ladies simply adore this rich color in all its manifestations and boldly experiment with red colors. What does red in clothes say?

Adherents of this color tend to dominate always and in everything. Under the influence of red, they form such traits as perseverance, authoritativeness, determination. A person seems to be fueled by the energy of color and charges those around him with it.

Red is preferred by strong and purposeful individuals who have undoubted leadership qualities, do not tolerate innuendo and appreciate straightforwardness. In red, they feel like fish in water.

Going on a first date in red, a woman seeks to make an unforgettable impression on a man and counts on a longer acquaintance, which will eventually develop into something more. And such a lady has every chance of success, because erotic red is exciting. But a girl whose plans do not include sex at the first rendezvous should choose an outfit in calmer, discreet shades.

Most women, going to an interview, do not risk using red in their image, for fear of giving the impression of a frivolous person. And rightly so, but a lady for whom red is her element should go in it. She will feel more confident and will certainly impress a potential boss who will see in her a stubborn and charismatic nature.

Red and your color type

All shades are created on the basis of three basic colors — blue, yellow and red. The latter is the brightest, warmest and most sensual. The color scheme of red is rich and diverse and includes 26 shades — from scarlet to red-violet.

Despite the fact that red is considered universal, when choosing such a stylish thing as a red knitted sweater, you need to start from your appearance color type, of which, as you know, there are four — autumn, winter, spring and summer.

  • Girls belonging to the spring color type, it is worth giving preference to lilac and raspberry shades. They will make the image feminine and at the same time add notes of brightness and charisma to it.
  • Owners of the summer color type bright red shades will not work. It is better for them to use either pink cold or dark red tones — burgundy, cherry, ruby.
  • Ladies of the autumn color type it is worth focusing on shades with an admixture of orange, for example, rusty, terracotta. The saturation of tones with a red tint will perfectly shade the natural beauty of the autumn woman and add charm and tenderness to the image.
  • The most fortunate representatives of the winter color typebecause with their bright appearance all shades of red look beautiful.

Fashion and Stylish Trends

In the cool season, we remember warm cozy things that will make you feel comfortable. One of these things is a red jacket, which in the autumn-winter season acquires the status of a must-have, becoming an indispensable wardrobe item.

According to competent experts in the fashion industry, a red sweater is rightfully considered a hot trend of recent seasons, because many eminent designers are happy to include it in their collections, experimenting with shapes and textures, decor and prints.

If we talk about the length of the products, then preference is given to elongated sweaters that have the format of a dress.

The latest designer collections eloquently prove that fashion sweaters have lengthened by at least 6 centimeters. They completely cover the wrists and well below the hips.

Oversized models are very popular, which help to successfully disguise figure flaws. These are voluminous woolen products, as a rule, of coarse rustic knitting, with braids, weaves, and plaits. The most fashionable solution is a red knitted sweater with a zipper or with large wooden buttons.

In the wardrobe of modern women there is a place for small elegant blouses, boleros. Such things look extremely stylish, but they are unlikely to warm in the cold, so it is recommended to wear them with high-waisted trousers and skirts or with a dress.

But what you definitely won’t freeze in is a thick sweater with an unusual collar and non-standard sleeves. The collar, as a rule, is a stand-up or turn-down, the most sophisticated fashionistas will undoubtedly choose a retro model with an openwork collar, which looks extremely feminine and allows you to look elegant even in cold weather.

As for the sleeves, wide and puffy ones are welcome, and splendor is not only the usual “lanterns” at the very shoulder. In modern models, splendor goes along the entire length of the sleeve and is achieved through the use of fringe or ruffle. This design technique allows you to divert attention from the imperfections of the figure, in particular from the protruding belly, and make the silhouette slimmer.

By the way, fringe is a mega-fashionable element of decor, which has recently been present everywhere, wherever possible — on clothes, shoes, accessories. Long braid, laces and tassels can go along the entire hem of the product or decorate the neck, cuffs. This is another element that indicates that in recent years there has been a trend towards bulkiness.

Another fashion trend is the asymmetrical cut. At the same time, fashionable red sweatshirts very often resemble a poncho, decorated with trendy fringe, original buttons or other decorative elements.

The palm is still held by one-shoulder models that look sexy and exciting. With the help of such a sweater, you can add a twist even to a laconic outfit and reveal your image without resorting to additional jewelry and accessories.

Asymmetrical sweatshirts can be plain or printed. By the way, the geometric print further emphasizes the peculiarity of the cut.

Monochrome products look elegant and stylish. In winter, a thin knitted sweater will fit perfectly into a business look, provided that it is not coral or scarlet shades, but, for example, noble cherry, brown-raspberry, brown. The Victorian style is very popular, which is characterized by an underlined waistline, lace trim, and sometimes a high collar.

Creative bold women will be pleased to know that among the fashion trends are products with prints — vegetable, abstract, geometric and even animalistic.

And the stylish combination of plaid and stripes involuntarily refers us to the hippie movement. The colorful mosaic is charming in its spontaneity and clear forms, and today not only young ladies, but also mature women are happy to choose it. A bright print can be decorated with pieces of fabric, beads, creating a stylish contrast with the overall canvas of the image.

Oriental ornaments are very popular, and on the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays, it is not a sin to remember Scandinavian prints — with deer and snowflakes.

How to wear and what to combine

Fashion is a capricious and changeable lady, so what used to seem bad manners, something out of the ordinary, today is not only allowed, but also welcomed.

An example is multilayer sets, socks with sandals, wedge sneakers. The hot trend of the last seasons is a jacket tucked into trousers, a skirt, jeans. For such a bold ensemble, it is better to use a wide model made of soft, thin fabric, such as knitwear.

A dressed product of coarse rustic knitting will look ridiculous, so you should not even experiment.

This way of wearing a sweater is ideal not only for thin people, but also for girls whose figure is imperfect. So, the creation of additional volume in the problem area will successfully hide the tummy.

Another extraordinary combination is a red jacket and a fluffy skirt. A special chic is a knitted tight-fitting top and a fluffy multi-layered skirt. This set looks naive and cute and at the same time very seductive.

A trendy ensemble can be made up of a red sweater and trousers. The bright top goes well with jeans, palazzo, classic straight trousers, culottes. The squeak of recent seasons is a short red button-down blouse and cropped tight pants with a high waist.

Coarse knit sweaters are worn with wide trousers, preferably with flared jeans. Bright eye-catching accessories in ethnic style will make the image harmonious and complete.

An interesting solution is a red jacket with a bright cartoon print and classic trousers. Do you want to stand out? Combine the incompatible! Or another option — a Victorian-style jacket in a duet with black striped trousers, visually reminiscent of pajamas.

Mesh imitation is very popular today. This trend has not bypassed red sweatshirts. An openwork long blouse will look great with tight trousers or leather shorts.

An unexpectedly effective combination is a long, hip-covering jacket with a long straight skirt. If earlier such a set caused at least bewilderment, today non-standard ensembles can rejoice and wear everything as they want.

Color solutions

The red jacket has become an indispensable element of the wardrobe for creating bright, memorable sets in casual style. However, red acts as an expressive accent in other styles — classic, romantic, evening. It all depends on a competent combination of shades, here a woman needs to carefully select companion colors.

It is believed that the ideal pair for red is white, black, blue, green, but you should not be limited to these colors. Connect your imagination and feel free to experiment!

Fashion experts recommend wearing chocolate, emerald, mustard denim shades with a red sweater.

With pink

The combination of red and pink is considered one of the most unusual and complex, but at the same time attractive. The monochrome combination of the palette always looks advantageous, and the red color scheme is no exception.

The main rule is that the dark color balances and softens the brightness. For example, a charming, romantic look can be created from a short button-down blouse in a dark cherry shade, with elongated sleeves that flare to the wrists, and a fluffy pink skirt made of fluffy taffeta.

With orange

Orange goes with red much better than pink, although it is not a shade of it. The addition of this cheerful color adds energy, passion and seductiveness to the image.

A gorgeous ensemble, also suitable for a rendezvous, is obtained from a thin off-the-shoulder jersey blouse and an orange pleated chiffon maxi skirt. In this case, the jacket needs to be better filled.

with yellow

Yellow combined with red creates a very high and risqué contrast, but it can be played with nonetheless. When going to a party or any holiday, put on flared yellow trousers made of lightweight fabric and a red lace blouse.

Complete the look with large yellow beads. Such a duet will look especially advantageous in summer, when brightness is the main feature of the bow.

with green

Green combined with red creates a stunning effect! Any shade of green — emerald, pistachio, olive — will favorably emphasize the juiciness of red and ennoble a bright color.

An example of a stylish casual bow: green cropped trousers, a white top with green stripes, a red blouse with batwing sleeves. As an option: a green pencil skirt, a white silk blouse, a straight red sweater with a thin belt.

With blue

Blue is the main color used with red. It smooths out the sharpness of bright color and compensates for imperfections in the composition of the image. A flared blue skirt and a red sweater with white stripes — you can go to a party in this outfit.

In cool weather, a warm red fleece with a hood, which can be worn with boyfriend jeans, will come in handy. White sneakers complete the sporty look.

with brown

Things in brown colors look great with a red sweater. The noble gray-beige shade looks especially advantageous, which balances the red and allows you to use it even in the dress code. A red blouse with a turn-down collar will look good with a beige peplum skirt.

With white

Red and white is a classic, elegant combination. A blouse with an asymmetrical complex cut will look chic with a white pencil skirt or flared trousers.

With black

The combination of black and red is also considered classic, ideal for creating a solemn look. It is worth taking a closer look at the glossy and shiny black textures — leather, lye, satin.

A red blouse of a concise style can be worn with a black silk skirt in cuts, with leather pants, a red skirt in a black cage.

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