Spanish manicure: quickly done and lengthens the nails


Today, you can paint your nails in a solid color only if you have a strict dress code at work. Well, or if there are no extra 20-30 minutes during a visit to a beauty salon. In any other case, we simply do not understand how you can refuse such a multifaceted universe of nail design 🙂

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Manicure design helps not only to stand out, emphasize your tastes and style, but even adjust the shape of hands and nails. In addition, even a novice nail master can make some options. And it is the Spanish manicure that includes all these advantages.

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Spanish manicure technique: what is it?

Let’s start with the main thing. Spanish manicure is no newer type of design than the same French manicure. Just even less explored 🙂

Sometimes Spanish manicure is called Mediterranean — well, or just accent. In our latitudes, this design is not very common: but there are all prerequisites for the fact that it will replace the hit color jacket that everyone around is doing today.

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Spanish manicure is always about bright colors and contrasting combinations. Its main distinguishing feature is the vertical stripes on the nails. It is due to them that the effect of more elongated, long nails is created. So take note if you think your nails are too small and short, or vice versa, you want to emphasize their elongated shape!

Classic Spanish manicure implies the presence of a black or white stripe in the center. She divides the nail into two parts, painted in different colors. But depending on your wishes and competencies of a nail master, there can be much more such strips. All of these variations are also considered Spanish manicure designs.

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What colors are suitable for Spanish manicure

Ideally, choose bright, saturated shades that complement each other in a duet. Well, or take a contrasting black, white or milky color and complement it with something “flashy” — for example, red, hot pink, yellow or any other similar tone. If you decide to make not one stripe in the center, but several, then you can safely include a third and even a fourth shade in your design.

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It is believed that the brighter the nails look, the more successfully you bring to life a passionate Spanish manicure. So we advise you to definitely consider this design on the eve of the New Year holidays! Now bright colors are especially relevant. Moreover, the classic New Year’s combination of «red-white-green» (you can also add gold or silver here) fits perfectly into the framework of the Spanish manicure!

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Who suits Spanish manicure

There is an opinion that the Spanish manicure, as well as all other contrasting designs, is suitable only for young hands. But we are ready to vigorously protest this beauty stereotype! In order for a manicure to look beautiful, in any case (and age) you need to choose shades that will look harmonious with your skin tone. Take note of this general rule, and then the chosen design will definitely not disappoint you!

However, the Spanish manicure still has nuances. It looks best on square and almond-shaped nails. Of course, it can also be done on an oval, but then its geometric effect will not be as pronounced as in other cases.

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How to do a Spanish manicure

First, decide on the colors of the future manicure. From the auxiliary tools here you will need a brush to draw lines. Well, or a stencil or adhesive tape (these are sold in professional stores) to make the strips even easier.

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First, apply the lighter shade of your choice to the entire nail. And only then, in the second layer, add a brighter accent. The matter remains for drawing lines and fixing the result with a transparent base. Ready!


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