This Yoga Pose Reduces Uncomfortable Period Symptoms — You Can Do It Right in Bed

Modern women have different attitudes to the topic of critical days. Some complain that in our country there are no laws, as in Europe: where recently you can take sick leave for the period of the most acute moments of menstruation. Others, on the contrary, do not consider it necessary to limit the usual rhythm of life: especially given the appearance of comfortable menstrual underwear and tampons for intimacy, which allow you to hide the presence of secretions.

However, menstruation is not limited to these moments. Many women suffer from the onset of severe pain, bloating and general gastrointestinal upset. Agree, with these symptoms, talking about continuing your usual life seems no longer so rosy and feasible!

Of course, you can improve your well-being by taking medications and dieting. But no less effective can be the implementation of elementary asanas from yoga: slow, measured and not implying an active impact on the muscles of the body.

Some movements can be performed without getting out of bed. So, during a period of deterioration in well-being, you can try to do “pawan muktasana” — an asana better known as the “wind release pose”.

The well-known asana has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and relieves bloating — a common cause of increased pain during menstruation. But be careful: when pain and discomfort appear, it is better to slowly stop the practice and lie down in a neutral position for a while.

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