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Today, every girl can consider herself a makeup guru. We have access to life hacks, guides, video tutorials on applying it and a lot of offers from the beauty industry. But it is one thing to properly and accurately make up, and quite another to keep the make-up until the end of the day. We tell you what to do if the shadows roll on your eyelids, and why this trouble can happen to you.

Why shadows roll down on the eyelids

There seems to be no particular wisdom in just applying shadows. Put it on, blend it — it’s done. But if it were that simple, questions about why shadows roll into stripes on the eyelids and how to fix it would not be so popular. First you need to find the reason. This may be due both to improper preparation, to the peculiarities of the structure of the eyelid, and to the shadows themselves.

1. The shadows themselves

Yes, sometimes the root of evil is not that the hands grow from the wrong place, but in the product itself. Both dry and cream shadows tend not to last very well on their own, especially if applied to the eyelids without a good base. Are there any shadows that do not roll or crumble even by the end of the day? We haven’t heard of any yet, but we’re looking forward to seeing them.

2. Base

Very often we neglect the preparation for applying makeup, but in vain. After all, the durability of the make-up depends on this directly. So that the shadows do not roll, the best tool was invented — a good base.

If you don’t want to spend money on a professional primer, try replacing it with a concealer and then lightly powder your eyelids. This is one of the options for how you can make sure that the shadows do not roll.

3. Eyelid skin

It is important for owners of any eyelid skin to know what to apply so that the shadows do not roll. Before applying the product, the skin must be matted. The greasy film that forms on the eyelids during the day simply “smeares” the makeup, making it unstable.

If you have an oily eyelid, the shadows roll off pretty quickly. In this case, it is worth choosing a primer with special attention (and not skimping!), Paying attention to products designed specifically for oily skin of the eyelids.

And the reviews that shadows do not roll off with dry skin can be considered true with a big stretch. It may take a little longer for the makeup to settle into the crease of the eyelid, but this is unavoidable. You will still need a base to make your makeup last longer, just with different properties.

With the impending century, the shadows roll down simply because of the structural features of the century itself. In the cosmetics store, do not hesitate to ask consultants about which products are best to choose and which makeup schemes are best for you.

What to do so that the shadows do not roll on the eyelids

In applying makeup, the sequence of actions is of great importance. No wonder makeup artists follow the order of the stages and do not ignore any of them. Start by cleansing your skin, especially if it’s shiny. Wash your face and pat your face dry with a tissue. If you don’t have a special base so that the shadows don’t roll, the usual tool will do. Use a moisturizer for the skin around the eye (to a minimum) or foundation without oils in the composition. And take our advice.

Foundation for eyelids

And for the evening, prefer the golden and purple tones from this palette.

What shadows to choose so that they last longer

In many ways, your make-up depends on the type of shadows, they have a different effect. Shining give volume, matte — vice versa. If you are trying to make your eyes more prominent and visually enlarge them, apply shining shadows to the center of the moving eyelid. Matte ones deepen the areas on which they are applied, therefore they fit better on the age eyelid and are suitable for correcting the impending.

compact shadows

Powdered dry compressed base is applied with an applicator, brush or fingers. You can buy compact shadows in palettes, where a wide range of shades is presented. The dense texture is easy to type on the applicator, and crumbles less than loose powder shadows.

The shadows in the palette will not roll if you prepare the skin for applying makeup

Cream shadows

A beauty product with a cream base is used as a base eye shadow or as a base for powder eye shadows to give them brightness. It gives a smooth texture without focusing on the fine lines around the eyes that powder formulas highlight. But on oily skin or in the heat, cream shadows quickly “blur”. Therefore, it is better to combine cream and dry formula, and also not to refuse a primer.

Cream shadows are often used in adulthood and in their pure form are not suitable for oily skin.

crumbly shadows

The color palette in this series is truly huge — from transparent to highly pigmented. You can easily mix them together. Dry shadows are used as blush, eyeliner or eyebrow powder. This is a great tool for creating ombre or smoky makeup with multiple shades. Also, these are good, practically non-rolling shadows even on oily skin. Wet the brush for more intense colors.

Loose shadows roll off much less even for those with oily skin

Experiment and find your perfect makeup. Memorize life hacks, and your makeup will not be so afraid of trials and adventures. It is not important which shadows do not roll, but how correctly you carried out the preparatory stage. If everything is done correctly, even in the heat, in the rain, in wet weather or wind, the make-up will remain in place.

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