Leggings with the effect of Push Up (Push Up): will make your figure feminine and elegant


Leggings have firmly entered the women’s wardrobe. This is a utilitarian piece of clothing that can improve the proportions of the figure. If the buttocks are not expressive, leggings with the Push Up effect will help. Such models make the figure more feminine and elegant.

Instead of complaining about the reflection in the mirror and saving money for a plastic surgeon, it is better to take care of the right wardrobe and correct figure flaws with well-chosen things.

Model Features

If ordinary leggings are made of jersey of different density, then Push Up leggings have special properties due to the specifics of the fabric. Models have a special cut that draws the eye exactly to the buttocks. Textile inserts, decorative stitching, patch pockets — all this focuses on the seductive parts of the female figure.

Modeling leggings are based on cotton material. The correction effect is achieved due to elastane, and the slimming elements are present on certain parts of the leggings. The model tightens the hips, hides cellulite and lifts the buttocks, making the figure more seductive. The choice of leggings with a modeling effect is determined by the features of the figure:

  • full girls are shown models of muted colors. Short products are prohibited. Classic black leggings will help out, which go well with other clothes and visually slim;
  • skinny girls are shown leggings with decor. Usually skinny leggings do not decorate with overly voluminous elements, but a large print, patch pockets, decorative stitching or rhinestones will add extra volume to the lower part of the figure;
  • with the right proportions, you can afford colorful or acid leggings. Models with a checkered pattern or floral prints will be able to diversify your everyday wardrobe. Sports leggings are often represented by products of a rich palette.

Push-ups with a high fit will achieve a double effect: to improve the waistline and tighten the buttocks. Such models are recommended for girls with a rectangular figure.

Mature ladies should not get carried away with bright leggings. Of course, many women want to refresh the image, and bright colors will be able to do this. But if the figure is far from perfect, then overly colorful leggings will make the image vulgar and funny.

Ladies over 40 should pay attention to plain leggings with an elongated cut. It is not necessary to buy exclusively black models. Emerald, blue or classic gray leggings will perfectly fit into the basic wardrobe.

We collect the image

Modeling trousers usually appear in women’s wardrobe in two cases: for sports and in everyday outfit.

Push-up leggings have no place in an office or festive bow, although skinny trousers with a stylish design can complement the look for a party.

But in the classic version, push-up models are designed either for pumping legs or for correcting figure errors in everyday life. Let’s try to assemble a wardrobe for both cases.

Sports outfit

The main task of leggings for sports is to provide maximum freedom of movement and help achieve sports results. Leggings for fitness allow you to pump your buttocks faster, get rid of cellulite, improve stretching and strengthen the calf muscles. Going in for sports in such clothes is not just convenient. Every girl will feel fashionable and irresistible even in the gym.

In this case, free-cut fitness sweaters, long sleeves with a lowered shoulder, tight-fitting tops that tighten the bust will be able to complement the ensemble. The top is selected based on the specifics of sports exercises. During strip plastics and when performing tricks involving somersaults, you should not wear too loose clothing. Such a top or t-shirt will come off during classes. But for dancing or step aerobics, fitness tops will be just right.

For a run in the park, a soft sweatshirt or bomber jacket with a colorful slogan is suitable. Often girls choose leggings with bright or predatory prints for street activities. In this case, the top should be smooth and not too bright. Otherwise, the sporty image will turn out to be overly saturated.

Image for every day

Everyday wardrobe must be comfortable, fashionable and original. Leggings with a corrective effect will be able to improve the figure, and the right clothes will enhance the impression. Under monophonic leggings of an elongated cut, you should choose a knitted tunic or blouson with a three-quarter sleeve.

Too short things with tight-fitting trousers look vulgar, if we are not talking about sports training or theme parties, where such ensembles are negotiated in advance.

The elongated top will help not only to hide the errors of the figure, but also to observe the limits of decency.

A cropped-front longsleeve or a layered chiffon top will adorn your everyday wardrobe. A blouse or an empire style tunic will allow you to hide a voluminous belly.

Many girls ask themselves: if modeling leggings improve the shape of the buttocks, then why wear clothes that hide the hips? If you pick up the top of a thin enveloping fabric, then the rounded buttocks will not go unnoticed. But if you overemphasize seductive forms, you get not so much spectacular as provocative and vulgar image.

You can open the buttocks if the leggings have an oversized fit and are made of dense knitwear. They look like tight pants or skinny jeans. Shirts and blouses that are tucked into the belt will be able to complement the ensemble. Leggings with cropped tops and blouses look good if a jacket or cardigan is thrown over.

Ensemble Completion

Go for a run in fashionable sneakers with good cushioning. Everyday outfit is diversified by slip-ons, sneakers, sneakers of bright design. Squat shoes or brutal boots will be able to make the image more contrasting.

If girls think that deliberately brutal things will forgive the figure and make the ensemble more rude, then they are deeply mistaken. It is against the background of boots with a tread sole or shoes with metal rivets that slender legs and toned buttocks seem even more feminine and attractive.

In everyday wardrobe, you can not do without shoppers, trunks, oversized bags or hobo models. Textile and leather backpacks will fit into both a casual ensemble and a sports bow. For a walk around the city, it is worth taking a saddle bag with a long strap. Usually such a bag is located at the level of the buttocks, drawing the attention of others to that part of the figure, which is fully reflected in the push-up effect.

Regardless of whether leggings are modeling or regular, knitted items and accessories are perfectly combined with them. Snood scarves, beanie hats, mitts and checkered shawls — all this can complement the look for every day. A stylish baseball cap, decorated with embroidery or rhinestones, should appear in a sports bow.

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