Pink tutu skirt: combination and combination rules


Modern young ladies are not afraid to experiment and create fashionable, stylish images. If a few years ago it was difficult to imagine a fashionable girl on the street in a fluffy tulle skirt, today designers allow almost everything, to the best of reason. Are you not a fan of the classic style? Sports style does not cause you pleasant emotions? Then a pink tutu skirt can become a reliable companion not only at important and responsible events, but even in everyday life. Now it is worn not only for weddings and parties, but is also used in everyday bows.

Who will suit?

Flawlessly pink tutu skirt suits the owners of a slim figure. If you have too large volumes, it is better to give up so much expressive element of the wardrobe. Girls with thin and long legs can use a short version of the skirt. Owners of the pear figure will perfectly model the silhouette with the help of a knee-length model. If you have an “inverted triangle” figure, that is, the shoulders are wider, unlike the hips, you should also pay attention to this skirt. The tutu perfectly improves the proportions, hiding the lack of femininity in the area of ​​the hips and legs.

Of course, it is better to wear a tulle product for young girls under 30 years old. Older ladies in this style will look a little comical. Although you can use such a thing for social events and holidays, especially if you have sufficient confidence and courage.

Models and styles

A variety of skirts allows you to choose an expressive and stylish option for a lady. For prom at a school or university, shortened samples are used that demonstrate youth and beauty of appearance. The product will give the image of femininity, tenderness and special charm. Samples with bows, contrasting inserts look incredibly attractive. A short mini tutu skirt will make your look seductive and touching at the same time.

The tutu skirt with an elastic band is very comfortable to wear, it is easy to take it off and put it on without resorting to the help of strangers. A product with a large belt will highlight the waist and help hide some extra centimeters left after the holidays. If you want to create an image of a princess — gentle and innocent, then use the style with a large bow in your arsenal. Such an image will cause only tenderness and tender feelings in others.

For a photo shoot or a wedding, you can use a product below the knees, which will make your look even more spectacular and expressive. The most versatile length is medium. Such a skirt hides everything superfluous well and emphasizes femininity. It is desirable that it reaches the thinnest part of the leg. Therefore, if you have slender knees, emphasize them.

Recently, designers have proposed a white and pink tutu skirt, which combines two delicate shades of fabric. Such a pattern will ideally emphasize the tenderness and charm of both a small and an adult lady.

Powdery shades look great with any top, as delicate tones of pink are more versatile. If you do not have too bright facial features and appearance, it is better to give preference to calmer tones of pink. The neon model will attract all the attention to itself, and distract the views of others from your eyes and hairstyle.

Fashion combinations

To know what to wear with a chic skirt, just watch a video on youtube or read our article briefly. When choosing a set for such a skirt, listen to your own intuition and carefully examine the expanses of your wardrobe. We will offer you some interesting and worthy companions for such a skirt.

  • Pink tutu skirt + light blue colorful jacket and white sneakers. Gentle, at the same time sporty, casual option. Choose a mid-length skirt in a soft pink shade.
  • Pink skirt + white top. A versatile combination that will bring you success! It perfectly emphasizes the tenderness of the pink hue. Shoes or sandals can be either in tone with the skirt or in tone with the top.

  • Black top and skirt. More rigorous and complete image. Black shoes make the bow not as delicate and airy as the previous one. In this option, you can go shopping with a friend or go for a walk in the park.
  • Striped blouse + tulle skirt. An excellent choice for the most extraordinary girls. Black or white ballerinas and a neat handbag will complete the summer look.

  • A denim jacket with a puffy bottom will look a little more fun when paired with a pink skirt. You can add both sneakers and shoes to the image. Soft gray, pearl top will complement the fashion picture.

As you can see, such a thing can be used in different combinations and worn with great pleasure, if you carefully consider your wardrobe. We wish you to always be fashionable and competently express your individuality!

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