Baths for strengthening nails as a means of caring for hands


Improper nutrition, exposure to household chemicals, long-term wearing of gel polish lead to a deterioration in the condition of the nails. They become thin, brittle, exfoliate, break. You can fix this if you practice hand care, which includes baths to strengthen nails. There are recipes that have earned special love and recognition from women.

sea ​​bath

How to strengthen your nails: 15 tips from experts include a recommendation to do a sea nail bath more often. Sea salt is used for its preparation. This is a product with a diverse and complex composition, which includes a lot of valuable components, minerals, trace elements. All you need to do is pour warm water into a suitable container, add a couple of tablespoons of salt and dip your hands into the bath. If desired, you can add a decoction or infusion of herbs to the water. Of great benefit to the skin of the hands and nails will be the extract of the sequence, which has a wound healing and softening effect, chamomile, calendula. A couple of drops of iodine will have a strengthening effect.

Vitamin bath

Vitamin bath

Topical application of vitamins can give an excellent effect on problematic nails. Traditionally, vitamins A and E, which can be purchased at a pharmacy, are used to prepare a healing bath. Vitamin A is an important component of connective tissue. With its deficiency, peeling appears on the skin, its elasticity and elasticity decrease. Vitamin E — this powerful antioxidant accelerates skin regeneration, saturates it with oxygen, softens it. To prepare a vitamin bath, pour warm water into a container and add 20-30 drops of vitamins A and E to it. Hold your hands for a quarter of an hour, and then blot with a paper towel.


Glycerin helps retain moisture in the skin, which is why it often becomes a component of cosmetic care products, and honey is one of the most useful products among all. If you are not allergic to it, you can include honey in the masks for the face, hair, hands, and also add it to the bath to strengthen nails. By doing it regularly, you can accelerate the growth of nails and make the skin of your hands softer and smoother. To prepare the bath, mix 1 tbsp. l. glycerin and honey, add the same amount of any vegetable oil and pour half a glass of hot water. Stir, immerse hands for 20 minutes, and then wash them with water.


Lemon juice is often added to nail baths for rapid growth. The presence of a large amount of ascorbic acid in it is of great benefit to the nails, which become strong, dense, get rid of yellowness and dullness. If they began to exfoliate — your nails, they will be strengthened by a bath, for the preparation of which you should heat a glass of water, add 1 tbsp. l. lemon juice and the same amount of iodized salt. Stir, dip your hands and hold for about a quarter of an hour. Do such a bath regularly — 2-3 times a week and the effect will not be long in coming.

There are many other means that can be used to prepare healing baths. They include milk. It can be used as a base by adding other ingredients — honey, salt, vegetable and fruit juices. You can combine business with pleasure and prepare an aroma bath by adding essential oils to it.

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