How to enjoy this pose to the fullest


1. Choose the option that is more convenient and enjoyable.

In fact, the “woman on top” is not one pose, but a whole set. You can always choose how it is more convenient for you to sit:

  • sitting upright, resting your elbows or palms on a pillow or lying on your partner’s chest;
  • resting on the mattress with your knees (classic) or feet (“Asian rider”);
  • face to face, back to front or sideways.

At any moment you can change something and thereby diversify the sensations — or transfer the load from one muscle group to another. Tired hips — squat or bend over and lean on your hands.

2. Circles on the water

In this position, you can choose not only the angle of inclination and the speed with which you move, but also the nature of the movements. Try to move not only up and down, but also from side to side and even describe circles with your pelvis. This allows his member to rub against all the walls of the vagina, and not a single sensitive point will be missed.

And you can move back and forth and at the same time rub your clitoris against his pubis. To enhance the sensation, you can put a pillow under his hips (Yes! The ubiquitous pillow is not just for ladies). This double stimulation — from inside and outside — works wonders.

3. Towards each other

If a man helps you a little and also moves towards you, the sensations for both will be much brighter, and the excitement will be stronger. So don’t be shy to ask him if he doesn’t figure it out himself.

4. At a glance

The advantage of this position is that in it your lover can admire your body.

Minus … That if you are not sure of your own irresistibility, he can still admire your body.

Firstly, what you consider imperfections, a loving man can perceive quite normally. He has already seen you, and you continue to make him desire intimacy. Secondly, if you are so worried about how you look that it prevents you from enjoying it — choose not an open, but a closed version of the «rider» — when you bend over or practically lie on your partner’s chest.


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