Methods for the treatment of severe cellulite on the legs


Cellulite is a problem familiar to many women. Despite the fact that it is most often diagnosed in females, this pathology also occurs in men. Its essence lies in structural changes in the subcutaneous fat layer, leading to impaired microcirculation and lymphatic outflow. As a result, the skin in the affected area acquires a specific appearance (the relief changes, dimples and tubercles appear). In this article we will talk about what to do with strong cellulite on the legs?

Principles of cellulite treatment

The most important principle in the treatment of cellulite is an integrated approach. It is impossible to get rid of the changes that have occurred in the subcutaneous fat of the legs with the help of diet or exercise alone. The treatment plan necessarily includes various hardware or manual techniques aimed at stimulating microcirculation in the problem area.

The complex of therapy for cellulite is selected for each patient individually, depending on its location, degree, and so on. The procedures carried out have the following objectives:

  • Accelerating the breakdown of fat and suppressing its formation;
  • Strengthening lymphatic drainage and microcirculation in tissues;
  • Increased vascular tone;
  • Destruction of compacted foci;
  • Muscle stimulation and so on.

Thalassotherapy methods

Thalassotherapy methods

As you know, thalassotherapy is a treatment based on the effects of sea water and various sea products. Minerals contained in sea water, penetrating through the skin, help improve microcirculation in tissues, tone them, strengthen vascular walls, remove metabolic products from the body, and so on.

With cellulite, various wraps are widely used, for example, algae, mud or clay. The composition of the products used for wrapping also often includes essential oils, vitamin complexes, caffeine, and so on.

Hardware exposure

Various hardware effects are considered an effective method of treating cellulite.

An example is vacuum massage, which implies the use of jar nozzles of various diameters for massage, creating a vacuum effect. This method allows to achieve improvement of metabolic processes in tissues, stimulation of lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, toning of the skin and muscles.

In addition, with cellulite, exposure to high or low pressure (pressotherapy), electrical myostimulation, ultrasound procedures, and so on can be prescribed.

Massage methods

The complex of cellulite treatment often includes various massage methods. In 2020, scientists from Moscow published a paper, the results of which concluded that manual plastic surgery is one of the most effective methods for treating cellulite.

There are several different anti-cellulite massage techniques. All of them are aimed at softening and breaking up fat capsules, improving blood circulation and lymph flow. Such massage can only be carried out by a specially trained specialist.

Injection procedures

By injection procedures, we mean the introduction of special cocktails into the subcutaneous fat, consisting of vitamins and medicinal substances that enhance the process of breakdown of fat cells. This method is called mesotherapy. It has a good effect in combination with other procedures.

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