Short chiffon skirts: features and selection rules


Chiffon skirts have not gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row. The popularity of the model is due to the aesthetic appeal and ease of combination. Short chiffon skirts are chosen not only by girls with a perfect figure, but also by owners of magnificent forms. If you choose the right clothes and accessories for a short fluffy skirt, you will be able to get a balanced and harmonious look.

How to choose a short chiffon skirt

What should you rely on when choosing a chiffon skirt for a basic wardrobe? First of all, you should pay attention to the proportions of the figure and growth. Cropped skirts are great for short and stocky girls, however, they should give up lush models that add extra volume to the figure. In this case, half-sun chiffon skirts will help out, which flow beautifully along the hips and envelop the figure.

Girls with a rectangular figure will suit fluffy mini skirts that will emphasize the grace of the hips and increase the contrast between the waist and buttocks. If you have a small tummy, you should choose high-rise chiffon skirts. Such a model will visually reduce the waist and make the image more feminine.

If we talk about colors, then pastel-colored skirts are in fashion. They are suitable for creating feminine and romantic looks, as well as eccentric ensembles in the spirit of punk rock. Black pleated chiffon skirts do not lose their relevance, as well as models in white, milky and beige colors.

Skinny girls should pay attention to multi-layered skirts of shortened length. Such models are known as American skirts. They look light and airy, but at the same time add volume to the buttocks and thighs.

Asymmetric cut skirts will divert attention from problem areas and make the image fashionable and modern. As asymmetrical details, the upper layers of the skirt made of translucent chiffon can act.

Mini skirts are shown to undersized girls and fashionistas of medium height. The presence of a slender figure is a must. Girls in the body and ladies over thirty should pay attention to chiffon skirts just above the knee. You should not wear excessively lush models, in this case chiffon skirts of an adjacent cut will help out.

Combination options

A short skirt is in perfect harmony with clothes made of denim, thin leather and textured knitwear. What to wear with a black chiffon skirt? This model is in harmony with tight-fitting lace items and is suitable for creating cocktail and evening looks. The skirt in pastel colors is combined with patent leather products, denim shirts, light turtlenecks, T-shirts and long sleeves with contrasting slogans.

An addition to the tutu skirt will be a cropped top, a blue denim or colorful print shirt tied at the waist, a fitted silk blouse. Puffy skirts are often used to create puppet or festive looks, so lace corsages, knitted blouses with lurex, tops decorated with sequins or sequins will become a harmonious addition to a puffy chiffon skirt.

Short skirts go well with sportswear. Plain and colorful t-shirts, crop tops with modern design and long sleeves with prints will be able to diversify your everyday look. Tutu skirts are suitable for creating bold and daring bows.. Refresh your wardrobe with cropped leather jackets, denim shirts, eye-catching retro blouses and lace tops. Mid-length skirts are in harmony with classic shirts, plain blouses made of glossy fabrics and laconic tops in combination with cropped blazers.

Shoes and accessories

Short skirts are in perfect harmony with both flats and heels. Sneakers and sneakers will be able to diversify the ensemble of a young fashionista. Tall girls should not wear short skirts with heels or platform shoes.. It is worth choosing shoes with a low wedge, ankle boots with a stable heel 5-7 cm high or practical ballet flats. Squat fashionistas should pay attention to pumps, but too high heels and a mini skirt suggest provocative images of the dashing 90s. Modern fashion does not tolerate defiant combinations, so it is better to complement a chiffon tutu skirt with low shoes with a rounded toe, Chelsea boots or stylish clogs.

As for the choice of a bag, the best solution for everyday wardrobe will be:

  • envelope bag without a handle;
  • soft suede hobo bag;
  • clutch on a metal chain;
  • saddle bag on a long leather strap;
  • plain design backpack.

Short bright skirts should be worn with calm accessories and shoes. Skirts in pastel colors can be combined with shoes in a brutal or militaristic style. Look good with short chiffon skirts high boots or over the knee boots on a flat or low heel. The autumn-winter ensemble is diversified by ankle boots with heels in the shape of an inverted cone. Girls with a thin figure can wear puffy chiffon skirts with leggings, golfs and dark-colored stockings. In this case, flat shoes, sports-style models, as well as practical shoes with stable heels or low wedges will be appropriate.

Bright accessories and jewelry will be able to diversify the youth ensemble. Short skirts look great with massive bracelets, large neck jewelry or scarves.

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