Styles of dresses for women 50 years old (71 photos): evening, business, summer or winter, for full


Today we will talk about what styles of dresses for women 50 years old should be considered relevant. Fifty years is a milestone that is clearly uncritical in order to give up on yourself and fully engage in the upbringing of grandchildren. At this age, most women still work, follow fashion and try to look young and stylish.

Of course, you will have to rethink your wardrobe, for example, to abandon the mini, but the adjustments will not be significant.

Remember! You can look stunning at any age, the main thing is the youth of the soul.

What dresses should be avoided

Even if you have a good figure and slender legs, you should not regularly replenish your wardrobe with bright ultra-short dresses.

Leave this prerogative to 20-year-old girls. The optimal length of casual dresses for women after 50 is midi.

Interesting! Coco Chanel considered the knees the most unattractive part of the body, and the years clearly do not add aesthetics to them.

Undesirable elements in the clothes of a 50-year-old woman should be draperies, flounces and ruffles. There is nothing tasteless or old-fashioned in lush details, on the contrary, these are fashion trends, but the look of a mature woman suggests elegance and discreet chic, not frivolity. The exception is the peplum, which looks good in any case.

“Rejuvenating” decor in the form of sequins, beads, rhinestones, feathers, fringes and sequins is also better not to use. They greatly cheapen the image and make it vulgar. If you want glitter, let it have a place in jewelry or accessories.

Decor elements on the dress can be expressed by exquisite hand embroidery, French lace, which give freshness and sophistication to the dress.

Open and heavily decollete dresses are best left in the past. In adulthood, the skin of the hands, neck, chest no longer pleases with freshness and elasticity, and no cosmetic procedures can restore her youth.

If you want a little openness, choose outfits in which the above areas are covered with translucent chiffon. This technique will give the image of nobility and sophistication.

Summer dresses with spaghetti straps and sundresses that expose the muscles around the armpits give out age even more than an open neckline, so wear such things with boleros, light jackets and fishnet cardigans.

Be careful with high-waisted dresses. In some cases, they can add unwanted bulk. Definitely should be withdrawn from circulation outfits with a puffy skirt a la princess, which look ridiculous on women of mature age, as well as nondescript hoodies and tight models.

Great importance is attached to the color of the dress. No one says that from now on, dresses of classic colors should prevail in your wardrobe. Fortunately, there are many trendy shades that will look amazing on a 50-year-old lady: powdery pink, soft lilac, green, burgundy, blue and more.

Avoid piercing neon, ruthlessly adding age, some prints. For example, a predatory one will look like a lady is looking for adventures, as for hearts, kittens and cartoon characters, comments are superfluous.

As for fabrics, 50-year-old women should give preference to natural textures that hold their shape well and create a clear silhouette. Synthetics, sparkling fabrics with a metallic sheen look unpresentable.

Evening dresses for women 50 years

Evening dresses for women over 50 should be elegant, feminine, emphasizing the internal charm and charisma of their mistress. You should look for models with a soft cut, rounded lines that add elegance and lightness to the figure, and discreet decor. Dresses with a neat round neckline, boat neck, asymmetrical elements will look great. Asymmetry has been in trend for more than one season and is very suitable for the outfit of an adult lady. Irregularity can be present in different parts of the outfit: the hem of the dress is a mallet, a bodice with one shoulder, an originally designed neckline.

As for the color scheme of evening dresses, the win-win option is a classic, but this rule is not mandatory. Outfits of shades of precious stones, such as emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, will look great.

from chiffon

Evening dresses made of chiffon are a great solution. They look luxurious and elegant, but you need to know about some of the nuances. The trendy lingerie style is not contraindicated for mature ladies, but requires proper use, otherwise a transparent dress can be mistaken for underwear, which is absolutely unacceptable.

In this regard, it is better to choose a dress with a lining, but the sleeves can be single-layer, this will add spice to the outfit. Successful chiffon models will be a fitted multi-layer dress, a tunic, with a high waist in the Empire style.

From silk

Silk belongs to those textures, products from which, regardless of the model, look expensive, presentable and are the main adornment of a woman.

Silk dresses impress with their airiness, lightness and are ideal for creating evening and romantic bows. Silk products are also appropriate in everyday style when it comes to the spring-summer season.

At the same time, it should be taken into account that shiny silk adds volume, which means that for obese women it will not be the best choice, dense matte textures are more suitable for them.

Models of both straight and free cut, emphasizing the femininity of the silhouette, will suit slender ladies, dresses in the Greek style with a high waist will look great. This season, silk dresses with lace inserts are relevant.


Velvet dresses are a classic version of an evening dress. Luxurious expensive texture is somewhat heavy for young girls, but on mature ladies it looks amazing, emphasizing the feminine line of the silhouette.

Among the recommended models, the sheath dress with a clasp at the back is in the lead. This style is good for all occasions, it looks quite simple — that’s what wins.

A combination dress with a chiffon top and a straight velvet skirt will look great. This option is worth paying attention to ladies with lush hips. Wrap models, V-neck, as well as straight lines with a slit are in trend.


Guipure is an exquisite texture that looks unusually aesthetically pleasing and festive. Another advantage of the fabric is its ability to adjust the silhouette.

Women after 50 should give preference to models made of dense guipure, which fits perfectly on the figure and gives the image elegance and chic. A guipure product with a satin lining will look great. The cover can be either the same color with the dress, or a contrasting one.

With wide hips, you should pay attention to trapezoidal models; dresses with a low waist are suitable for thin women. Often, skirts have satin and leather trim, which distracts attention from too massive and full shoulders.


A long dress is a classic of evening fashion. Floor-length dresses are suitable for any woman, regardless of the type of figure. They advantageously slim and make the silhouette graphic.

For plump women, stylists recommend paying attention to empire-style dresses with a high waist. With the help of a belt in the form of a braid, the original drapery beautifully emphasizes the line of the chest and diverts attention from the hips and abdomen.

It is not forbidden for a slender lady to wear a dress with an accentuated waist and a fluffy ankle-length skirt for a celebration. The unique new look style is in trend today.

For obese women

Modern fashion offers a wide range of dresses for women after 50, including full ones.

For ladies with plus size, you need to create a more slender silhouette. In this case, you need to remember that the dress must be selected strictly according to size. Too small, tight clothing pulls the body, distorts the shape, baggy makes the dress look like a hoodie.

Remember! You can use shapewear, but wearing it every day is harmful. Doctors recommend resorting to his help in exceptional cases.

Under a loose-fitting dress, it will be useful to wear slimming tights.

Fat ladies should pay attention to dresses with a vertical discreet stripe, oversized fit, wraparound and V-shaped neckline.

Dresses with a wide horizontal stripe, a small floral print and large «coins», a tight-fitting cut, with lush drapery and bright elements on problem areas, made of fine knitwear should be avoided.

In addition, there are a number of rules that must be observed regarding the type of figure. For example, dresses with a triangular neckline and a slightly flared, freely flowing skirt are suitable for an “apple”.

Happy owners of a pear figure should focus on models of an adjacent or trapezoidal silhouette. Most lucky ladies, whose silhouette resembles an «hourglass», they can wear dresses of any style, and they will all sit great.

business dresses

A 50-year-old lady must have business-style clothes in her wardrobe. Well, if a woman occupies a leadership position, then, as a rule, she has plenty of office-style things. These are not only pencil skirts, strict blouses and men’s shirts, trouser suits and jackets, but also stylish dresses that look great in a business style and make the image feminine and elegant.

Office dresses must meet certain dress code requirements.:

  • Lack of cutouts and decorative elements.
  • Midi skirt or just above the knee (maximum on the palm).
  • Universal restrained coloring.
  • The cut is fitted or straight.
  • Dense opaque textures (wool, gabardine, cotton, etc.).

At the same time, the dress should not be too strict, so as not to evoke associations with the uniform. Among the models popular with business ladies:

  • Sheath dress. It is considered a classic of the office style genre. A sleeveless option is possible, but in this case it is advisable to wear a transparent chiffon blouse or a thin turtleneck underneath.
  • With smell. It looks elegant, feminine and presentable due to the V-shaped neckline, visually stretches the silhouette, adds lightness to the figure.
  • Basque. A dress with a wavy frill on the skirt adds a touch of coquetry to the look, favorably emphasizes the waist and hides extra centimeters in the abdomen.
  • With original sleeves. It can be flirty lanterns, flutters, ¾, raglan, bat. The hands of a woman at this age are already far from ideal, so experimenting with sleeves is a great way to diversify a business wardrobe.
  • With open back. A dress with a small cutout at the back is a good way to dilute the severity of a business attire and at the same time not go beyond the dress code. It should be noted that if the dress is open on the back, its front part should have a “blind” neckline.
  • With a sun skirt. A looser and more frivolous version of the office dress. If a woman is youthful and slender, then this option is quite suitable for her. The main thing is that it has a restrained color.

Finally, another option for office attire is a midi-length shirt dress. Suitable for modern women who are closely following the trends of modern fashion. This is an adapted version of the men’s shirt. It can be worn with a jacket, cardigan, trench coat, put on a turtleneck underneath.

A shirt dress is great for creating layered sets. If the lady has a magnificent figure, it is undesirable to use more than two layers in the image.

In a cage

A fashionable office dress can be not only plain, but also printed. The most popular business style ornament is a cage — glencheck, tartan (tartan), vichy, pepita, chicken foot, madras. Plaid dresses look unusually stylish, bright and do not contradict the rules of the dress code. A large and too bright pattern in a business style is not used.

Suitable styles: case, straight cut, peplum. The jacket must be solid and match in shade with one of the colors of the cell. A-line sundress, which is worn with a matching turtleneck, will also look good.

Winter styles of dresses for women 50 years old

In the cool season, when it is cold outside and the room is very hot, it is difficult to look elegant and at the same time not sacrifice comfort. It is still possible to adapt to temperature fluctuations, the main thing is that winter dresses are made from the “correct” fabric.


Wool dresses are the best option for the office. Wool is an extremely comfortable and practical material; in the cool season, woolen products are not cold, but not hot either. To increase the wear resistance of things, a small percentage of synthetics is added to the composition.

The optimal ratio of natural and artificial fibers is 70 to 30. The undoubted advantages of wool include the fact that it keeps its shape perfectly, does not deform or roll.

From jersey

Knitwear is back in trend. The benefits of this practical fabric can hardly be overestimated. Dresses made of knitwear look elegant and stylish, they are cozy and warm. The texture has one drawback — it can stretch, so very often products are equipped with a lining.

Summer models

The dress code does not make allowances for the weather, so even in hot summers, according to office etiquette, a woman should go to work in formal business attire.

Summer dresses are made from comfortable natural fabrics that are breathable and do not retain moisture. It is better to choose a light color. Cap sleeves, small flounces, flying skirts add charm and chic to the looks.


Some women find it unacceptable to wear linen dresses to the office, as they quickly wrinkle and lose their shape. However, fashion stylists believe that just a slight wrinkle gives linen items a special appeal.

A 50-year-old lady with a good figure will look great in a beige and olive safari, a plump woman should opt for an A-line dress.

From a staple

Staple is a light and practical fabric that drapes well and is great for making summer dresses. Often viscose, cotton, lavsan are added to the composition, which add practicality to the texture. The advantage of staple products is that they practically do not wrinkle.


Printed summer dresses look charming and stylish. However, not every pattern is suitable for a 50-year-old woman. For example, a lady of mature age is hardly worth dressing in dresses with a playful cartoon print, and a full lady in an outfit decorated with huge bright flowers. But dresses with polka dots look great on any figure.

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