«Warrior Pose»: 7 Useful Instagram Accounts* of Yoga Instructors

martina__rando (236k followers)

Martina is from Sicily and moved to Milan when she was 18 years old. Then she became interested in languages ​​and Eastern culture. This interest brought her to China. Martina has trained in ballet since she was a child, and today she is a certified yoga instructor. On her Instagram (a social network recognized as extremist and banned on the territory of the Russian Federation) you will find many useful exercises, healthy food recipes and tips on how to properly perform this or that asana.

martina_sergi (312k followers)

Another Martina, a colleague of Martina Rando, also lives in Milan. I have been fond of gymnastics since childhood. Yoga at first for Martina was just one way to stretch after exercise, but later she began to devote more time to this practice until she became an instructor herself. The accounts of the girls are very similar to each other. In the last account, you can also see the incredible progress that can be achieved if you practice regularly.

jl.yoga (64k followers)

Janice Liu is also a yoga instructor. She started practicing at the age of 17. In her account, you will find great pictures that will not only tell you how to perform certain asanas correctly, but also from what angle it is better to shoot them.

hana_bladh (113k followers)

One of the most practical and useful accounts for those who want to keep fit and stretch. Hana describes each exercise in great detail, often uploads videos. She talks not only about complexes for flexibility, but also about those with which you, for example, will be able to cope with stress.

Complex from stress from Hana:

aminahtaha (213k followers)

Amina discovered yoga at the age of 27 while working as a fashion designer. She felt called to teach. Amina’s lessons focus on finding a balance of strength and flexibility, as well as breathing practices. Amina did not stop teaching, even when she was pregnant, so now her tummy is already visible on her video.

Amina has online yoga courses.

Morning complex from Amina:

Yogoskenz (284k followers)

This is real life yoga! No candles, beautiful views and soothing music for you. Three children and a dog will not give rest even during yoga practice. So if you are an active mother, you will definitely like this account, because you will see that you are not alone.

abanna_yoga_art (142k followers)

The account of this girl is not so much a practical guide as a source of endless aesthetic pleasure. Just admire her photo, and you will definitely want to take exactly the same ones!

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