Black velvet dress: all the features of choice


Velvet has ceased to be an exclusively elegant and solemn fabric. Today, things from this material are combined with denim, leather and other textures. As a result, you can create completely different images, both feminine, romantic, gothic or daring. A special place in the women’s wardrobe was occupied by a black velvet dress, distinguished by its elegance. Whether it is worth deciding on such an outfit, to whom it will suit and how to wear it, you will learn further.

Material Features

Velvet is gorgeous and festive, it has been in fashion for many years in a row. Drawings, styles and directions change, but one thing remains unchanged: velvet fabric is relevant in women’s wardrobe. Some argue that the material is capricious, easily wiped off, leaving bald spots on the buttocks and elbows. However, expensive fabric will retain an attractive appearance for a long time.

Velvet characteristics:

  • The outfit is suitable not only for an evening out, but also for everyday wear! It is only necessary to carefully choose accessories and a silhouette.
  • The fabric highlights the features of the figure, delimiting chiaroscuro. Girls with a small tummy should choose an outfit with a velvet hem and a top made of another fabric.

  • For slender women, the fabric fits perfectly! She will add volume to the chest and increase modest parameters.
  • The rich, luxurious fabric looks amazing. Modest and minimalistic styles look concise and beautiful, while complex ones look a little pompous.

Models and styles: who will suit?

By purchasing this dress, you will get an outfit for all occasions. If you are going to an important evening event, choose a floor-length black velvet dress, and then the goal of surprising and attracting attention will be achieved! Despite the modest shade, the outfit looks bewitching, the rich texture of the material attracts attention to itself.

A long evening dress recommends wearing for a special event: wedding, banquet, prom. In a club at a disco, it will not only be uncomfortable, but the view will also be a little ridiculous. Such models look especially good on tall and slender girls.

By choosing a style with long sleeves and a flared skirt, you will be able to remain mysterious and discreet. The model with one long sleeve and a flared skirt looks gorgeous. A long black velvet dress with a slit will create a sexy look. This is the image of a true queen, a goddess in any situation and in any place.

For a wedding or a social event, a black velvet dress with an open back is relevant. Especially this model is suitable for girls with beautiful skin and attractive shapes.

For an important event, a black velvet dress with lace is also suitable. The model can be short, medium length or floor length. Designers are experimenting by adding guipure to the sleeves, back, neckline and other parts of the dress. Make sure that the model is harmonious. You can emphasize your uniqueness with the help of a dress with translucent sleeves.

If you plan to visit a cafe or restaurant, give preference to short models without long sleeves, with a mini skirt, wrap. A short black velvet dress with a bell skirt looks a little playful and fun. A product with a white collar looks businesslike. The minimum length is more versatile and practical.

A simple dress to the knees will easily fit into the wardrobe of a business woman. For everyday wear, this option is also appropriate. Combined models are also perfect, where different materials are combined. The finesse of velvet is thus softened, and the product can be worn for a normal outing. For a daily outing, choose a style with a velvet top and a thick skirt.

What to wear?

The photo shows that the choice of shoes, clothes and accessories depends on the style of the dress and the event that the woman is going to. If we are talking about business style, complement the outfit with a classic jacket, shoes with a narrow toe and a watch. Blouses with large knitting and cozy cardigans are also relevant. A light scarf and a leather handbag will successfully complement the business image.

To create a casual look with a simple dress style, use voluminous bags, shoes with thick heels, berets. With a short outfit, simple and even a little rough things look spectacular. Try on a suede or leather jacket, leather and fur vests. Have you chosen a leather jacket? Then the shoes should be sophisticated and elegant. A successful and cozy look can be created with a blue denim jacket.

Always use heels with a long outfit! Otherwise, the silhouette will become heavy. Short styles can be combined with ballet flats, just keep in mind that black velvet is associated with gothic. In order not to create a heavy look, combine the outfit with light materials, complement the look with chiffon, silk, casual details.

Velvet shoes do not go under the outfit, it is better to buy leather models.

With what to wear such a dress? Avoid gold jewelry. Pearls, braided leather bracelets or silver earrings will be much more attractive in a pair. Pearls are a special combination that gives out the refined taste of its owner. If you do not want to look expensive, choose silver accessories. Under the short model, a small clutch will be relevant.

In fashion magazines, you can often see famous women in a velvet dress, complemented by furs. But such a tandem in ordinary life is not very appropriate. Especially if you are going to a meeting with classmates in a cafe or a party.

Using these tips in practice, you will always look stylish and attractive both at a business meeting and at a banquet!

Makeup and hair

In order not to look like the heroine of some thriller, choose light and delicate makeup. Pink, red and beige shades on the lips are suitable, just keep in mind that with red lipstick the image will be bright, and perhaps even flashy. Brown, green or gray shadows look great with an outfit, black arrows will also work. The main thing is that the image becomes harmonious and does not cause unnecessary associations. Select one thing — eyes or lips. The face should not be too pale, it is better to emphasize the cheekbones with blush.

Choose a hairstyle depending on the event. Luxurious curls, voluminous curls and complex styling are suitable for a wedding and a social event. When it comes to casual or business outings, stick with a bun or ponytail.

Velvet fabric care

Many women give up the pleasure of wearing velvet because of its sophistication and complexity of care. Let’s give some simple recommendations:

  • Ironing such material is not worth it. This can damage the fibers. The best choice is to remove wrinkles with steam. Use a handheld steamer for this purpose.
  • To remove the stain, wipe the fabric with a damp sponge. Next, rinse the item in cool water.
  • Don’t forget to read the care label!
  • To prevent the pile from wiping, it is better to wash the product as rarely as possible.

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