Burgundy jacket (42 photos): with a hood, with buttons or zippers, with a peplum


A very pretty burgundy jacket is at the peak of popularity today. A convenient and practical thing that performs many functions allows you to create amazing ensembles and luxurious bows for a wide range of purposes. Pleasant, rich and noble color plays an important role in shaping the style and perception of the female image.

A shade of stability and passion, wisdom and determination, fire and well-being brings good luck and emphasizes female beauty. Burgundy clothes are widely used in everyday life. Women in such clothes are transformed before our eyes, become gentle, pretty and confident in their irresistibility.


It is no coincidence that a chic burgundy sweater is relevant and in demand among young people and women of all ages. An exquisite product has great potential and can radically change the style and effectively adjust the silhouette.

A muted shade allows you to smooth out shapes, hide figure errors and visually add elegance to the silhouette. The fashionable public is presented with numerous models with and without sleeves, with peplum and frills, with a hood and collar, with and without pockets. For every taste, you can choose a product that will emphasize the best aspects of your appearance and help create a harmonious image and an attractive bow.


  • Long or short.
  • Models with an American armhole.
  • For the smell.
  • On one or more buttons.
  • With hood and knitted cuffs.
  • With batwing sleeves.
  • On a belt or on a lightning.
  • With patch pockets or set-in pockets.
  • Openwork or mesh.
  • Basque.
  • With long or short sleeves.

A burgundy knitted sweater is always in fashion, handmade products include different patterns — cones and leaves, roses and rhombuses, flowers and paths. Each model is authentic, unique and can claim the title of a real masterpiece of design art.

If you want to look elegant, pay attention to the openwork sweater with lace inserts. For business meetings, a classic model with long sleeves and an English collar is useful.

In winter, they wear long woolen products with a collar or snood, and in summer a shortened model with or without puffed sleeves is popular.

Features of burgundy things

The main advantage of burgundy products is versatility and practicality, since they are suitable for absolutely all women, regardless of age, and are applicable to events of any format.

  • For the holidays, a tunic decorated with guipure and lace is useful, and for a walk you can wear an elongated pattern with buttons.
  • For a romantic date, the best choice would be a bright jacket — top, and for business meetings you will need a laconic model of medium length with long sleeves.
  • For important events, coral elongated products with lace sleeves and guipure inserts are worn.
  • For everyday wear, a jacket with a zipper in a muted maroon shade is useful.
  • The crimson “American” model will allow you to create an expressive image, and the marsala-colored turtleneck will emphasize business styles.
  • Open-shoulder raspberry samples are worn for competitions and festive events, and for friendly meetings in a cafe, a ruby ​​product with openwork inserts on the sleeves is useful.

Materials and colors

For tailoring fashionable products, materials of natural and artificial origin are widely used.

The fabric based on cotton and acrylic, satin and lycra, linen and elastane, which is used for the manufacture of summer and spring models, is in demand. A burgundy velvet jacket is always in trend, giving nobility and presentability to the appearance.

Winter clothes are made from wool, mohair, angora, cashmere with the addition of synthetic additives — nylon and polyester. In autumn, knitted models or stretch patterns are popular, used for walking, training and hiking in nature.

Casual clothes are made of durable fabrics that are resistant to deformation and mechanical stress (cotton, knitwear, polyester). Elegant things are sewn from beautiful materials with a smooth surface (silk, chiffon, satin), decorating with guipure, lace or organza. The choice of things depends on the season, the purpose of the ensemble, fashion priorities and appearance.

Depending on the event, the shade of products is selected, which significantly affects the perception of the image and the formation of style.

Shades of burgundy:

  • Crimson.
  • Red wine.
  • Pomegranate.
  • Marsala.
  • Red orchid.
  • Ruby.
  • Mahogany.


Exclusive things are sewn from the best materials of high quality and aesthetics.

Spectacular models are made of lace, silk, chiffon, guipure, complemented by satin appliqués, linen embroidery or viscose details. Exquisite sweaters acquire a special chic by decorating with rhinestones, beads, transparent ribbons or bows.

To give the product a perfect look, models are decorated with embroidery, decorative seams, mesh applications, transparent guipure details. Ruffles made of lace or organza add sophistication, and chiffon flowers or silk leaves add a special zest to the style.

Stretch sweatshirts are reinforced with rubber cuffs and decorated with sports club logos, while warm jerseys are complemented with fleece and fleece lining.

Fashion news

  • Fashionistas are always interested in outstanding models, distinguished by exquisite design and decoration.
  • Young people choose an openwork model with a hood or an asymmetrically cut viscose jacket with guipure applications or lace inserts.
  • Relevant at any time of the year is a practical and solid jacket made of supplex, which has excellent corrective properties and effectively models the silhouette.
  • Knitted samples are always in trend, soft, pleasant to the touch, well breathable and absorbent.
  • The knitted sweater noodles, which is made of multi-colored, plain-dyed, harsh and bleached linen, is in great demand. Such a product is convenient and comfortable to wear, does not hinder movement and gives femininity and prettiness to the appearance.

Wash things by hand at a temperature of 40º, wring out lightly and dry on a flat surface. Do not iron and store folded, as the product can stretch and deform on a hanger.

How and with what to wear a burgundy sweater to look stylish and presentable? The fashionable product is perfectly combined with things of neutral shades, warm and cold tones, bright and muted shades. You can wear black, brown, chestnut trousers or blue jeans under a burgundy item.

A red or raspberry-colored skirt, brown leggings or purple overalls are perfect. A festive look will help to create elegant colorful dresses and a marsala-colored lace bolero. An exquisite product with an American armhole will decorate young and slender girls and harmoniously combine with shorts or a miniskirt in muted tones.

Shoes and accessories

For a successful image, use stylish accessories and good shoes.

  • In summer, they wear light slippers, exquisite sandals and sandals, including thin chains, stylish pendants and elegant bracelets in the ensemble.
  • Winter images are decorated with stoles, openwork scarves, silk scarves. Boots and boots with corrugated soles are used as footwear.
  • The autumn ensemble is complemented by practical slip-ons, ankle boots, as well as hats, hats with a narrow brim and kid gloves.
  • In spring, high-heeled shoes, ballet flats, as well as massive beads and exquisite watches are appropriate.

Every detail must know its place, and accessories must harmoniously fit into the style, then you will look amazing, captivating with beauty and feminine irresistibility.

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