Inspired by the water-repellent properties of the camellia flower, Biolage experts have developed products that deal with excessive frizz. The special formula helps to retain moisture, so that the hair remains manageable and smooth even in conditions of 97% humidity: that is, your hair can only be threatened by a shower or direct rain on the strands. We especially recommend Biolage Smoothproof Leave-in Serum: spread it all over your towel-dried hair before styling and take it with you to apply to dry hair throughout the day.

Price from 1000 rubles.

Matrix Miracle Morpher Slim Down Lipid Molecular Concentrate

The product prevents the formation of hydrogen bonds with water, due to which the hair is frizzy. It will work like a perfect hair straightener, and will not give up to fog and drizzle: the main thing is to use it correctly! Apply to damp hair after shampooing, rinse after 30-40 seconds, then use your usual hair balm, rinse, and apply the concentrate again: that’s it, your hair is not afraid of anything!

Price from 1000 rubles.

Styling foam Extra Volume EIMI from Wella Professionals

Perfect styling with amazing volume regardless of air humidity: protective filters protect the hair from exposure to high temperatures during styling, and active ingredients “solder” the surface of the hair so that the curl or perfect smoothness is preserved in any weather. Shake the bottle thoroughly, apply foam to wet hair. Style with a hair dryer, lifting at the roots if necessary.

Price from 1 372 rubles.

Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum by John Frieda

The serum envelops the hair and prevents water molecules from penetrating inside, but in order for this magical function to work, after application, let it soak a little (fifteen minutes), and if the hair is still wet, dry it with a hairdryer without turning on the temperature. Now activate the magic: straighten your hair with an iron or curl it with hot tongs. The serum begins to act after heating. And you have 12 hours during which no humidity is terrible for the styling.

Price from 1000 rubles.

Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel by Ouidad

Blended with emollients & hydrators to smooth & shape curls. The gel contains meadowfoam oil, rich in fatty acids, additionally enriched with pro-vitamin B5, which smoothes and moisturizes dry hair and provides optimal hold for any styling and in any weather.

Price from 6000 rubles.

Ollin Style Spray Wax

Spray wax, due to its light liquid consistency and the fixing properties of wax, allows you to embody a variety of styling that is not afraid of wind and rain. It creates a persistent and mobile volume, gives the hair plasticity and natural shine, does not weigh down and does not stick them together. Suitable for any hair styling: from tight straight to lush textured waves.

Price from 400 rubles.

Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray Hairspray

This weightless hairspray will come to the rescue even on the wettest days — it fixes curls without a glass film and unnatural stiffness, protects against free radicals and saturates with vitamins, and provitamin B5 in the composition is responsible for the volume and compaction of the hair structure.

Price from 1400 rubles.

R+Co Foil Frizz Plus Static Control Spray

It removes static electricity, has a light texture, contains oils and vitamins, and fills all the voids between the superficial keratin scales of the hair, preventing microdrops of moisture from spoiling your hairstyle.

Price from 2500 rubles.

Davines More Inside Strong Hold Hairspray

Invisible strong hold hairspray for long-lasting styling does not weigh down the curls and fixes the hairstyle, regardless of weather conditions. Protects the structure, protects the strands from moisture and dries very quickly. And if you decide to change your style during the day, just brush your hair, restyle and spray again: it will look like you just came out of the salon!

Price from 2000 rubles.

Humidity Rx Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray by ColorProof

The victory of technology over nature: the spray forms the thinnest veil on the surface of the hair, which repels moisture thanks to high-tech and absolutely safe polymers. They envelop the strands and completely protect them from moisture, wind, pollution and, accordingly, do not allow the hairstyle to deteriorate.

Price from 1500 rubles.

Sashajuan Hairspray Strong Hold Hairspray

Brilliant nail polish: Suitable for styling hair of any structure and length, does not make hair sticky and stiff, fixes everything from curls to a flawless hairline. Thanks to the natural formula, it can be used daily without damaging the hair structure. Does not dry the scalp, does not cause irritation and dryness.

Price from 850 rubles.

L’Oreal Professionel Heat Protecting Cream Serie Expert Blow Dry Fluidfier

The tool has a memory effect: if the styling is crumpled under a hat or during sleep, it is easy for her to return her hair to its original appearance. The thermo-active wax in the product wraps the hair and fixes the desired shape, but once it is heated again, the hair becomes pliable again so that you can style it again. At least 5 times a day.

Price from 1450 rubles.

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