How to look better at 50: a guide for everyone


The age of 50 is considered a turning point. It is still impossible to call such a person old, but young too. Old age is not far off, but you really want to look good, feel the admiring glances of passers-by and interested men. MedAboutMe gives tips on how to look your best at 50.

Tighten the body

Axiom: the greater the weight of a person, the older he looks, he always works. Therefore, for those who want to prolong their youth for a long time, it makes sense to lose those extra pounds, if any. After all, this is a plus not only for the figure.

Excess weight increases the risk of developing many diseases, especially cardiovascular diseases, which significantly reduce life expectancy. However, to quickly get in shape will not work without physical activity. It is necessary to combine proper nutrition with feasible sports activities — swimming, aqua aerobics, Nordic walking, step aerobics, etc.

Choose a haircut and make-up

It’s no secret that a hairstyle can both add age and reduce it. The same goes for makeup. Older women with ponytails on their heads and bright arrows on their eyes look rather strange. Therefore, the first thing to do is to contact a competent hair stylist and choose a haircut that is right for you. Women who have crossed the 50-year mark are incredibly quads, including bob, pixie haircut, multi-level cascade. It may be worth leaving shoulder-length straight hair, but be sure to dye it in a noble color — chocolate, for example. Lightening is best done in the salon, otherwise, instead of an attractive blond, you can get a rusty yellowness.

As for makeup, it is better for women over 50 to choose classic shades of shadows — beige, brown and all their variations. No black stroke, especially on the lower eyelid. Only soft, unobtrusive shading. The mascara is not too voluminous, the eyebrows are well-made in a color close to the color of the hair. Blush of a light peach or salmon shade, natural lipstick. The most important thing in makeup is tone, so do not neglect it.

Visit a beautician more often

Visit a beautician more often

It is at the age of 20-30 that homemade face masks are effective, and at 50 you cannot do without professional help. Of course, this does not mean at all that you need to run to do a circular lift. You will look much better if you regularly perform anti-aging skin care — professional peeling, mesotherapy, biorevitalization, fractional rejuvenation, massage, RF-lifting, etc. For home care, choose makeup remover milk, day and night cream, serum, cream for eyelids and use them regularly.

Think over your wardrobe

Youth fashion and style is good when you are under 30. Yes, there are things that are found in the wardrobe of both young and older people — these are tracksuits, sneakers, turtlenecks and leather jackets, but they are only appropriate for a certain occasion. By the age of 50, you should get rid of frivolous skirts with frills and blouses with bows and fold your wardrobe from classic shirts and trousers, jackets, fitted sheath dresses and pencil skirts. In order not to look gray and faceless in all this, you need to purchase a couple of accessories. Do you want to look better and younger? Buy modern jewelry, but well-made, and not sold for a penny.


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