How to remove stretch marks on the buttocks: different options


Stretch marks on the skin can occur for various reasons. For example, rapid weight loss, pregnancy, excessive exercise. But in any case, stretch marks cause only negative emotions, and you want to get rid of them faster. Stretch marks can form on different parts of the body. Let’s talk about how to remove stretch marks on the buttocks?

Special Procedures

Special Procedures

These methods are effective, but they are not always safe. Therefore, they are not suitable for everyone, they have certain contraindications.

A chemical peel is a procedure in which acids are applied to the skin. They remove the top layer of the skin and stimulate cells to regenerate. Most often, a couple of procedures are enough. Chemical peeling should not be performed in case of problems with blood vessels, heart and respiratory system.

Mesotherapy is an almost safe way to get rid of stretch marks. During the procedure, various useful substances are introduced under the skin, which help to improve its condition. However, even here there are certain contraindications. These include: pregnancy, blood diseases and infectious diseases.

Laser procedures are a very popular method. During a beauty session, a special device affects the skin with cellulite, as a result of which it becomes more even and smooth, collagen production is stimulated. Rehabilitation takes fourteen days. Sunbathing is not allowed during this time. Procedure contraindications: oncology, allergies, diabetes mellitus.​

The procedure should be chosen only with the help of a specialist, so as not to harm health.

home methods

Home methods are less aggressive, but it will take quite a long time to fix the problem. Will have to be patient.

Massage will improve blood circulation. It will take several courses, but with a break. It must be borne in mind that one course is fifteen sessions. How to do massage? First, rub the buttocks in a circular motion, then lightly pinch them. Naturally, before the massage should moisturize the skin.

Scrubs and masks will also help improve skin condition. Rough scrubs should not be used. A coffee or oatmeal scrub is perfect. They can be prepared at home. Massage the skin should be gently, and after the scrub should be washed off well. As for nourishing masks, you can buy them in stores or cook them yourself at home. Usually they use aloe, vegetable oils, various vegetables, berries, fruits, honey, dairy products. Masks should be applied for 20-50 minutes, then washed off with warm water.

Wraps are another great way to deal with stretch marks on the buttocks. What is used for this procedure? Special cream, honey, clay, mustard, chocolate, cinnamon, red pepper and other means. The mass must be applied to the skin, wrapped with a film and covered with a blanket. And after 30-60 minutes, you need to wash off the mixture.

How to remove stretch marks? Do your homework regularly. Only then will the result really be noticeable.


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