How to wash henna from hair: folk remedies


Often, women dream of becoming owners of fiery red curls, and henna helps to embody the image. But two questions arise: how to wash henna from hair quickly and effectively when coloring, and how to wash it off after several applications. It is known that it tends to accumulate in the hair structure, and after dyeing with another agent, it can give an unpredictable result.

How to effectively wash off henna when staining

Henna is a natural remedy that has been known since ancient times. She dyed her hair for many years and were pleased with the result. Not only color appears, the curls are healed, they become more silky and strong, they do not fall out.

As part of henna — plant extracts, they are applied to the hair in the form of gruel, and many small grains envelop them.

It turns into a beautiful reddish color. The main problem starts when flushing. If the hair is thin, then it will take a little time, but for owners of long hair, especially thick hair, this is a big problem. Sometimes “sand” can fall from the head for several days.

What is the best way to wash henna from hair? It is necessary to prepare a deep basin with warm water and pour a lot of water. We lower the head into the pelvis so that the hair floats. So the grains easily leave the curls, though you have to change the water several times. Then already use a hair balm and rinse thoroughly in the shower.

How to wash off color from hair after henna?

How to wash off color from hair after henna?

Often the result is disappointing, and correction is required. The properties of henna are such that the dye penetrates into the depths of the hair, and if dyed with ammonia, the result can be unexpected and even shocking. If henna was used only once or twice, then you can fix it without problems. It is more difficult when staining occurs regularly.

The following remedies will help wash off henna:

  • Oil. Oil-based masks do a great job. They will not only get rid of the color, we will get a complete care. The curls will be silky, you can get rid of the loss. Burdock, olive, linseed oils have proven themselves well, although others will do. They are applied along the length of the entire hair, wrapped and allowed to soak for 2 hours. Wash off thoroughly with shampoo.
  • Dairy products also effectively get rid of unwanted color. Mix kefir or sour cream with yeast (40 g is enough for 200 g) and apply along the entire length, leave for an hour under a warm hat. You can limit yourself only to kefir, while the hair will be saturated with strength, become obedient, strong.
  • Washing with laundry soap brings results. After washing, you need to apply natural vegetable oil, then rinse with shampoo and use a care product. It is required to repeat the procedure 5-6 times.
  • Vinegar is a harsh but effective cleanser, but it’s not very convenient to use this way. Pour 8 liters of water and 3-4 tablespoons of 9% vinegar into a basin. Dip the hair in the basin and hold for 10-15 minutes, then wash your hair with shampoo and apply balm.
  • In the hairdresser’s, you can also remove the color, the masters use special washes, they get rid of the red tint. The procedure is effective, but it will have to be washed off several times, and then staining in the desired color is necessary.

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