How to Whiten Your Nails: 10 Brilliant Solutions


Impeccable shape, perfect smoothness, luxurious length… Only one thing spoils well-groomed nails: yellowness, which is not so easy to get rid of. But MedAboutMe knows 10 great solutions!

Backfill question: why are the nails yellow?

Before you choose one of the proven nail whitening tactics, you need to find out why the nails turn yellow. According to a New York dermatologist Dana Stern, Nail painting is not the only possible cause.

“If you are constantly struggling with yellow nails, you need to get the right diagnosis and start treatment if necessary. It is possible that the color of the nails indicates an infection or a health problem, such as impaired liver or lung function. You should also look out for thickened, yellow, and curved nails, which can be a sign of an unusual but serious disorder called yellow nail syndrome.”

In addition, nails can take on a dull yellowish tint if a person smokes. The tars contained in cigarette smoke are to blame.

Which tactic to choose for whitening nails depends on the cause of the discoloration. Experts advise trying several options at once for best results.

Did you know?

Nails are made up of keratin, a special type of protein. And they are not intended for the beauty of the fingertips, but for their protection from external negative damage.

1. «Smart» whitening with improvised means


The first and easiest way to deal with unwanted yellowness is to use a whitening toothpaste. To do this, use a toothbrush to apply it on the nails, wait 10 minutes and polish the surface of the plates. If at one time the yellowness has not completely gone, repeat the procedure, then rinse the nails with water.

2. Beauty session with citrus aroma

This technique works real miracles, making the nail plates perfectly white, and besides, it makes it easier to care for the cuticle. Experts advise resorting to it every time before creating a manicure.

Combine the juice of half a lemon with one glass of warm water and soak the tips of your nails in the resulting solution. After 10-15 minutes, you can push the cuticle back with an orange stick and start creating a manicure.

3. Brilliant stain removal solution

Baking soda has been used for hundreds of years to clean surfaces and neutralize odors. It not only removes oils with ease, but can also help lighten the nail plate if the cause of yellowness is the use of dark nail polishes.

To do this, combine two teaspoons of baking soda with a small amount of water. Apply the resulting mixture to the plates, wait 5 minutes and massage your nails. It remains to wash off the soda with water and a flawless manicure is ready.

On a note!

Normally, fingernails grow by 3.5 mm per month, and toenails by 1.7 mm.

4. Chemistry in the kitchen for great results

4. Chemistry in the kitchen for great results

This method combines the bleaching properties of two popular products at once: baking soda and lemon juice. Together they create an airy foam that neutralizes yellowness and polishes the nails further.

Combine a few teaspoons of baking soda with an equal amount of water, then add 10-15 drops of lemon juice to the resulting mixture. The mixture should begin to bubble and sizzle. Apply it on your nails, wait 5-10 minutes and rinse.

5. Orange notes for a glamorous look

This recipe not only makes the nails perfectly white, but also gives a luxurious shine, and also polishes the nail plates. All it takes is fresh orange zest. It should be rubbed into the nails every day until you see the desired results. Aromatherapy during the procedure is an added bonus!

6. Restoring the natural color of the nails

If the nails have a dark tint that cannot be removed, this recipe may help. You can follow it no more than once a week, until the nail plates acquire a natural whiteness.

Combine 1 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide with 2.5 tablespoons of baking soda. Apply the mixture on your nails with a cotton pad, then wait for 3 minutes. Rinse your nails well under running water and apply moisturizer on top.

By the way!

Scientists have found that severe stress can inhibit nail growth in some individuals.

7. Light polishing for shine and whiteness

7. Light polishing for shine and whiteness

Using this method, you can not only remove ugly yellow spots, but also make your nails flawlessly smooth and shiny. However, it is not suitable for those who naturally have thin and weak nail plates.

Take a buff for polishing natural nails and gently work on the top layer of the plates to get rid of the yellowness. At the end of the procedure, you can pamper your nails with special wax.

8. Liquid gold nail refresh

The tea tree oil used in this recipe has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing properties. It can not only improve the condition of the nail plates, but also make the cuticle soft and smooth.

As for the effect on the color of the nails, it has limited possibilities. The oil is effective in restoring the strength and natural color of nails after a fungal infection. This is evidenced by a 2013 study published in the journal Mycopathology.

Apply a small amount of oil on the nails, leave it for 10-15 minutes, then remove the excess with a tissue. Repeat the procedure twice a day until the appearance of the nails improves.

9. «Apple bulk» for the prevention of fungus

Experts advise resorting to this method for those who, with the help of a doctor, managed to cope with a fungal infection of the nails. Thanks to apple cider vinegar, the nail plates will acquire a natural color over time, in addition, it will be a good prevention of re-infection.

Combine half a glass of warm water with the same amount of apple cider vinegar. Soak your nails in the resulting solution for 20 minutes. Wash your hands well. Repeat the procedure 3 times a week for 3-4 weeks.

On a note!

About 10 percent of the total number of dermatological diseases are nail diseases.

10. Drawings «in the margins» for a flawless manicure

10. Drawings

An instant way to eliminate yellow spots on the nails is to use a special whitening pencil, which can be purchased at a cosmetic store or drugstore. Using it is very simple: just moisten the pencil with water and paint dark areas with it.

Expert comment

Sarah Taylor, MD, Dermatologist

Nails can tell a lot about your health. When they change color, it could be a sign of fungus, an infection, or an allergy.

Often nails darken due to the use of dark nail polishes. And sometimes the discoloration is a sign of something more serious—chronic lung disease, thyroid disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, psoriasis, or diabetes.

To eliminate yellow spots on the nails, you need to know the cause of their appearance. If home remedies do not help, be sure to consult a doctor!

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