Instagram favorites (a social network recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation) made of smooth stone or metal are not just beautiful photo props, but quite working “horses”. Jade or quartz rollers effectively deal with morning puffiness and improve complexion. To do this, the massage should «go» along the lymph flow: from the center of the face to the periphery. You can use gadgets with a tissue mask or serum — do not forget to pre-cool the roller. If the accessory has edges, it, unlike a smooth one, will improve metabolic processes and warm up. Such models are suitable for preparing the skin for further care: due to increased microcirculation, the components of the products penetrate deeper and are more efficiently absorbed. Needle mesoscooters should be used carefully — and as prescribed by the beautician. Before use, make sure that there is no inflammation and rosacea on the face, thoroughly clean the skin and gadget (rinse under running water and treat with chlorhexidine after each use). And also carefully monitor the condition of the needles: as soon as they become dull, the nozzle needs to be changed.


Modest-looking plates effectively fight wrinkles, correct the oval of the face and even relieve muscle spasm — subject to the correct massage technique. Do not experiment on your own and seek help from a beautician or study tutorials. The main thing is not to press too hard and hold the area from which you start moving with your hand so that the tissues do not stretch behind the plate, but stretch. Follow the sensations: there should be no pain during the massage. To minimize the risks, apply cosmetic oil or a thick cream before the massage: the plate should slide over the face, and not “scrape” it.


According to the action of the cryosphere — they are also Ice Globes — they resemble rollers, but they have a significant advantage: they accumulate cold better and keep it many times longer. This feature allows you to more effectively remove puffiness, but there are nuances. For maximum results, the spheres must be stored in the freezer, but with rosacea, such exposure can damage fragile vessels. In this case, it is enough to place the accessories in the refrigerator. Otherwise, cryospheres are suitable for daily care — they are sold in pairs, so you can massage your face, neck and décolleté with both of them symmetrically at once.

Devices for myostimulation

Myostimulation is often confused with microcurrents, although they have different wavelengths and, accordingly, the effect. Microcurrents work with the energy potential of the cell, and myostimulation works with the muscles. The latter can be compared with passive gymnastics for the face, but without the risk of muscle hypertonicity from excessive exercise: the current evenly affects the tissues. With regular use, contours are tightened, complexion improves and puffiness decreases. Sounds impressive, but do not be zealous: young skin needs one or two treatments a week, and mature skin — two or three.

LED devices

Let’s say right away: home LED devices will always be inferior in power to salon ones for safety reasons. As a rule, they are easy to use: they are designed for 5-15 minutes of use and give a sound signal to start and end the procedure. There are devices that alternate different light waves, and there are those in which there is only one color to solve a specific problem: blue has an antibacterial effect, red is responsible for moisturizing and anti-aging, yellow soothes, and green will help in the fight against pigmentation. By the way, about the latter: contrary to myths, LED devices do not increase the sensitivity of the skin to the sun, as they work in the visible spectrum.

ultrasound machines

As is the case with other home devices that have «grown» out of professional ones, «manual» ultrasound is not as active as its salon older brother. However, it will become a faithful assistant in the care of oily skin: it cleanses the pores, evens out the tone and removes dead skin cells. With prolonged use, ultrasound even helps to lighten post-acne, but it is important to use it correctly: you do not need to press hard on the skin with a nozzle to physically squeeze out clogged pores — this way you injure the skin.

Photo: Getty Images, Shutterstock, Instagram (The social network is recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation)


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