What hairstyles will be in fashion in the fall of 2021


Bright, ordinary, new, familiar, long … That’s it, the rhymes are over. Let’s not waste time: in front of you are the most fashionable styling and haircuts of the fall / winter 2021/2022 season, and we sincerely hope that you will be curious to look at them. Because, for once, this is not something unusual, pretentious and requiring special training in the salon, but excellent, but very simple hairstyles that anyone can handle at home.

Bun and bangs

The meme is not even 10 years old, but meanwhile the “hair back” styling was popular back in the 70s: it was then that curls from the forehead to the back of the head came into fashion, and the wind of strawberry fields always blew freedom-loving hippies in the face. Time to remember this! (A great option for those who have a low forehead, the face is simply transformed!)

Gold of the gods

We have already painted a wide rim and suggested that you try it several times. Large pearls, velvet, shriveled leopard (you can’t get the words out of the song), and here is another version of the most popular hair accessory for any length of hair for autumn and winter 2021: a gold mirror headband. Yes, and, of course, bangs.

She cut her own hair, she dyed it herself

No, negligence will not give up positions, and the worldwide society of lazy people, oh, that is, those who value blissful inaction, can sleep peacefully. This hairstyle is an ode to idleness, because all its chic is that it looks like you first decided to cut your hair at home in front of a mirror, but gave up halfway through, and then the same fate befell home coloring.

Layer by layer

Gently, differing by a centimeter from each other, the hair, diligently twisting the tips inward, descends on the shoulders of an excellent student, who this year will receive a well-deserved gold medal. School style is a 100% favorite of the upcoming season, so take a closer look. Bonus: you won’t spoil the business with a hat, but you will decorate it!

Weisya, bangs

Are we tired of you with bangs yet? This one is not quite even a bang, but rather a shortened strand released from the hair collected at the crown. This version of a Malvinka is both touching, and lazy, and relaxed, and sexy.

broken bean

Parting is also one of the leading trends of the new season, and we really hope that you will not miss it if your hair is just the right length or you have decided on a haircut that does not need to be styled. How they lay down — they lay down like that, or after the hat they look like that. Look great!

Loose bun

We are certainly not talking about his moral qualities. But it actually looks like this! Half of the hair is combed smoothly and tightly twisted into a “bun”, and you seem to have forgotten about the rest. By the way, a cool option for a mirror selfie …

A little bit of Elvis

An elongated caret can be combed back, leaving the lower strands to curl with the tips outward, but let’s work a little with the top: lift the hair at the roots and fix it with varnish, and then collect it at the crown. Also “schooly”, but it is appropriate both in the office and at a party (only then take a brighter elastic band or add hairpins).

unfinished bob

But this is something new! If earlier asymmetry in the hairstyle was achieved only with the help of styling, today stylists are seriously talking about the fact that the haircut itself should … in a sense, it can be of different lengths. Here, as in the photo, for example. By the way, keep in mind: it is advised to make the “working” side of the face shorter, and cover the one that you consider less photogenic with a long wave.

Prick me

Just don’t do anything. I pinned the hairpin anywhere — and okay! We’re joking. A massive hairpin at the temple — and best of all — «under gold», that is, yellow metal, has been a recognized trend since the summer, and for the fall, apparently, it remains with us. What do you think, but on hats, hairpins and brooches, tooshall we sculpt?

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