Why scientists consider the gap between the thighs a dangerous standard of beauty

The #thighgap tag, which can be translated as “gap between the thighs,” now has more than 100,000 posts on Instagram (a social network recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation). In Russia, this standard of beauty has been heard since the days of the USSR: our mothers and grandmothers already knew that ideal legs are those between which there are four “windows”.

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However, scientists are concerned that this aesthetic canon is so widely disseminated. “For many, this is an unrealistic ideal of beauty,” says Janet Lydecker, Ph.D. and psychologist, who specializes in obesity, weight and nutrition research.

What is the gap between the thighs?

It is believed that it appears in slender women, and if there is no gap, then you are too “curvy”. But the truth is that such «geometry» does not depend on the number of kilograms, but on genetic predisposition and skeletal structure. Even very thin people do not necessarily have a gap between the hips, and at the same time, overweight women can become its owners.

“It is not the weight that matters, but the width of the pelvis and the position of the hips. Getting a gap is sometimes impossible — not worth trying, ”says Elizabeth Gardner, MD and orthopedic surgeon. And yet, many women are trying to achieve the appearance of the coveted «windows» using diets and exercises that load the muscles of the inner thigh.

Why not chase the gap between the thighs?

According to Gardner, strengthening the inner thigh muscles will not help in any way, because exercises on certain parts of the body do not lead to fat loss in certain areas. And therefore, such training often becomes redundant: girls are sure that they just need to make more efforts, and exhaust themselves with loads that are useless and only lead to exhaustion.

Another problem that worries scientists is trying to «tidy up» your hips with diets. This method is even more dangerous: it also does not work, but it does more harm: excessive calorie restriction can cause bone loss and cardiovascular problems.

Strict diets, uncontrolled fitness passion, or a combination of both threaten not only physical but also mental health. “Unfortunately, there is a link between the desire to get a gap between the hips and eating disorders,” says Gardner. And Lydecker adds: «People who are oriented to this standard of beauty may have eating disorders and anxiety disorders.»

And such problems entail others — from hair loss to increased risk of infertility. And no «windows», of course, are not worth it!

Do you have a gap between your thighs?



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