8 new hair care products for curly hair


We’ve rounded up the most promising new curly products that will make your hair shine in all its natural beauty. And they will lie obediently, curl to curl!

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Many girls are sure that the fastest hairstyles are hairstyles with straight hair. Curls are too capricious and require increased attention to both the creation of styling and its preservation. And also this curling iron! Well, 99% of us simply don’t have any strength to cope with it!

But in fact, light waves can be created without auxiliary gadgets. Of course, an afro-curl with absolute directness is not worth waiting for. But a slight waviness will definitely appear!

If you are not yet familiar with curly hair products, you are missing out on a lot. Some of them will help create beauty on the head at the time of styling — and thanks to the simplest movements. Apply foam, special cream or spray on curls and shake them a little. Voila, spectacular curls are ready!

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If your hair is initially prone to a slight curl or you are the owner of persistent curls, then it is more important for you not only to use the right styling products, but also the right care. It is necessary that the product nourishes and moisturizes enough, but does not weigh down the strands, and also maintains the discipline of the hair. We advise you to pay attention to curly novelties of this season. With them, you will definitely forget about the aesthetics of straight hair 🙂

Shampoo with a high degree of foam Curvaceous, Redken (2195 rubles)

Surely you have heard more than once that it is better to choose shampoos that do not contain sulfates and parabens. If we talk about curly hair, then this rule should be observed with special force, otherwise the curls will become heavy, undefined and will fall apart.

The “foamy” shampoo from the new Redken Curly line does not contain sulfates, alcohols and other harmful components. But it is saturated with valuable oils, protective UV filters and sugar crystals — to preserve the clarity of the curls. Thanks to its creamy texture, this shampoo is very convenient and pleasant to use, as well as to prepare hair for the main curly care.

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Nourishing mask for curly and curly hair Nutricurls, Wella Professionals (1637 rubles)

Often, curly hair is prone to severe dryness and has a porous structure. That is why it is so important not to neglect intensive care. But one that will not weigh down and deprive of volume.

Mask for curly hair from Wella Professionals — it’s just about «smart» care for curls. In addition to the nutritional complex of oils and plant extracts, it contains conditioning agents. Hair is transformed both outside and inside and keeps its shape even better.

Refreshing spray for curls Curl Manifesto, Kerastase (2640 RUB)

Perhaps the main problem of «curly» hair care is not its multi-stage. And not even the time that needs to be allocated for applying one product after another! It hurts the most to realize that the hairstyle will be perfect for only one day. And then you have to do it all over again. Well, or put up with the missing volume and less clarity of the curls.

To eliminate this problem, for their new Curl Manifesto line, experts from the Kerastase brand have developed a special refresh spray that can rehabilitate the hair the next day after styling! It’s amazing, but it literally returns volume to the hair in a matter of seconds. And makes curls more beautiful and curly.

Comb for curls Thick & Curly pixie green fondant, Tangle Teezer (1290 RUB)

A special form of hair — a special comb! In fact, curly hair does require certain accessories that do not damage the thick structure and do not pull out unruly hair from the root.

The legendary brand Tangle Teezer has a special comb for this situation! Its secret lies in the different shape and length of the teeth. Some of them are able to «get» deep into even the densest hair. Others, shorter and thicker, easily unravel any hair — even wet, even dry, even very tangled.

Heads With Roll, evo (from 500 rubles)

One of the main recipes for successful curly care is to abandon the classic hair wash altogether. Instead, it is proposed to practice co-washing — washing without shampoo, immediately with conditioner.

However, few people know that proper co-washing requires certain products that will thoroughly cleanse hair and skin and not cause even more chaos on the head.

evo’s Heads With Roll co-shinger is exactly what you need in this situation. Its formula is built around three oils — avocado, jojoba and coconut. Valuable extracts intensively care for the hair and restore it without requiring additional care. After this procedure, you can immediately start laying!

Polish cream for smooth hair CC62 Soft Touch, System Professional (1955 RUB)

This pearl cream will make your hair shine! In fact, it will delicately take care of the texture, while giving the curls smoothness and manageability and a flawless curl. In addition, the System Professional product has an antifreeze effect, so you no longer need to be afraid of your hair’s reaction to weather changes. Rain, snow, heat, wind — there will be no electrification and fluffiness with it.

Styling mousse for clear curls «Trap», Got2b (480 rubles)

An affordable classic that we recommend starting with curly styling. This airy mousse not only makes hair more manageable and frizzy, but also protects it from the hot air of a hair dryer and other styling gadgets. There is also an antifreeze effect here, and with the promised duration of 96 hours!

Multifunctional mask for all hair types Total Results Miracle Creator, Matrix (1338 rubles)

By the way, it is not necessary to introduce only funds for the “curly” effect into the beauty routine. Some versatile products work great on curly hair too! For example, Matrix’s legendary Total Results Miracle Creator Multi-Purpose Mask reduces porosity, makes hair more manageable, and deeply hydrates. What is important, the product has recently been released in XL format (500 ml). With it, regular care will be even easier. And more accessible!


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