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ragged bob

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A little wave and uneven ends: the tattered bob remains one of the trendiest haircuts of the season. Especially suitable for those whose hair is not too straight, but not curly, and even styling is not required: just dry and enjoy! The key point is to lay the waves away from the face if you want to emphasize the cheekbones, or, conversely, towards the face if the task is to hide the cheeks.

long bob

Reese is beautiful, isn’t she? For thin hair just below the shoulders, this is ideal: wavy strands styled with soft waves. And most importantly, hair with such styling seems to be more voluminous, even if it is initially very fragile and does not know how to hold volume. The main thing in styling is more waves and no comb, since our task is to open the chin and create the illusion of volume.


Tight, smooth, even: if you don’t like the disheveled style, choose a neat styling, like Emma Stone. Very stylish and effective! The secret of success is a slanting bang with styling to the side, almost covering the eye: just keep in mind that you need to emphasize the “working” side, usually for girls it’s the left one, but try this and that: what if you have the right one?

oblique bangs

The best way to make your face look thinner is to style your bangs to the side. It works especially well for dark hair: black makes you slim, remember? Complement with a bright make-up with a wet effect and you will be amazed: a minimum of effort, and a super-sexy look.

Haircut in layers

Retro is retro: we remember how fashionable cascading haircuts were, but few dared to reproduce it. But in vain! Stylists say that cascades will be in fashion for the next 5 years! Nevertheless, there are differences: chopped ends at right angles and a complete illusion “I cut my hair myself”: the more casually, the better.


Well, not exactly: a little longer and less volume, but in general, yes: Jennifer Aniston again sets the trend and becomes a style icon. Hmm, although he did not stop … And given the gradient effect, the hairstyle does not look old-fashioned, especially if you add a red undertone to the blond.

Bob in the middle

Even parting is already synonymous with good style. And the elongated bean now needs to be laid that way! It will turn out especially cool if you make a big wave at the base of the neck, pulling the hair back: the neck is longer and the face is more elegant. Another way (and in the photo you see them both) is to paint thin strands near the face to match three or four shades lighter than the main one.

sun glare

Don’t want to get a haircut? Not a problem: ask your hairdresser to stretch the dye so that a neat wave from dark to light goes from the roots down. So the face seems thinner, and the hairstyle looks more voluminous.

A great option for blondes: just tousle your hair and let it dry naturally.

Half highlighting

Literally thin strands lighten up a little, and your bob will look just fine. An important nuance: add colors to bleached strands, and a tone close to natural is better, just a little lighter. And remember: a straight parting saves any hairstyle, turning it into a trendy one. Well, you already understood: tint the strands near the face in a lighter tone — you will look younger and brighter!


But it hasn’t happened yet: the hair in the lower part of the head, roots and ends are dyed in a darker tone, while the rest remain (or are dyed) in light. If your master is a pro, ask him to make a highlight in the middle of the length, and your hair will be twice as voluminous as it really is.

Half parting

If you have a high nape, then a haircut with a smooth edge and parting to half the crown is the best solution. The only caveat — this hairstyle is only for those who have pronounced cheekbones: the hair thrown back emphasizes the width and midline of the face, so … Although! Just throw your hair on your shoulders forward, and this haircut will suit you regardless of the shape of the face.

bangs curtain

Stupid name, we agree. But you must admit, it looks very good and slims the face. Just comb your bangs as if the evening performance has already begun and the curtain is about to open completely. Curls form with large curlers or wide tongs. You don’t have to paint the roots!

Paint Stretch — Version 2.0

A more tousled version of the paint on dark roots and light ends. Pay attention: only some strands are bleached, so that visually the hairstyle looks more voluminous. And the general principle — the lower, the lighter, but not too much! Our task is to create the effect of burnt hair.

Straight parting and torn ends

Stylists will curse us, but you can do this haircut yourself, even blindly. Just cut off all the cut, and then let them lie as they want. And this option will also be appreciated by those who do not want to paint and intend to let go of the natural shade: light ends and dark roots. So be it!

by herself

And another option for fashionable coloring: just let your hair grow. And for natural styling, use the “curly method”: wring out your hair after applying the leave-in conditioner with a microfiber cloth and wrap it with a T-shirt roll at night: in the morning you will get the best curls in your life.

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