SOS situation: what to do if the condom breaks


What to do if the condom breaks

If a condom breaks during sex, what should I do? It remains to throw it away. But if the rubber product slipped, then you must first remove it from your depths. Lie on your back with your knees pressed to your chest, and let the condom get the one who lost it. Or squat down and pick up the condom with your index and middle fingers. It’s not as difficult as you might think with fear.

If a condom breaks, it may not be the quality of the product itself, but a violation of the rules for its use. They are quite simple, do not neglect them!

Why did the condom break?

It broke because…

He got lost because…

The condom broke: what to do and how to prevent pregnancy

Three action plans are presented by Maria Slabunova, a gynecologist at the Northeast Medical Center

PLAN A The best thing you can do if the condom breaks is to consult a gynecologist on the very first day — he will decide whether a hormonal or non-hormonal method of emergency contraception is right for you. When the condom breaks, the gynecologist will tell you what to do to the girl. According to the results, either he will install an intrauterine device (it will not allow the fertilized egg to gain a foothold in the uterus), or will give out a pill with a large dose of hormones (to block ovulation and fertilization).

Alas, if the condom breaks, this often creates more problems for the girl. We hope that you have chosen a reliable partner for yourself, but still study the «emergency instructions»

But in practice, it often turns out that an appointment with a gynecologist is only on the 20th of the next month, he does not have pills and spirals in his office, and you have only 72 hours at your disposal (then the pregnancy hormone, hCG, begins to be produced). Then we move on to plan B. It is more suitable for those very exceptional cases when the question arises: what to do if the condom breaks during sex.

PLAN B You go to the pharmacy and ask for a postcoital contraceptive. You can say «emergency contraception» — they will understand. On the domestic market there are several drugs of this purpose. Some are used in two doses: the first tablet no later than 72 hours after the emergency, the second — 12 hours after the first. For others, one pill is enough no later than 72 hours. Depends on the dosage, so read the instructions carefully. Emergency contraception helps in the most unforeseen situations.

The main thing is to have time to take the pills. Some must be taken within 72 hours of the incident. In addition, the more time passes from the moment of sexual intercourse, after which the question arose of what to do if the condom broke, the less effective the emergency contraceptive drug becomes.

If the condom broke and the question arose of what to do in order not to get pregnant, then this method is the most effective. But still, do not forget to tell your gynecologist about it, and remember that some drugs cause allergic reactions.

PLAN B If you come to a pharmacy and they don’t have postcoital contraceptives… go to another pharmacy. If not there, and you are still worried — what to do if the condom breaks, we turn on plan B (Yuzpe method) — taking combined oral contraceptives (COCs) according to the scheme. Any modern drugs will do, but those containing levonorgestrel are better.

Low-dose COCs must be taken immediately 4 tablets no later than 72 hours after the emergency and another 4 tablets 12 hours after the first dose. For high-dose — 2 tablets immediately and 2 after 12 hours. This is also one of the most effective ways to help make a decision when asked what to do if a condom breaks.

All these methods are unsafe for health. But they are much safer than abortion. Each such case, of course, should be discussed with your gynecologist, he will help answer what to do if the condom breaks. And remember that drugs have various side effects and can cause allergic reactions.

When a condom breaks, you have to fear not only an unwanted pregnancy, but also a sexually transmitted infection

Prevent infection if a condom breaks

The action plan is proposed by Denis Levin, dermatovenereologist at the Chestnaya Klinika medical center

If the condom breaks, then neither washing the genitals, nor douching with water or an antiseptic will no longer help. Moreover, douching (especially with chlorine-containing substances) can be harmful, as it leads to vaginal dysbacteriosis (bacterial vaginosis, bacterial vaginosis). If an emergency occurs and the couple wonders what to do if the condom breaks during sex, a specialist can give advice. Therefore, in any case, you need to contact a venereologist — it is he, and not a gynecologist, who deals with the treatment and prevention of STIs (sexually transmitted infections).

What a man should do if a condom broke, and what a woman should do — the doctor will help to find out. If the couple is in a long-term relationship and has no connections on the side, then there is no reason to worry. If the connection was accidental, then you should insure yourself and take into account all the advice that the venereologist will give on the situation.

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