What happens if you take an ice shower every morning: the girl lasted a month

A resident of Australia, Edwina Cecelia, decided to check whether an ice cold shower in the morning can have a beneficial effect on health. She was inspired by the stories of those who have already tried this habit.

And what does it help to achieve? Energy in the morning, improved concentration, improved blood flow, weight loss, strengthened immunity, good mood, hair, nails and skin become stronger and healthier. And this is far from an exhaustive list.

What Edwina wanted: to become more alert and experience less stress, radiant skin and shiny hair were also, in principle, valuable bonuses that she would not refuse.

How she decided to act: it was decided to complete each morning shower with a 30-second (at least) dousing with cold water. To withstand them, she planned to breathe deeply — she read the technique from one of the bloggers.

Before the start of the experiment

Edwina went to the doctor and checked her health — her heart and other organs were in order, the doctor gave the go-ahead. She notes that a cold shower can be harmful, so consultation with a doctor is required. So, for example, it is definitely not suitable for pregnant women.

Day 1

Breathe deeply every second? 30 deep breaths? Edwina managed to do no more than ten, after which she was shaking and her teeth were chattering.

End of 1st week

The condition improved, but it was not possible to hold out longer than 10 seconds. 30 seconds seemed out of reach.

End of 2nd week

To transfer a cold shower became clearly easier, the time increased, but did not exceed 20 seconds. Edwina even liked how she felt when the procedure was over. It is possible, however, that this was due to the fact that the torture with an ice shower was simply completed.

End of 3rd week

The third week turned out to be harder than the previous ones: we managed to add another five seconds, and it seemed that it was more than necessary. It is important that you still like the procedure. And if you feel that this is torture and something unbearable, then you definitely don’t need to force yourself.

End of 4th week

A month later, I finally managed to bring the procedure up to 30 seconds a couple of times. Even the very fact that this was achieved made Edwina feel more alert and improved her mood.

What is the bottom line?

Torturing yourself, if standing under icy water is unbearable, is definitely not worth it. You can feel more energetic if you do yoga or swim (not in ice water).

However, the ice shower helped to find vigor in the morning, but she did not notice any effect of the procedure on her hair and skin.

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