What not to do if bitten by a mosquito: many people make this mistake


The summer season has just started and, along with pleasant moments like barbecue and campfire songs, has brought with it annoying blood-sucking insects. We have already talked about how to behave when meeting with ticks, and now we will give instructions on how to act when a mosquito bites.

We all know what unbearable itching appears at the site of the bite of this insect buzzing under the ear. Sometimes the discomfort is so acute that it simply prevents us from falling asleep. At this moment, we automatically try to scratch the bite in order to somehow make our life easier. Only here it is categorically impossible to do this, and here’s why!

When combing the wound, we only increase the risk of infection — it is especially dangerous to do this in very hot weather. All this can lead to terrible consequences: with strong combing, a small mosquito bite can easily turn into a purulent wound. In people with weak immunity, an abscess may even develop, which will have to be disposed of by surgical intervention.

By the way, just because of the risk of pathogenic microflora getting into the wound, herbs, including plantain, should not be applied to a mosquito bite. Removing itching with balms like Asterisk is also not recommended — this will lead to even greater vasodilation and increased swelling.

So what is the right thing to do after a mosquito bite? To begin with, treat the bite site with disinfectants. You can wash the wound with running water with baby or laundry soap, you can use slightly salted water or ready-made solutions. Alcohol-containing medicinal tinctures are also suitable, but they must be diluted with water one to one.

To relieve itching, you can attach a piece of ice or something cold to the bite. Redness and swelling are well removed by pharmaceutical creams and ointments based on antihistamines. If a meeting with a mosquito caused a strong allergic reaction of the body, antihistamines can also be taken orally.

Photo: Jimmy Chan: Pexels


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