How to achieve a wasp waist: a way in which you do not have to remove the ribs!

All your life you dream of a thin waist, like Jessica Rabbit, but you can’t decide on a complex operation to remove the ribs? We understand that this intervention is very dangerous and traumatic. However, do not rush to give up your dream forever, because there is an opportunity to find the desired silhouette in a less “bloodthirsty” way! How exactly — we find out from the plastic surgeon Artem Korobov.

What are the ways to narrow the waist without removing the ribs?

To make the waist thinner is possible thanks to modern surgical methods. These include abdominoplasty with dynamic engraving. This method is a combination of multilayer liposculpture, lipofilling and muscle plication. A complex liposuction of the abdomen, lower back, sides, back is performed in combination with abdominoplasty or mini-abdominoplasty, if there is a deformation of the anterior abdominal wall. During the operation, the hernia is removed and the diastasis is sutured, which allows the muscles to become in the correct physiological position. This reduces the bulge of the abdomen. Additionally, the doctor performs muscle plication, bringing them closer, which allows the waist to visually look even thinner, and forms a sporty silhouette.

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Also, with the help of lipofilling, you can increase the chest, correct the shape of the buttocks. No one has canceled the optical illusion: in contrast, the waist will seem narrower. The choice of method is carried out individually, depending on the constitution, the presence of excess weight and other factors.

Indications, contraindications and recommendations for plastic surgery

Abdominoplasty and lipomodeling are performed in the presence of diastasis and excess adipose tissue in the lateral zones. The operation allows you to eliminate the divergence of the rectus abdominis muscles and remove fat deposits in the waist area.

Contraindications to intervention are severe chronic diseases, any diseases during an exacerbation, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

After the operation, the patient must wear compression garments. To tone the skin, resort to hardware techniques.

How to maintain the result?

If the treatment was carried out by a competent surgeon, recovery occurs in a short time. After a couple of weeks, the patient returns to his usual way of life. To maintain the result for a long time, moderate physical activity and proper nutrition are necessary.

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