Is it possible to overeat so that the stomach will burst?

But is it possible to overeat so much that the stomach literally bursts? Or is it nothing more than a common catchphrase? Here’s what doctors and scientists think about it.

We were sure that this was just a figure of speech, especially since we know very well that competitions are regularly held in the world for speed eating burgers, hot dogs and pizza in huge quantities. And it seems that people choke or feel sick there, but so that the stomach bursts from food? By the way, this is what the winners of eating contests look like — their appearance will definitely surprise you.

Rachel Vreeman, a physician at the Indiana University School of Medicine, says it can still happen—rarely, but it’s possible. And in the medical literature, cases when the stomach burst were recorded. Even a scientific article in an authoritative journal is devoted to the story that happened in 2003 — a 49-year-old man died due to a ruptured stomach, and the stomach itself burst due to the fact that the unfortunate man ate too much.

Normally, the stomach holds about one and a half liters — this includes both food and liquid. And if more than this volume is placed in it at once, a feeling of oversaturation and a feeling of nausea may occur.

However, one and a half liters is not the limit, having tried, you can fit up to three liters of food in the stomach. The increase in these volumes is already threatening to break (although there are exceptions — those same champions in eating food eat much more). A ruptured stomach is the most dangerous situation in which immediate medical intervention is necessary. Death is more than likely.

Those rare cases that have been described in the literature are mainly associated with people suffering from mental disorders. They were prone to overeating and also often had strange eating habits.

In general, the result is this. Eating so much that it makes your stomach burst is quite possible. But the chances of such an outcome are quite low! This, however, is not a reason to overeat!

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