Long skirt with high waist — the secret to the perfect look


Long skirts with a high fit are chosen by girls who cannot boast of a slender figure. The maxi length well hides the fullness of the hips and buttocks, the curvature of the legs and the massiveness of the ankles. A long skirt with a high waist will help visually lengthen the legs and stretch the silhouette. It may seem to many that floor-length skirts look bulky and strict. In fact, they better emphasize the femininity of the figure and the seductiveness of forms than an extravagant mini.

High rise skirt styles

It is easy to choose a maxi skirt, focusing on the features of the figure, age and status of the woman. A long skirt with a high waist is the best option for an evening wardrobe or a ceremonial exit. Depending on the color and texture of the material, one can distinguish models of noble colors with a silk sheen, everyday skirts made of denim or cotton in a practical color, items made of suit or velvety fabric for events where a certain dress code is required.

The following styles of high-rise maxi skirts have received the greatest popularity:

  • the sun or semi-sun cut model is a spectacular and voluminous skirt that perfectly hides figure flaws and makes the image light and modern. A flared skirt made of thin fabrics perfectly envelops the figure and creates a feeling of weightlessness. A product made of dense material usually has rigid folds and retains volume in the lower part;
  • tutu skirt with a high fit — looks incredibly solemn. Rarely used to create everyday looks, but perfectly complements the evening ensemble. A fluffy skirt will help out the owner of a thin figure and help hide the extra volume in the hip area for XXL girls;

  • straight skirt with side slits — suitable for a basic wardrobe. Models of practical colors are often complemented by sports-style clothing. High-waisted black straight skirts visually elongate the silhouette and add height;
  • tapered skirt — maxi-length and narrow-cut models are almost never found, because they are uncomfortable to wear, however, a long pencil skirt with a high waist is an acceptable option for a business wardrobe of a modern business woman. This model perfectly hides flaws and makes the silhouette incredibly seductive.

When choosing a maxi skirt, you should rely not only on the parameters of the figure, but also on the height. Puffy floor-length skirts are contraindicated for squat girls. They “eat up” growth and make the figure even more stocky.

Girls with beautiful hips should pay attention to year-style models that fit along the line of the buttocks and hips, while flaring down. Girls with a wide waist will be helped out by an A-line skirt with a high fit. With its help, it will be possible to visually bring the proportions of the figure closer to ideal.

What to wear

The presence of a high fit provides an emphasis on the waist. This means avoiding shirts and jumpers that will fall over the skirt. It is advisable to tuck the top into the belt, then the image will turn out to be balanced, and the waist line will be highlighted. What to wear with a full skirt with a high waist? Short sweaters and T-shirts, fitted blouses, plain turtlenecks and sweatshirts will help out here.

If the shoulders and chest are wider than the bottom, then you should pay attention to loose-fitting blouses, pullovers without a clearly defined shoulder line and tops made of flowing fabric. A strapless lace top will complement the ensemble of a straight or fitted skirt with a laconic cut. A tutu skirt can be safely worn with satin or silk blouses, short t-shirts with frills, long sleeves with slogans and large-knit sweaters. A shirt with a vertical pattern will complement the office look, where an elongated pencil skirt appears.

Shoes and accessories

The maxi skirt harmonizes well with both high-heeled shoes and low-cut models. Undersized girls can safely put on shoes or ankle boots with a high wedge, heel or platform under such a model. Sports style lovers will be able to create an interesting look based on a puffy floor-length skirt and minimalist sneakers.

When choosing a bag, the rule applies: the larger and longer the skirt, the more restrained and concise the bag should be. A fluffy floor-length skirt will be complemented by an elegant patent leather clutch, a rislette bag, and a miniature backpack. A voluminous bag will only be appropriate in combination with a tapered midi skirt. In a youth look, bags-packages of bright colors and a simple rectangular shape can appear. A floor-length skirt will be complemented by a small saddle bag with a long strap.

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