What face creams do you need at 30: youth, protection, hydration


We have collected 15 face creams from different price segments that are recommended for care after 25-30 years.

The content of the article

We are different. And everyone’s skin is different. Someone from the age of 20 runs around beauticians and struggles with a lot of imperfections, while someone throughout their life only needs washing and a universal cream “for everything”.

Whatever type you consider yourself to be, we still advise you to follow the simple rules of beauty care, for example, be sure to protect your skin from dehydration and damage. And also take care of preserving her youth. It is much easier than to deal with pigmentation, flabbiness and wrinkles that have already appeared.

It is believed that anti-aging products can be used after the 25th anniversary. Well, by the age of 30, you should definitely have your favorite anti-age cream! Or even several.

Can’t make a choice? Then check out our selection of 30+ creams of different prices with unique active ingredients.

Anti-aging agent for skin perfection Capture Totale, Dior (from 5075 rubles)

Garnier has developed an innovative formula based on plant cells that reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. In addition, this line intensively moisturizes the skin 24 hours a day, preventing dehydration and swelling.

Plantscription Intense Lifting Face Cream, Origins (4890 RUB)

The powerful botanical complex of honey, anogeisus and beeswax in this product is simply designed to smooth wrinkles, especially in the nasolabial area. In addition, the cream intensively moisturizes and helps restore skin elasticity.

Multi-corrective facial gel cream Prodigieuse Boost, Nuxe (2800 RUB)

Wrinkle correction and environmental protection are not the main properties of this cream. It also fights signs of fatigue so you look fresh and young, and instantly — immediately after applying the product!

Cream with hyaluronic acid «Skin-Active» (262 rubles)

Hyaluronic acid is a well-known component of anti-aging cosmetics. But there are other powerful heroes in this cream: lactic acid for delicate skin renewal and urea for maximum long-term hydration. In addition, the product is enriched with avocado and olive oils — for the transformation of the face.

Night Moisturizing Repairing Cream Nordic Hydra, Lumene (2090 RUB)

Special care at night can transform the face. And quickly restore the skin! The main thing is to choose a product with a rich texture and a powerful effect.

Although airy, this best-selling cream from Lumene intensively nourishes, smoothes wrinkles, and also improves the skin microbiome, preventing inflammation, damage and irritation.


Perfect neck cream 3lab (from 14197 rubles)

When caring for your face, never forget about your neck! There, the skin is thinner and ages even faster and becomes flabby.

This cream is truly perfect in every way! It not only deeply moisturizes and strengthens the skin, but also “drowns” the second chin. Or rather, fat deposits in this area. Well, isn’t it a dream?


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