What if it’s wide? Debunking the Myth of Vagina Stretching After Various Events


Where did this myth come from?

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Most likely, the reason for its appearance was the desire of men to accuse women of having too active a sexual life. But the vagina is an elastic organ that can change shape if necessary, but then returns to its previous form.

What is the share of truth?

From the point of view of logic, if we remember that a woman can give birth to a child and not then “expand” to the girth of his head, it is rather strange to think that frequent sexual intercourse can somehow affect the shape of this organ. So it’s a 100% myth.

And what can affect the vagina?

Multiple births have some effect. The entrance to the vagina is stretched during childbirth, but then shrinks back, and the percentage of this compression depends, among other things, on genetic factors. By the way, the same ones that are partly responsible for stretch marks and scars.

But in general, even after several births, the partner will not notice the difference due to the fact that childbirth does not affect how the vagina changes during sex. A slight difference can only be in the tension of the intimate muscles. They can stretch more if the child is large or the first, but this has little effect on sex.

Is there a solution?

To make sure there are no effects (and also for the general benefit of the body), doctors recommend doing Kegel exercises. True, to achieve the effect, it is worth conducting them regularly for several months.

The essence of these exercises is the rhythmic contraction of the muscles every 5-10 seconds with rest in between and each time more and more. They can be performed at any time, even in transport, no one will notice anyway!


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