White leggings: the best models and sets


Many women are biased towards white clothes. It is believed that the white color is full, but this is only if the wardrobe items are chosen incorrectly. White leggings, with a carefully thought-out neighborhood, can not only become the basis of a basic wardrobe, but also hide minor figure flaws. But in order for a thing to decorate, you need to pick it up in size and not make a mistake with the style.

Suggested range

It seems that there is nothing easier than choosing leggings for every day. It seems to be ordinary knitted trousers that follow the contours of the body and have a simple design. In fact, there are many options that differ not only in color and texture, but also in cut, style, density and fit height.

Many people choose white leggings for sports. White color can hardly be called practical, but then why buy boiled white leggings for fitness? For some women, the resulting image motivates. Reflection in the mirror shows which parts of the body still need to be worked out. But seriously speaking, light-colored leggings not only visually increase the volume, they give the image lightness, grace, and femininity.

This was taken into account by women’s clothing designers who prepared several interesting solutions:

  • leggings with slimming effect — ideal for those women who want to hide figure flaws, but do not want to give up white. Modeling products tighten the waist, lift the buttocks, hide cellulite. Of particular interest are models with a push-up effect. They will help out those women who lack volume in the buttocks. The white color of the trousers and the extra volume turn any fashionista into a real Kim Kardashian;
  • with an elevated landing line — these pants are good for girls with extra pounds in the abdomen. High fit visually lengthens the legs, tightens the stomach, outlines the waistline. Women of fashion with a columnar figure will have to give up a high landing. In this case, high leggings will only draw attention to the wide waist;

  • for pregnant — expectant mothers are not going to give up fashionable things during pregnancy. White leggings will help out in the off-season and even in winter. Insulated models are preferred by those women who want to maintain freedom of movement and remain stylish even during long periods of pregnancy. Models for expectant mothers are distinguished by a cut feature — the presence of an insert along the waistline allows you to adjust the leggings belt as the abdomen grows;
  • leather — in leather leggings it is difficult to go unnoticed. Such models are chosen by girls who are absolutely confident in the beauty of their legs. Of course, models made of eco-leather or genuine leather are not suitable for fitness or country walks. These are stylish trousers that need a well-chosen neighborhood. If sports leggings are worn with informal design items, then elegant clothes should be chosen for leather models.

As for design, fashion designers do not limit their imagination here. It is not surprising that women are lost when choosing spectacular leggings for every day. Romantic natures will be delighted with models with lace trim, lovers of practical things will pay attention to utilitarian leggings made of cotton with the addition of polyester fibers, which provide increased elasticity and wear resistance.

Leggings with slits, mesh inserts, lacing instead of a side seam are in trend. Models with a metallic decor will delight fans of the neo-punk style. It is white trousers that look interesting in combination with aggressive decor: metal spikes, rivets, perforations, decorative zippers.

How to choose leggings according to your figure

Choosing leggings according to your figure is a difficult task. It seems that there is nothing easier than finding knitted trousers by size. But it is the increased elasticity of leggings that plays a cruel joke with fashionistas. Excessively thin tissue often gathers in problem areas of the body, drawing attention to figure errors. Too tight leggings can be uncomfortable when moving.

Products with a low fit are not always appropriate in the wardrobe of mature women, and cropped leggings draw attention to the ankles. And if they are not in order, then such a model will be extremely unsuccessful.

Light-colored trousers are almost always suitable for owners of an “apple” figure. The white bottom is able to visually balance the figure and improve proportions. The presence of a push-up effect is welcome, especially if the buttocks are far from perfect.

Older women are wary of snow-white trousers, and rightly so. Leggings should not sit too tight, this is contrary to the rules of aesthetics. Age fashionistas should choose a product made of thick knitwear or eco-leather. High landing is preferable, the presence of false decor is undesirable.

Short leggings are more suitable for sports. In the summer wardrobe, cropped models with lace trim or embroidery on the bottom of the leggings may appear. These trousers are especially good for tall ladies.

What to wear with leggings

White color is universal, but this does not mean that you can wear clothes of any color under leggings. Too bright contrasts will attract attention, and this is permissible only with a good figure. What to wear snow-white leggings with depends on your preferred style. A well-designed wardrobe does not exclude the appearance of leggings in an office, everyday or romantic bow.

In the off-season, white clothing seems impractical. In this case, milky, silver or pale fawn leggings will help out.

They are not as easily soiled as white ones, and they also harmonize better with clothes for autumn-spring. For winter models, you should choose clothes with a rich palette, but not pastel colors. Light playful colors are better suited for a spring-summer wardrobe.

Sport bow

In the image of a sports orientation, knitted T-shirts, T-shirts, long sleeves must be present. They are comfortable, pleasant to the body, and also incredibly relevant. Sports things can now be seen not only during fitness classes. For white leggings, you should pick up a striped vest or bomber jacket with a logo. Bright colors are welcome. It is not surprising that sports variations are wildly popular with fashionistas of a young age.

Do not combine leggings with short tight tops. This option is valid only for sports, mainly plastics, yoga, gymnastic exercises.

Lovers of sportswear in everyday wardrobe should not forget about the general rule of combining leggings with other things: clothes for the upper part of the figure should have a loose fit. Off-the-shoulder fitness tees and cropped-front straight-cut long sleeves are the perfect solution for a sporty look.

In a sporty look, not only loose sweaters, tops and blouses can appear. Young women of fashion often wear leggings with short flared skirts. This is a great option for dancing classes, training on a treadmill or jogging in the fresh air. In this case, the short skirt will not look vulgar. She will complement the sports bow and emphasize his femininity. Ready-made sets of leggings and skirts come to the aid of fashionistas. Usually they are designed in the same color and made from the same fabric. In such a set, it is not just convenient to play sports. This is a really stylish and practical thing for girls leading an active lifestyle.

business wardrobe

Light leggings in a business wardrobe are far from rare. More and more girls are opting for snow-white trousers to create crisp, stylish and strict office variations. Under tight trousers with a high fit, you can choose a loose chiffon blouse, a fitted shirt in combination with a blazer or an elongated jacket.

It is not necessary that the image has several things in white at once, but light elements are welcome. A business image will turn out to be too grotesque if the trousers are snow-white, and the blouse is absolutely black. A cardigan of a milky or beige shade or a fitted pastel vest will be able to dilute the ensemble. A monochrome blouse will be a good solution for a business wardrobe. A vertical pattern will lengthen the silhouette, while a geometric print will improve the proportions in the presence of a massive bottom.

Girls with lush hips refuse light-colored trousers, but in vain. If you complement the ensemble with an elongated cardigan of an asymmetric cut, then you can hide the flaws of the figure.

Animal patterns are also a good solution for an office bow. But leopard or tiger print should be abandoned in favor of zebra colors. This is a very interesting and original option for a business wardrobe. Animal print will dilute the severity of the office ensemble, and monochrome colors will not allow you to go beyond what is permitted.

Image for every day

Everyday wardrobe will be transformed from snow-white leggings. Of course, this is not the most practical thing, but there is no doubt that it will transform any ensemble. Faux leather trousers may appear in everyday outfit. They are more practical than knitted leggings. They are easier to care for, and the effect they produce is much more interesting, because the leather texture always attracts attention.

It is worth wearing eco-leather leggings with loose fit knitwear, suede, velvet or velor products. In the off-season, it is logical to diversify your wardrobe with a short suede jacket or a fitted denim windbreaker. Under white leggings, a light-colored denim shirt, for example, pale gray or sky blue, is well suited.

With snow-white trousers, things of pink, pale yellow and lilac scales are combined. Such an ensemble will turn out to be moderately romantic and unobtrusive. With leggings of a classic cut, elongated knitted sweaters, jumpers with a textured pattern, and plaid shirts look good. Girls who prefer an informal style of clothing can complement the ensemble with an oversized sweater or a knitted sweater with elongated sleeves and dropped loops. Blousons that expose one shoulder look no less impressive. The presence of a wide armhole will emphasize the informality of everyday bow.

Shoes and accessories

White sneakers, slip-ons and sneakers are combined with white leggings. They seem to complement the trousers and visually increase the length of the legs. Shoes in the off-season often have a dark color. Under leggings of a milky shade, it is worth choosing boots with a wide top made of suede in a natural color. White leggings look good with beige, sand or chocolate-colored boots. Ankle boots on a wedge or a narrow platform will be able to complement the everyday look. Boots in retro style are in fashion: with an accordion top and a tapered-shaped stuffed heel.

Shoes or sandals with an open toe will be able to emphasize the femininity of the image. Under snow-white leggings 7/8 long, you can pick up sandals with a T-shaped strap or an elegant ankle clasp. Denim shoe pairs may appear in everyday outfit. Often these are practical slip-ons with embroidery or sneakers of youth design.

It is allowed to pick up a white bag for leggings. If the shoes are different in color, then that’s fine. Stylists are abandoning the proven formula — shoes and bag in the same color. This rule has not worked for a long time, although if the entire ensemble is designed in a single palette, then an interesting option may turn out.

Accessories can dilute the whiteness of the outfit, for example, a wristwatch with a contrasting strap or a colorfully colored neckerchief. A colorful belt or headdress can become a bright accent of the image. A casual wardrobe is unthinkable without a beanie hat and a voluminous snood scarf. For clothes in white, you can pick up a textured hat in a pale pink or olive hue. It is important that accessories set off the complexion. A too dull headdress or scarf will depress a girl with pale skin.

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