12 New Year’s manicure ideas


Sequins, crystals, Christmas decorations, deer, snowflakes — you can afford everything in a New Year’s manicure! Interesting ideas and main trends of New Year’s manicure design for the New Year 2020 are in the MedAboutMe selection.

1. New Year’s painting on nails

1. New Year's painting on nails Source: topdizz.com

So that the festive mood does not leave for a long time, you can make a New Year’s painting on your nails: it can be a winter landscape, a drawing in the form of a Christmas tree, a New Year’s ball, snowflakes, deer, a Snow Maiden, Santa Claus and any other New Year’s drawings.

1. New Year's painting on nails Source: topdizz.com

Just make sure that the drawing does not look like a children’s application, so follow the measure: if you want to decorate each nail with a painting, then choose a plain neutral nail coating, and the drawing itself should be in the same color scheme.

To make the painting more accurate, it is better to decorate one or two nails with a pattern.

1. New Year's painting on nails Source: prostonail.com

2. Sequins on clear coat

2. Glitter on clear coat Source: pix-feed.com

The main trend of New Year’s manicure is, of course, sparkles. If the emphasis in your image is, for example, on glitter makeup, then the nail design should be more concise.

How to combine restraint and shine of sparkles in one nail design? For example, apply glitter on a transparent, nude pink or milky coating. Details — short nails of a soft rounded shape, sequins of the same color — translucent crystals, gold or silver.

2. Glitter on clear coat Source: nailspic.com

3. French with sequins

3. French sequins Source: ratatum.com

Another variation of an elegant, concise, but at the same time festive manicure is a variation of a jacket with sparkles. The nail coating is nude or translucent, the contour of the nail plate is emphasized with the smallest golden sparkles or miniature sequins.

4. Festive Geometry

4. Festive geometry Source: zhurnal-lady.com

If you prefer a design with strict geometry, then you can paint a geometric figure or a thin strip on a neutral coating with a dense golden varnish. Such a manicure turns out to be festive, but at the same time it will not draw attention to itself if the emphasis in the image is on the dress or makeup.

Strict minimalists can do a nude manicure and add a golden rim along the edge of one nail plate. Another idea is a star appliqué on one finger.

5. An abundance of sequins

5. Abundance of sparkles Source: hochu.ua

The main heroine of 2020 is the White Metal Rat. To please the Mistress of the Year, you can decorate your nails with metallic sparkles. You can combine several types of sparkles in one design: golden and silver metallic, holographic sparkles. By the way, the coating does not have to be translucent.

The brightest option is a design with sequins-scales. It looks especially impressive in combination with a festive dress with sequins. But then it is better not to use glitter in makeup so that there is no excessive radiance.

5. An abundance of sequins Source: kleo.ru

6. White manicure

6. White manicure Source: hair-moda.com

The hottest winter trend is a white manicure that the White Rat will love. Prefer elegant simplicity? Then it can be a matte manicure that will complete the New Year’s look, but will not draw attention to itself.

Matte manicure looks especially impressive on long nails of the “almond” shape: the white color emphasizes this shape of the plate so organically that it does not even require additional design elements.

By the way, if you want to accentuate the shape in a manicure, be it an oval, a square or stilltes, then the matte white color is ideal for this: white is an elegant color in itself, besides, it contrasts beautifully with the skin tone and makes it more radiant . You can complement the effect with a beautiful ring, and then the emphasis in your image will be placed on graceful brushes.

However, a solid white design can be completed with sparkles or crystals — but only if it’s long nails! For example, you can lay out several silver stones at the base of one or two nails. Another idea is a combination of silver and red stones on a white matte finish.

6. White manicure Source: bestmanikyur.ru6. White manicure Source: worldluxrealty.com

7. Sweater

7. Sweater Source: modnaya.org7. Sweater

The sweater design remains one of the most popular and trendy winter and New Year designs. Moderately concise, but at the same time elegant, it is suitable for both long and short nails. It can be a plain white, milky, blue or nude “sweater”, or it can be a combination of a “sweater” with a pattern in the form of thin snowflakes or a frosty pattern.

8. Pearl manicure

8. Pearl manicure Source: hair-moda.com

Mother-of-pearl manicure can be performed both in nude shades — pink, peach, gray, blue, and in dark and saturated colors. It can be a pearl mother-of-pearl with an undefined finish or a pearl coating with glitter.

8. Pearl manicure Source: womans.ws

A snow-white, milky or pink pearl manicure with a rub looks very elegant, and it looks spectacular even without stones. Rubbing design «mirror shine», «broken glass», «northern lights» makes the skin of the hands more radiant. This manicure goes well with a pearl ring.

8. Pearl manicure Source: zhurnal-lady.com

9. Melange (sugar) on the nails

9. Melange (sugar) on nails Source: pinimg.com

One of the trends for both everyday and festive manicure is the design of «sugar». Usually it is made bright, but it can be neutral. Melange (sugar powder) is applied to the base, then fixed with acrylic powder and dried in a lamp.

10. Red background

10. Red background Source: dizajnnogtej.com10. Red background Source: yandex.net10. Red background Source: topdizz.com

One of the traditional Christmas colors is bright red. On a red background, you can draw white snowflakes or a snowman. Another idea is glitter on a red background. For example, you can lay out hearts with small red sparkles, circle them with white varnish and add “tails” as if they were hanging on a garland. Another idea is a golden rubbing on two nails, the rest of the nails are solid red.

11. Christmas ball

11. Christmas ball Source: nail-trend.ru11. Christmas ball Source: topdizz.com

Colorful balls can decorate not only spruce branches, but also decorate nails. There are many ideas for such a manicure: it can be multi-colored balls on a white background, red and golden balls on a blue background. Balls can not only be drawn, but also laid out with rhinestones.

12. Spruce branches

12. Spruce branches

Drawing in the form of spruce branches is one of the most popular nail decor options. Usually green branches are drawn on a white or red background. A very interesting idea is metallic twigs on a black matte background. On a black background, a twig is drawn with a thin brush with white varnish, then white strokes are drawn on top with metallic. You can sprinkle this composition with acrylic powder with sparkles. Get a real winter fairy tale with a silvery glow!

Expert comment

Rita Remark, star manicurist, nail expert, teacher

I warn you that without proper nail care, especially in the cold season, no design will look good. Cold and dry winter air is harmful to the health and beauty of nails: it makes them brittle, causes dryness and peeling of the cuticle. I recommend daily, and always before going to bed, use cream and cuticle oil.

As for winter trends, I can name the 5 most trendy designs this winter:

1. French

Believe it or not, the classic jacket with a nude base and a crisp white tip is back in the top. But if this design seems outdated to you, then make the tip not white, but, for example, black, red or orange.

2. Sequins and glitter

More shine! This winter, designs with an abundance of glitter are in trend, which is especially true for New Year’s parties. The hottest trend is bright red glitter.

3. Spicy shades

Imagine shades of paprika, cinnamon and turmeric — they are now in the trend. They are suitable for creating a classic neutral manicure, making it both bold and versatile.

4. Long false nails

Dramatically long nails are back in trend. Of course, we can’t afford to look like Billy Eilish with her sharp long acrylic nails, but we can choose a convenient shape – not quite square, but not quite oval either.

5. Matte effect

Matte finish will make any manicure modern. But if you have dry and flaky cuticles, then keep in mind that a matte finish will emphasize this.


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