Beige leather skirt — the current trend of the year


Most fashionistas prefer to wear feminine clothes that help them look slimmer, more attractive and brighter. Thanks to the skirt — an indispensable element of the image — any girl can create a sophisticated, romantic or classic look. A unique model of its kind — a beige leather skirt has recently become especially popular. Her main advantage is that she looks both gentle and sexy, stylish and provocative. A feminine thing is perfect for the wardrobe of a girl who wants to emphasize her individual style.

Models and styles, who will suit?

Skirts of this format are most suitable for thin women. Therefore, if you have slender legs and narrow hips, you can safely emphasize your shape and elegance of the silhouette with the help of leather material.

Pear-shaped women with expressive hips should not despair, thanks to a special style with a high waist, you will be able to emphasize the beauty and femininity of the figure. Girls with fullness in the upper body, that is, “apples”, should pay attention to flared wrap models. Due to the variety of styles and models, each lady will be able to choose the best option for herself. Only very full women should refuse this thing, after all, skin, and a light shade add volume.

What to wear?

Beige skirt — a versatile option for a walk and a business dress code. Thanks to the use of rich, luxurious fabric, the product looks not only feminine and gentle, but also gives the image a special chic and gloss. This model can be safely worn to corporate parties, dates and parties. The use of different top options will allow you to beat this thing, to give the image of mystery, brightness or minimalism.

Traditional style — a beige leather pencil skirt captivates at first sight. This model will attract the attention of both women and men. There are no restrictions on shade and length, which is proved by many fashionable collections. The Versace brand invited fashionistas to wear a skirt with an accent in the shape of a cross, Hermes complemented the popular classic with pockets, and Christian Dior presented products in a classic version with a wide belt and high waist. Admirers of non-traditional styles and styles may prefer samples with black pleats on the sides, elegant lace and a contrasting belt.

For the fair sex with slight figure flaws, a beige leather half-sun skirt is perfect.. She will not be too tight to the body and will not emphasize the features that everyone has. If you doubt the ideal harmony of the legs and buttocks, give preference to this particular model. Thanks to the special lightness, an image of a delicate and graceful beauty is created. At the same time, the look does not look pretentious or too sexy.

A-line skirt — this model gives coquetry and grace. She is like a frivolous schoolgirl with a fire in her soul. The style, although it has a certain character, is presented in several variations. Folds are both small and large, the length is from mini to more democratic midi. Fashion houses with special persistence create stylish models, offering girls both models from ordinary leather and from crocodile skin, for example. This style is good for restless and impulsive women who are not afraid of experiments and attracting a male. By complementing the image with appropriate clothing, you will turn into a seductress who knows her own worth. If you play on the contrast of fabrics and shades, you can achieve a special sexuality. Therefore, feel free to combine the model with brighter and more expressive shades, wanting to make a special impression on others.

If you want to highlight the femininity of the figure and add splendor to the hips, choose a sun skirt. This style is especially suited to the owners of the figure «rectangle» and «inverted triangle». The length varies, allowing you to create both more frivolous and modest looks.

What to wear?

How and with what to wear such an avant-garde and attractive thing, everyone decides on their own. The elegant model harmoniously looks both with things of neutral shades, and with bright products. Leather skirts will look great with wardrobe details such as a blouse, top, sweater, pullover, turtleneck, t-shirt or tank top. Raincoats, leather and denim jackets are perfect.

Shoes change based on the created image. Under a romantic bow, it is ideal to use pumps, high-heeled boots, sandals with fine weaving. For a casual look, use more comfortable shoes in the form of boots with thick heels or platform shoes.

Beige skirt + light top

An ideal option for those who want to dilute the boredom of gray everyday life and add some variety to the working atmosphere. Wear light-colored blouses out or tuck them in — the choice depends on the features of your figure. The image should be complemented with gold jewelry, which, together with such a bottom, looks very advantageous.

Beige skirt + black top

You can realize a mysterious, attractive image thanks to a similar combination. Neutral shades look harmonious and restrained. If the blouse is expressive, has cutouts or rhinestones, feel free to go to a disco or an anniversary in this form. It remains to complement the look with accessories and a handbag to match the shoes or top.

Beige skirt + red blouse

Leather looks great with light and delicate fabrics. If you want to create a sexy image of a fatal beauty, use more saturated shades. In combination with beige, the red color ceases to be so flashy and expressive, its saturation softens.

This is the perfect combination if you want to stand out in the crowd and surprise your loved one. Accessories are recommended to choose calm and neutral tones, as the skirt and jacket will be the dominant image.

Beige skirt + brown turtleneck

This is the best combination if you plan to wear a skirt for a date, work or in everyday life. Brown characterizes its mistress as a calm and balanced lady, luxurious leather elegantly adorns this look.

Complement the image with a thin translucent scarf, an elegant handbag. High-heeled boots, shoes or ankle boots — it’s up to you. But only shoes with heels will harmoniously fit into such an image.

Beige skirt + plaid shirt

An interesting and trendy combination. Dress like this for work or school, and you will look restrained and bright at the same time. The cell will bring a certain severity to the image.

As you can see, this successful piece in your wardrobe will become a favorite and will successfully fit into a capsule wardrobe. We hope our tips were helpful to you. Be fashionable, stylish, do not betray yourself and your taste, choose only high-quality things with a twist!

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