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We collected different options for losing weight in 8 weeks.

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Many would dream of gaining harmony in a week. Two. Okay, a month. Maximum planks from the category “minus 10 kg in three days” can seriously undermine health. As a result, the pursuit of figure standards risks turning into breakdowns and greater weight gain. We present a guide to diets that last two months. This is a period in which you can complete quite feasible tasks: the results of losing weight in 2 months can be very noticeable and inspiring.

Choose the option according to your eating habits, but be sure to consult your doctor before changing your lifestyle and diet! This is very important, and we never tire of warning you that information about diets cannot serve as a guide to action without the approval and supervision of a specialist.

Lose weight in 2 months: basic rules and expectations

It is common to develop bad eating habits for years, uncontrollably indulging yourself with goodies and seizing stress. And then create a new shake-up for the body in the form of extreme weight loss. Of course, fasting days in the absence of diseases of the digestive system are acceptable, but not on a daily basis. Therefore, it is so important to choose a way of nutrition that will create a long-term effect and will not return the lost back with a vengeance. Losing weight in 2 months should be gradual and harmless to the body.

Approaches to weight loss in eight weeks

When making a weight loss plan for 2 months, listen to the recommendations of experts. Nutritionist and trainer Jim White advises following the weight loss guidelines that will allow you to see results in just eight weeks.

To the wishes of Jim White, we want to add a few more, no less important when deciding how much weight you can lose in 2 months.

You can lose weight in 2 months with the help of diet and sports or only with the help of a diet

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Meals for a two-month period

Online requests about how much you can lose weight in 2 months on proper nutrition or how to lose weight during this period, one way or another come down to finding a diet. They are all different and imply a different approach to the preparation of the diet. But there are general rules that unite most of them.

You can lose weight in 2 months with proper nutrition by 10-12 kg

Diets for weight loss in 2 months

Let’s make a reservation right away that mono-diets, a color diet or OMAD are not suitable for such a period. They are too radical, so they are designed for a week, a maximum of two. according to doctors, losing weight in 2 months involves a varied and satisfying menu.

A little life hack: start preparing for the diet period in advance so that you refuse harmful or useless food one by one. If today you have breakfast with sausage and cheese, dinner with fried potatoes with wings, and tomorrow you start eating right, the body will experience stress. For several days, remove first sweet, then fatty, and so on. Do not immediately enter a bunch of prohibitions, and then losing weight by 5-15 kg in 2 months will be much easier for you!

Minus 7 kg on the royal diet

Nutritionist Gabriela Peacock helped Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter look stunning at her own wedding in 2018. Princess Eugenia, by her example, showed that in 2 months you can lose weight, and how many kg you can see from the photos before and after.

If you want to look just as great in the photo after losing weight in 2 months, try the royal diet.

What to do

What does the 2 month diet promise?

Before the solemn event, the granddaughter of Elizabeth II managed to lose 7 kg!

Lose 10 kg on a low-carb diet

It is impossible to completely refuse carbohydrates, otherwise we would call the diet carbohydrate-free and deprive the cells of the necessary energy. It is necessary to reduce their intake to 40 g per day. The menu is suitable not only for weight loss, but also for the fight against diabetes. For 2 months, weight loss of 10 kg is possible.

What to do

What does the diet promise?

Training will help in a short time to get rid of excess with this style of eating. But not everyone has the desire and time to go to the gym, and some have contraindications to serious stress. If you are wondering how much you can lose weight in 2 months on proper nutrition without sports, the answer is 10 kg. As a rule, low-carbohydrate diets do not sit for a long time. But if you choose a sparing regimen and act under the supervision of a doctor, you can hold out for 8 weeks and make a partial rejection of carbohydrates a way of life.

After 2 months of losing weight, it is recommended to slightly increase the rate of carbohydrate foods at the expense of fats.

Minus 16 kg on a gluten-free diet

Initially, it is shown to people suffering from celiac disease. Their gastrointestinal tract is not adapted for the absorption of gluten (the same gluten). This type of protein is found in wheat, rye, barley and other grains. But many nutritionists have figured out the power of nutrition when it comes to cutting out fat-producing foods. The diet is suitable for losing weight by 15 — 16 kg in 2 months: the exact number of kilograms dropped depends on the initial body weight.

What to do

What does the diet promise?

On a gluten-free diet, losing weight in 2 months by 15-16 kg is absolutely realistic. Gluten prevents the intestines from working flawlessly. Therefore, after 2-3 days of the diet, digestion will improve, and the weight will begin to go away.

German diet for weight loss in 2 months

This is a low calorie diet that is not recommended for more than 8 weeks. you should leave the diet smoothly, adding previously prohibited foods to the diet one at a time and keeping one unloading day a week: so after 2 months of losing weight you will not gain back the lost kilograms.

What promises a diet for weight loss in 2 months

Judging by the reviews, people with a large initial weight lose up to 25 kg on such a diet. This is a lot, so many doctors recommend that after the first month of the diet, go to the eighth week menu.

Weight loss in 2 months: diet by the hour

For 2 months, weight loss of 10 — 20 kg is possible! Certain foods can be eaten at certain times.

Within 2 months of losing weight on this diet, sugar, alcohol, fast food and fried foods are prohibited.

What promises a diet for weight loss in 2 months

Portion size is not limited, but practice shows that you can’t eat a lot on such a diet, so the weight will go away due to the low calorie content of the menu. Judging by the reviews of those who have tried such weight loss for 2 months, on average it takes about 12 kilograms.

Contraindications for a diet for 2 months

If someone promises you minus 30 kg in two months, this is more of a fantasy. Well, or terrible consequences for the body. Be aware that the weight can stop. So, from 80 kg in 2 months you can lose weight, but not as much as from the initial 70 kg. After 2 months of losing weight, it is really possible to become 15 kg lighter. Moreover, they will actively melt in the first four weeks, then more slowly.

And if the initial weight is about 70, then there is less excess fluid in the body. Losses will not be so impressive — about 10 kg in eight weeks. In any case, even losing weight by 3-5 kg ​​in 2 months affects the appearance and improves well-being.

When planning how to lose weight in 2 months, remember not only your figure, but also your well-being. Nutrition is our energy and the health of the body as a whole. It is advisable not to interfere in his work without consulting a specialist, so as not to make himself sore. Also, in the process, listen to your body, if it gives you the following signals:

Perhaps something did not go according to plan, you went too far with the restrictions while losing weight in 2 months, they do not suit you, or hidden health problems surfaced. Everyone has individual needs for food and calories — this is affected by activity, initial weight, age. Still, experts unambiguously advocate a balanced diet and against food waste.

If you have already tried these diet options for weight loss in 2 months, you may be interested in the Mediterranean diet, which is so popular with many stars and nutritionists.

Exercises for weight loss in 2 months

If you have a really big weight that prevents you from moving freely, then it is better to start losing weight with a diet and add physical activity only after the return of the joy of movement. If we are talking about a small weight loss in 2 months, for example, the need to lose 5-8 kg, then you can immediately go in for sports to speed up the process of getting rid of extra pounds.

Start with cardio — running or at least brisk walking. After a month, you can connect strength exercises. which will help not only to lose kilograms, but also to create a new beautiful figure. With this approach, after 2 months of losing weight, you will look much better than before the start of the program.

Sharing information about how much you can lose weight in 2 months on proper nutrition and sports, Jim White notes the following. The arrow on the scales is far from always an objective indicator, since with this approach (diet in tandem with sports), muscle mass is building up. Focus on volume!

Track your progress using other methods: measure your body parameters (muscles are denser than fat), be guided by the size of clothes and photos of weight loss results in 2 months.


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