Install a camera, sharpen fangs and more


At first glance, it may seem that dentistry is very serious and even banal. Well, you treat your teeth, remove them, prosthetics and restore — boring things, and nothing more! However, this is not always the case. As it turned out, specialists are faced with such wishes and requests from clients that they don’t even know how to behave. Our permanent expert in the field of dentistry spoke about similar cases from practice.

Do not self-medicate! In our articles, we collect the latest scientific data and the opinions of authoritative health experts. But remember: only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment.


Despite the fact that the fashion for jewelry in the teeth is gradually disappearing, there is still a request for the installation of jewelry. It is significant that many people want to decorate their teeth (usually fangs) not with Swarovski crystals or semi-precious stones, but with real diamonds. And sometimes very impressive sizes!

Kate Middleton and other stars who live in luxury homes

Today, Prince William and Kate Middleton live in the luxurious apartment A1 at Kensington Palace. The magnificent 20-room apartment overlooking Hyde Park is decorated in gold tones (what else?), but, for example, the children’s bedrooms are furnished with standard IKEA furniture.

Famous brand logos, common symbols and simple images made of precious metals are the second most popular in this hit parade. Modern technologies and materials make it possible to install them (and then remove them) without damaging the enamel, but on condition that the teeth are decorated in a progressive clinic. It is possible to encrust in this way both artificial (crowns, veneers) and natural teeth.

Make them scarier

The iconic image of Dracula still haunts the minds of some people. His main attribute — vampire fangs — is still on the wish list of fans.

VOICE test: what vampire would be your boyfriend?

The teeth of a bloodsucker are especially relevant on the eve of Halloween. To recreate them, it is not at all necessary to grind native fangs, making them vulnerable to food acids, mechanical abrasion and cariogenic bacteria. Today, the problem can be solved through temporary orthopedic structures or cosmetic restoration, which can be easily removed without harm to the enamel after the need for them disappears. It’s not very practical, but it looks very realistic.

Gotcha, swindler!

Everyone knows that jealousy deprives people of reason. But few realize how…

So, one jealous wife, who came with her husband to an appointment with a dentist, very persistently asked to mount a camera, microphone, or, at worst, a GPS tracker in his tooth in order to know exactly where he spends time! While pulpitis was being treated for the missus, she offered the administrator any money for the implementation of her cunning plan. Naturally, the clinic politely refused her.

It is technically and theoretically possible to implement such an idea, but it will be denied in any dental center with a name: medical ethics, the right to privacy and the Constitution do not allow law-abiding doctors to even think about it.

I want to be like Sandra Bullock, Kate Middleton or Ingeborga Dapkunaite

But this request is perhaps the most common. Moreover, the names and photos of celebrities can be very different — from world-renowned fashion icons to exotic models, little-known actors. And even the heads of African states 🙂

The fact is that different people have similar ideas about a beautiful smile (most want even white teeth), but aesthetic preferences (size, shade, texture, shape, optical properties of enamel) are still different. In fact, such people do not so much want to imitate their idols as they dream of having a smile that matches their ideas about the ideal. And it is possible to achieve this! An intraoral scanner and special software allow you to model a smile in minutes. After that, the doctor will have to develop a plan for correction, transformation or rehabilitation and bring it to life.

Why do I need natural teeth?

Dentists hear such questions infrequently, but nevertheless they take place. Patients who ask them are interested in the possibility of removing existing units and performing a total prosthesis. As a rule, these are people with problematic teeth who see a solution in the installation of orthopedic structures. They believe that together with their natural teeth they will get rid of all dental problems.

Tattoo eyeballs: a trend that will scare you

In fact, the best solution is timely high-quality treatment that will help maintain health and restore beauty. Extraction of natural teeth is an extreme measure taken when they cannot be restored.

This is not a complete list of strange requests. And why should we even more vividly draw pictures of dubious wishes regarding teeth in your imagination? It is much more important to understand that modern dentistry has technologies, materials and equipment for solving dental problems of any kind, complexity and scale. And the knowledge and skills of doctors in top Russian clinics are no longer inferior (and in some places even surpass) the competencies of Western colleagues. To use them, it is enough to choose the right clinic and overcome the fear of the dental chair. And do not save on treatment when the problem first appeared. As they say, the miser pays twice!


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