Long blue dress: deep color magnetism


Blue is a rich and expressive color, symbolizing calmness, silence and composure. It allows you to think rationally, speaks of loyalty to your partner and your own actions. No wonder the English royal family preferred this particular shade, as it tells about nobility, stability and elegance.

An interesting and restrained long blue dress conquers not only the aristocracy, but also ordinary women around the world. Feminine and frivolous, gentle and inspiring dress will give the image of mystery and peace. The outfit looks great both on young ladies and on women of Balzac age.

There are more than 100 blue shades, so everyone can find the perfect option for themselves. When choosing a color, decide on your color type. A woman with a «summer» appearance will suit cool and muted tones of blue. Autumn beauties suit rich and deep tones, spring — gentle and warm shades. Winter girls with a bright appearance will suit the same rich, cold, icy shades. Blondes should pay attention to the clean and light tones of this color, and brunettes to the color «indigo» and «electric». Do not blindly follow fashion trends. Take a closer look at which shade best reveals the features of your appearance!

Even a simple long dark blue dress has a lot of advantages: slimming, visually adds height and emphasizes individuality.

Design Ideas

Fashion designers show imagination, do not stand still, offering fashionistas the most unusual models so that everyone can show their individuality. A long blue evening dress from Elie Saab is bright, showy and royal restraint. The model with a lace top emphasizes grace, the style with sequins and a decollete highlights sexuality. A fluffy dress will be a worthy option for a real queen.

The Dolce & Gabbana brand does not lag behind fashion trends, offering the world an evening dress with mesh and inserts made of light beige material. A dark blue dress made of translucent fabric, completely strewn with flowers, looks original.

For a romantic and delicate nature, original Valentino blue long dresses are suitable. The Fashion House presents semi-adherent products made of dense fabric that exposes the shoulders, suitable for almost any important event. An openwork product with long sleeves and a collar looks even more attractive.

Models and styles: who will suit?

Despite the length, dresses of this shade have a lot of variations in terms of style. You can talk endlessly about the styles of such outfits. Let’s talk about the most popular. A long dark blue dress with a fitted top and a flared skirt is suitable for almost any figure. If you have full arms, opt for a ¾ length or long sleeve option. Luxurious simplicity and grace will be traced in every movement of the owner of such a dress.

For a slender woman who wants to demonstrate her grace and weakness, we advise you to purchase a long blue dress with an open back. Deep blue color and a small neckline will look discreet and luxurious. The open part does not have to be on the entire back, you can choose a small neckline in the shape of a heart or a rectangle.

For a summer wedding ceremony or prom, a long blue sleeveless dress is perfect. Thin straps will emphasize the beauty of the chest, but if you have extra weight on your shoulders and arms, in this case, give preference to tight straps.

A floor-length outfit with a train is not very comfortable to wear, but it looks amazing! The product, equipped with a train and made in the style of a Greek goddess, is able to disguise the imperfections of the female figure. The high waist line allows you to hide a full belly or too voluminous hips.

The bridesmaid can wear any style to the wedding. We advise you to pay attention to models with lace, rhinestones, bows and other decorative additions. It is better to refuse the “mermaid” model if you are a bridesmaid. In this style, it will not be comfortable during the wedding day. An outfit with white flowers on the fabric looks fresh and delicate, and will go very well with the bride’s snow-white dress.

Women with a perfect figure and tall stature fit straight fitting styles. But since such a figure is quite rare in nature, we want to give advice to women with certain features of the silhouette. The guipure product perfectly hides the excess in overweight girls and emphasizes sex appeal. An outfit with lace on the back will suit almost any figure and will mask the wrinkles.

Beauties, whose figure resembles an «inverted triangle», should take a closer look at the one-shoulder style. You will look sexy and elegant at the same time in this style. The style harmonizes the figure.

For women whose figure resembles a pear, we recommend paying attention to the silhouette that is tight-fitting at the top and flared at the bottom.

Shoes and accessories

Under any dress (especially under the evening) it is very important to choose shoes. The mood of the image completely depends on the shoes. Traditional shades are light beige, brown, black, blue. Graceful red shoes look bright, enriching the image with new colors. In this case, bright accessories will be inappropriate.

When choosing shoes for a long blue dress, give preference to options with an open toe. The free silhouette of the model looks good in tandem with over the knee boots without heels and stilettos. If you have a dress with polka dots, pick up shoes in the color of peas.

Contrasting shoes will make the image more expressive. If you chose a total look, be sure to choose shoes that are a tone lighter than the dress itself, or buy shoes of a different texture, for example, made of leather or varnish. Gold and silver shoes will give the look of elegance, chic and aristocracy. It is worth refusing only from bright yellow shoes.

If you have beautiful legs, be sure to highlight them. Beige, powder and black tights are suitable.

Diamonds and pearl jewelry are considered suitable accessories for a blue dress. They will make the image more vivid and solid. What else to wear with such a dress? With wooden decorations, if a summer and light look is planned, with precious stones of yellow, wine, hot pink colors. Look closely at the design and number of additions: accessories should be simple if the shape of the dress is complex, and vice versa.


If you are wearing a blue dress, keep in mind that the makeup should be quite bright. Pay attention to the fact that a flawlessly even and beautiful complexion looks best, so pay special attention to foundation and powder. Best of all, the blue tone of the dress is combined with tanned skin. An impeccable image will create a tanned face, highlighted cheekbones, black arrows on the eyes. For girls with dark hair, bright red lipsticks and glosses are suitable. Golden, brown, terracotta, sand shadows will be a good makeup addition. So that the make-up is not overloaded, highlight either the eyes or the lips.

As you can see, the blue dress is not only a fashion trend! This is a good option for an evening look for almost any girl. Having chosen a successful style, you will look amazing and inspire others with your appearance.

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